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Anthony Joshua is a famous British professional boxer who was born on 15 October 1989. He has also won the unified heavyweight championship twice and the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, and IBO titles since 2019. Similarly, he held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles for one year at the regional level.

Moreover, he represents England during the 2011 World Championships in the super-heavyweight division and won a silver medal there. Great Britain was also represented by this Olympics gold medalist and had won the world title by a major professional sanctioning body.

Anthony Joshua is ranked in the 2nd position of the World’s active heavyweight list by The Ring magazine and Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. He is the best boxer and will be forever. Follow the top 56 Anthony Joshua Quotes that are listed below.

“Wherever you get to is better than where you started. To stay on the road is a massive achievement.”― Anthony Joshua

“In boxing, it is about the obsession of getting the most from yourself: wanting to dominate the world like a hungry young lion.”― Anthony Joshua

“Cardio is a nice way to start the morning, man. Whether you sit on the bike for half an hour or throw on two jumpers and just sweat, it’s good to get up, get the body active, put on your headphones, and just pedal away.”― Anthony Joshua

“Sleeping is like meditation: it’s good to rest the body but also to shut the mind down for a bit.”― Anthony Joshua

“From the neck up is where you win or lose the battle. It’s the art of war. You have to lock yourself in and strategise your mindset. That’s why boxers go to training camps: to shut down the noise and really zone in.”― Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua inside a ring
Anthony Joshua inside a ring

“I was raised well. My parents are from Nigeria; their culture is respectful. Very respectful. But I learned that you have to be determined. It’s not violence or aggression. It’s sheer determination.”― Anthony Joshua

“There are two types of warriors: the one that rides through on his horse and tries to slay everyone, and the sniper. I try to be more like the sniper. Bang. Bang. Bang. Break them down, shot by shot.”― Anthony Joshua

“I realized that I could either fight and get into trouble on the street or I could fight and get paid in the ring. I chose the ring.”― Anthony Joshua

“I became so disciplined when I was on the tag. I would be at home by eight o’clock, and because I had boxing, I lived a disciplined life. I started reading because I learned that so many champions educated themselves. Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins. Before it was ‘act now, think later – but the discipline and reading changed me.”― Anthony Joshua

“As long as you have discipline, you can be a success. Discipline is what makes you do everything you need to do.”― Anthony Joshua

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“People have built me up to be untouchable, unbeatable, invincible, and I’m not that. I am a man, and I am a winner, but that can change in a second.”― Anthony Joshua

“A prayer is a form of meditation, isn’t it? It’s laws of attraction: whatever you put out into the universe is what it receives. It’s just kind of putting your thoughts out into the universe.”― Anthony Joshua

“Don’t worry about the title. Worry about what you’ve got to do today, tomorrow, the next day, and that title will be waiting for you.”― Anthony Joshua

“For me to have a cheeky little biscuit, it’s not going to hurt. But I need to control those indulgences. I can’t just be scoffing cakes and biscuits five nights a week.”― Anthony Joshua

“The belt doesn’t represent me; it’s how you deal with people, how you represent yourself as a champion. The belt is a sign of a champion, but what makes a champion is the things I have just said.”― Anthony Joshua

“The mental is more important than the physical. You know, that voice in your head telling you to give up if it gets tough. That’s my main opponent – making sure that if your body wants to stop, your mind won’t let you.”― Anthony Joshua

“Prayer is a method practiced from ancient days, so it’s very important for us to maintain a spiritual connection, something that people, gladiators would do years ago, so we’re just maintaining that routine.”― Anthony Joshua

“There’s so much pressure on becoming the next Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, and if you don’t achieve that in boxing, you’re nothing.”― Anthony Joshua

“I’ll get seven hours of sleep a night, but after breakfast, I’ll have an hour just resting, to recover. In Spain, they all have siestas, even businessmen.”― Anthony Joshua

“America is the mecca of boxing, and they’ve had some great champions here. It’s good to establish your skills and let people know what you’re about in the States.”― Anthony Joshua

“Boxing is the embodiment of who I am, but beyond that, this is a journey of the self, and my obsession to get the most from this short life.”― Anthony Joshua

“It’s not so much about conquering Madison Square Garden or Vegas. The opponents who I fight will take me all around different venues and arenas. I need to conquer opponents.”― Anthony Joshua

“I don’t have a preferred religion – I’d have to do research. I was born a Christian, but as I’ve grown into my own man, I don’t attach myself to a religion – 100 percent, I have faith. Then it’s locking into what suits me.”― Anthony Joshua

“This is boxing, not tennis. Everyone likes a bit of rivalry, it makes for a good fight.”― Anthony Joshua

“I kind of focus on my own stuff, really, and then when people come into my territory, I’ve got to fight them away, and that’s what we do every time fight night happens.”― Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua in his victory
Anthony Joshua on his victory

“People say of every opponent, ‘When are you going to knock him out?’ But I’m not like Mike Tyson, who came flying out of his corner. I’m much more composed. A guy is supposed to be durable, but then I start finding my range, and, well, it comes together. Boom.”― Anthony Joshua

“People who do the crime do it for reward. But you end up in jail – that’s no reward. Through crime, your ambitions are low.”― Anthony Joshua

“What makes a champion great is how he dethrones the guy before him. Look at Mike Tyson against Trevor Berbick and how he crushed him. You have to rip the title away from him.”― Anthony Joshua

“You have to speak from a place where all is possible. When you speak from a place where there are limits, you’ve already set yourself up to fail.”― Anthony Joshua

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“I want it all: I want the attention and live for the glory nights.”― Anthony Joshua

“Religion is supposed to be a positive thing when you look at the true religions around the world, not the fundamentalists. You always have to go with what your spirit tells you, not what people advise you. I’m a man that will always follow my own path.”― Anthony Joshua

“I still feel I am that 14-year-old kid, hungry and trying to find a way through life. That’s what I’m trying to develop, trying to be good at something through boxing. But I feel like that young kid who’s trying and trying.”― Anthony Joshua

“My mum and dad aren’t together, but she plays a massive part in my life. We have deep conversations: I tell her where I need support, and where I feel she’s lacking, and I support her with whatever she needs. I understand she won’t be here forever, and I want no regrets.”― Anthony Joshua

“I know every fight could be my last fight, and if that happens, that’s not just a health issue, but I’ll be knocked off that king’s stool.”― Anthony Joshua

“I am nice, yeah. I’m cool. But I’m no push-over. And if someone gets one over on me, they’ve done it when my eyes were closed, and it doesn’t happen twice.”― Anthony Joshua

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“It’s hard to say I don’t like being famous, but how I feel is that I don’t see myself as that person. It baffles me that people would want a picture with me.”― Anthony Joshua

“When you are caught with a big shot, you don’t really feel it. It’s like being in a car crash, and maybe your arm has been ripped off… it is only when you look down at it that you realize it has happened.”― Anthony Joshua

“I didn’t make the most of school, but boxing has given me discipline.”― Anthony Joshua

“I used to drink. I didn’t like reading, but I discovered the benefits of it. I read that Floyd Mayweather never drinks – and he is the blueprint for boxing.”― Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua quote on success
Anthony Joshua quote on success

“I think towards the end of my career, I’m the man. But right now, I’ve still got that underdog mentality to keep on proving myself time and again. I’m not going to believe the hype.”― Anthony Joshua

“Boxing’s a sport that gives you license to act like an idiot, I think.”― Anthony Joshua

“I don’t have a strict diet; I keep it simple. I try to eat fish, meat, veg, and carbs – potatoes and rice – but I’ll try and pack it in because I’m burning so much energy. I have to see food as an energy source.”― Anthony Joshua

“There’s this idea that because I’m a heavyweight, I’m not supposed to be in condition, that I should take advantage of the fact that I can eat. But I train and eat well, and it shows when I step on the scales.”― Anthony Joshua

“Sportsmen just do what they do. I’m not trying to be a role model. If there’s any inspiration people can take from me, take as much as you can – from my good and my bad.”― Anthony Joshua

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“Just set yourself a goal and try and stick to it. Because you’ll always end up better than where you started.”― Anthony Joshua

“Am I a feminist? I don’t know. I’m not really sure what that is. I am all up for equality to a certain extent, although in the home, I do feel this is where the mother excels and the man needs to step back a bit. My family is from Nigeria, and this is our culture.”― Anthony Joshua

“Ali was a legend of our sport. For me as a kid, he inspired me to represent myself like a champion in and out of the ring.”― Anthony Joshua

“I know if I don’t look after myself, I will be talking to you in a couple of years’ time mumbling my words and slurring. It won’t be because I am drunk: it will be the fighting, taking blow after blow to the brain. That scares me. I don’t worry about being killed in the ring; it’s losing my mind that I fear.”― Anthony Joshua

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“It takes a certain type of man to become a boxer, to fight for a living. To be able to have the confidence to hit another man, to control your fears. You must overcome the psychical aspect and believe in the art, the discipline of the sport. You need to study. You need to be smart.”― Anthony Joshua

“The way I meditate is by being organized. I can get real Zen if I go home and tidy the front room.”― Anthony Joshua

“I can be the nice family man at home, and then when I go to the gym, maybe sparring with someone, I switch into beast mode. It ain’t pretty.”― Anthony Joshua

“People are paying to see me. You’ve got to give something back.”― Anthony Joshua

“No matter how big and strong you are… even Tyson said he was scared as hell walking to the ring. Everyone feels the pressure.”― Anthony Joshua

“You’re confident, you’re going to the ring to fight, but there’s always that little thing where you’re thinking, ‘God.’ You’re nervous. But you have to embrace it and enjoy it.”― Anthony Joshua

“Cut your arms and legs off, and you’re left with a trunk, which you need to be as strong as possible. It’s easier to push over someone who is tall and skinny than someone short and stocky. That’s why we work everything from the calves to the neck.”― Anthony Joshua

“Because I’m training so much, I always have a lot of energy. Once I’ve finished training, I come home and have some downtime, and then I realize it’s 12:30 A.M. and I should have been in bed 2 hours ago. That can get annoying.”― Anthony Joshua


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