Art Schlichter Wife Mitzi Shinaver: Married Life & Kids

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Art Schlichter Wife: Mitzi Shinaver is famous as the ex-wife of a controversial former American football player, Art Schlichter.

Together, the pair faced many troubles in their 9-year-long married life and later separated. They welcomed two children who were raised by Mitzi alone. 

Given Art’s gambling and criminal offenses, their married life turmoiled. Currently, the football player’s ex-wife lives a low-key life with her second husband and kids.

Art Schlichter Is A Former Football Player
Former Football Player Art Schlichter (Source: Instagram)

Art Schlichter (born Arthur Ernest Schlichter) is a former football player who played in the NFL for the Colts.

During his time in the NFL, Schlichter struggled to maintain consistent playing time due to his gambling issues.

He attempted to continue his career in other leagues, occasionally finding success. However, his persistent gambling problem continued to plague him

Despite his talent on the football field, Schlichter’s gambling addiction hindered his progress and prevented him from realizing his full potential.

Art Schlichter Wife, Mitzi Shinaver

Art Schlichter’s ex-wife, Mitzi Shinaver, is an American citizen who is likely in her late fifties now. Maintaining a low-key profile, she refrains from disclosing details about her parents, siblings, and educational background.

Mitzi gained prominence as the wife of former football player Art; however, her marriage brought numerous challenges.

Art Schlicher During His Prison Life
Art Schlicher During His Prison Life (Source: Daily Mail)

Living a private life, Mitzi rarely makes media appearances and chooses not to divulge much about her past on media platforms.

She remains absent from social media accounts and focuses on her family life.

While her profession and net worth are not publicly disclosed, reports suggest she may be involved in real estate business now.

Married Life And Kids

Art was addicted to gambling, and he tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Mitzi, in an attempt to overcome his addiction. They had a lavish wedding ceremony in 1989 and soon after moved to Las Vegas.

However, the former footballer couldn’t resist his gambling impulses and began stealing from his own house and family.

During an interview, Mitzi revealed that she had never allowed Schlichter to have a checkbook. She also disclosed that she had lost all her money from her purse.

Art Schlicher And Mitzi At Their Wedding
Art Schlicher And Mitzi At Their Wedding (Source: Indiana Star)

Losing her patience, she and their two daughters, Taylor and Madison, left the house and started living in Indiana.

Art eventually persuaded them to return and took the family back to Las Vegas in 1994, promising to lead a normal life.

Unfortunately, he once again disappointed Mitzi, leading her to leave him permanently this time. She moved back to Indiana with her family, focusing on caring for her daughters.

Reportedly, Mitzi later remarried a man named Mr. Subrin.

Despite facing numerous troubles and hardships as Art’s wife, she now leads a blissful life with her family.



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