Ariel Behar Wife Sabrina Sielecki: Married Life And Kids

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Ariel Behar wife, Sabrina Sielecki, is a fashion designer and the founder of Lalá Sportswear. More than spouses, they are best friends who shower unconditional love & support to each other.

When Ariel was struggling to get sponsorship in the early phase of his career, his wife Sabrina started to design clothes for him.

The two have been married for [calcaulate_years datestring=”11/10/2018″] years.

Together, they are yet to share kids, but Sielecki often posts pictures of her nephew & nieces on her Instagram.

Ariel Behar With His Wife Sabrina
Ariel Behar With His Wife Sabrina (Source: Instagram)

Born on November 12, 1989, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Ariel Behar began playing tennis when he was three, watching his role model Roger Federer and Andre Agassi.

But it was when he turned 10 he started taking the sport seriously,

A doubles specialist, Behar has won three ATP titles with Ecuadorian partner Gonzalo Escobar. 

Ariel entered the doubles ranking on November 5, 2005, and his ranking was 1707T. After turning pro in 2006, Ariel’s career took a massive headstart.

He reached No. 95 in the rankings on November 7, 2016, and reached his all-time high, #39, on January 31, 2022. As of July 3, 2023, he ranks #68.

Ariel Behar Wife, Sabrina Sielecki: A Fashion Designer

Ariel Behar may be one of the luckiest guys when it comes to having a supportive wife.

Back in the early days, when Ariel did not have any concrete sponsors, he and his wife were worried about the expenses.

Then, Sabrina came up with a genius idea. She founded her own clothing brand Lalá Sportswear in June 2016 to sponsor her husband.

As the situation demanded, she started doing sportswear and started making outfits for her husband (then boyfriend) Behar.

Sabrina Selecki, The Lala Co-Founder, With Her Father And Sisters
Sabrina Selecki, The Lala Co-Founder, With Her Father And Sisters (Source: Instagram)

Sielecki, who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs & Relationships from Universidad de ‘San Andrés’​ in 2013.

Then, she went to London, the UK, and obtained her Fashion degree from the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design (2015-16).

Sabrina, born on December 1, 1990, is one of four daughters of Daniel Sielecki & Gisela Werthein. She has three sisters, including a twin sister Katia & the other two being Tatia and Valentina Sielecki.

Lalá Sportswear: Bringing Fun to Tennis

Lalá, a clothing brand that started just so that Sabrina could design clothes for her husband Ariel and sponsor him, has become a famous name in the clothing world.

When she started it, she had no idea how successful this would turn out to be and started it as a side job. But eventually, the business boomed and reached where it is now.

Currently, 99% of the clothes Ariel wears are designed by Sabrina, and she signs almost all of them.

As of now, the popular clothing brand sells clothes of different categories such as Men’s, Women’s, and Agenders.

Its popular sweatshirt and polo shirt design features a Llama design and a Unicorn design.

Ariel wears them to the tennis games, which is a treat for the audience to witness.

Wedding & Relationship Of Ariel Behar- Any Kids?

Ariel Behar and his girlfriend-turned-wife, Sabrina Sielecki, are together since March 2016.

On March 21, 2019, Behar made an Instagram post on the occasion of their third relationship anniversary.

After dating for nearly two years, they got engaged in late 2017.

Then, on November 10, 2018, the couple married in a lavish wedding ceremony.

Ariel Behar And His Wife Sabrina Sielecki During Their Wedding
Ariel Behar And His Wife Sabrina Sielecki During Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

While Behar is not active on Instagram, Sabrina, who is active on social media platforms, often shares pictures with her husband & family.

The two are yet to share any kids together.

On November 10, 2022, she shared a throwback of their wedding on the occasion of their 4th wedding anniversary.

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