Azzi Fudd Net Worth 2023: More On Her Injury Update And Return

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Azzi Fudd, a famous American college basketball player, has a net worth of around $100k.

Undoubtedly, her followers have no reservations in acknowledging that she is amassing a significant income through her various endeavors.

Azzi Fudd, born on November 11, 2002, plays college basketball for the UConn Huskies in the Big East Conference.

Azzi Fudd, An American College Basketball Player
Azzi Fudd, An American College Basketball Player (Source: Instagram)

According to ESPN, hailing from St. John’s College High School in Washington, D.C., Fudd gained recognition as the top recruit in her class and received the honors of national player of the year.

Her noteworthy achievements include aiding UConn in reaching the national championship game during her first year.

In her high school career, Fudd’s excellence shone brightly as she was honored with the Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year title in 2019.

Notably, she became the first sophomore to receive this award, averaging impressive statistics of 26.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game.

In her freshman season, she made a memorable debut, contributing to UConn’s success in the 2022 NCAA tournament. 

Azzi Fudd’s Net Worth

Azzi Fudd, the college basketball sensation, might be around a net worth of $100k as of 2024.

Her primary income stems from her thriving basketball career and lucrative sponsorships, including paid partnerships with CVS Pharmacy.

Also, she is a paid partner with Buick, Bose, and American Eagle.

Stephen Curry And Azzi Fudd
Stephen Curry And Azzi Fudd (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she has joined forces with the internationally renowned 501(C)3 Charity, the Purposeful Unconditional Service to Others Foundation.

The exact figures of her endorsement deals have not been disclosed yet, but it is certain that she earns some handsome money from different brand collaborations.

Azzi is currently enjoying a stylish lifestyle, and her impressive basketball talents suggest even greater opportunities in the future.

UConn’s Azzi Faces Season-Ending Setback: A Closer Look at Her Knee Injury

The UConn Huskies, currently enjoying success in the NCAA tournament, have faced a substantial setback.

Azzi Fudd is out for the entire 2023-24 season due to ACL and medial meniscal tears in her right knee.

Previously, a foot injury limited her freshman season to 25 games, followed by a knee injury during her sophomore season, allowing her to play only 15 games.

Similarly, during high school in 2019, Fudd endured a significant setback with a torn ACL and MCL.

Azzi Fudd With Her Father
Azzi Fudd With Her Father (Source: Instagram)

In a cruel twist of fate, the former No. 1 recruit from the class of 2021 faces another hurdle with a non-contact knee injury during practice in the tournament’s opening month.

Geno Auriemma, UConn’s head coach, disclosed that Fudd sensed something amiss as she went up for a shot during practice.

Despite recurring injuries, Azzi Fudd’s basketball skills, especially her textbook jumper, have earned admiration from basketball icon Stephen Curry.

Nevertheless, her current injury was diagnosed to be a season-ending as opposed to last year, when she was able to return in time for the postseason.


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