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Indeed, there are several eyes on the NFL as well. Many recruiters stay on their toes with every talent, no less for Ben mason. He is fresh in the professional arena and has yet to catch considerable attention. 

Though in his starting phase, Ben Mason is a tough guy known to love contacts on the game. He is often known for the team’s prowess and has numerous fan following even at the early stage. 

NFL player Ben Mason
NFL player Ben Mason (Source: Instagram)

In this article, we discuss Ben Mason’s career decisions and the private ventures in his life. However, before we start that, let us get through a quick dose of general facts about him. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Ben Robert Mason
Date of Birth May 25, 1999
Birth Place Newtown, Connecticut, United States
Nick Name Bench Mason
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Age 23 Years Old (As of July 2022)
Height 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters)
Weight 254 lb (115 kg)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Bob Mason
Mother’s Name Name Unknown
Siblings A younger brother named Dan Mason
Education Newtown High School
University of Michigan
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend None
Kids None
Profession Football player
Position Fullback
  • Baltimore Ravens 
  • New England Patriots 
  • Chicago Bears
NFL Draft 2021 / Round: 5 / Pick: 184
Roster Status Active
Net Worth Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July 2022


Body Measurements

Ben Mason is a man of bulky figure and physically toned body muscles. He stands tall at the towering height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) while weighing 254 lb (115 kg). 

Likewise, Ben depicts a wingspan of 79 inches. Similarly, he had an arm’s length of 32 inches and a hand size of 9 3/8 inches. 

As for his physical appearance, Ben depicts a fair skin tone, light brown hair, and a beard. Likewise, he has eyes of dark brown color. 

“I don’t think being a physical football player is benching this much or squatting this much. Being a physical football player is all about believing in yourself and telling yourself before each game and each play you’re going to do what you’re capable of doing. I think being physical is all mental.”
– Ben Mason

Working And Eating Habits

Ben Mason goes tough with bench presses and mostly starts his morning with meditation. At the start of the day, he ends his every day with movies at night and then visualizes all he learned that day. Not to mention, he loves the weight room. 

Apart from it, Ben Mason loves food and enjoys eating entirely. Most of the time, he eats everything with his hand and does not need utensils. As per him, his favorite things to do are sleep, eat and work on football. 

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Ben Mason | Early Life 

Mason (fully named Ben Robert Mason) was born on May 25, 1999, under Gemini’s star sign. He was born and raised in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, alongside his younger brother, Dan Mason. At present, his brother Dan is a  running back at Ithaca College. 

Well, his father is Bob Mason, who also had a brief career in the NFL. However, the name and the details regarding his mother are unknown. Anyways, they are a small yet happy family living together. 

Indeed, having his father interested in football made him exposed to the athletic side at an early age. As per the sources, his father, Bob, had a brief stint with Washington and the New York Jets. Ben and his brother Dan were raised in and out of the football field. 

As they grew up in Wrentham, Massachusetts, Bob believed that football practices did not include the sleeves. Even with teh freezing temperature outside, he would cut off Ben’s sleeves while practicing, and Ben’s mother would often get mad at the act.

Ben with his younger brother Dan
Ben with his younger brother Dan (Source: Instagram)

Back then, Ben was just around three years old. Later, Bob did explain that the point of cutting the sleeves was less about looking challenging and more about learning to endure tough things.

As a family, they would often drive to Foxborough most Sundays to watch the Patriots play. Ben and his brother Dan usually did the Oklahoma drill as a child. After reaching nine, their uncle taught them to catch with their fingertips. 


Talking about his educational background, Ben Mason accomplished his high school education at Newtown High School in Newtown, Connecticut. During ninth grade, he earned his nickname, “Bench Mason.” It stuck to him during one of the football programs when he bench pressed more than anyone else in the room. 

Moving on, he graduated from the University of Michigan. Ben enrolled in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business during his tenure. 

Ben Mason | Career

Mason started early in the football arena. By the end of his high school days, Ben stood as the Connecticut Gatorade Football Player of the Year. During his collegiate years, Ben played as a fullback. 

However, during his spring practice, he stood as the defensive tackle and later moved as the fullback. After it, too, he featured play as the tight end and the blocker. Back then, Ben was Michigan’s No. 2 ball carrier following running back Chris Evans. 

Ben Mason was quite popular during his collegiate career at Michigan, and most described him as easygoing and approachable. Everyone loved Ben and his personality.

They usually make a distinct comment as Ben Mason and Bench Mason are different, fun, and loving in reality while hard during the games. 

“He’s not afraid of anything. He’s willing to run through a wall for you.”
– Ben Mason’s coach Steve George 

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The NFL Arena 

Ben Mason entered the NFL arena through the 2021 NFL Draft. The Baltimore Ravens drafted him as the 184th overall pick in the fifth round. However, they did not have a place for him on the Ravens roster. 

As per the sources, the Ravens had drafted him as an insurance policy for Patrick Ricard, who was recovering from offseason hip surgery. Additionally, there were many talks that Ben’s former Michigan coach, Harbaugh, might have recommended for the team. 

But as Richard recovered quicker, the Ravens had their player though Mason was not their short-sighted choice on the field. Ben was released as part of the final roster, and he opted to join the New England Patriots practice squad rather than the Ravens.

Furthermore, Ben only stayed for two months with the Patriots before moving on to the Chicago Bears practice squad. Recently in January 2022, Ben Mason is back with the Baltimore Ravens. 


During his tenure at Michigan University, Ben Mason struggled with a meniscus tear that required surgery. With this, he missed about half a year while trying to recover. The injury occurred during the spring ball when he complained about knee pain. 

However, when the trainers checked him out and could not find anything, Ben continued to play the games. As time and practice went by, he finally did an MRI test and figured out he had a meniscal tear. Thus, he went in for meniscus surgery and missed several games. 

Ben during his match
Ben during his match (Source: Instagram)

In May 2021, Ben Mason had torn the skin off the bottom of his feet. It was during the rookie mini-camp practice with the Baltimore Ravens. He had worked so hard that his skin had peeled off. 

Ben Mason | Net Worth

As Ben Mason is just starting in the NFL arena, his detailed net worth is unknown. However, his recent contract with the Baltimore Ravens depicts an annual average salary of $705,000. 

Charity And Help

Through small contributions, Ben Maison ensures to provide help as much as he can. He often volunteers to work youth camps and shows up at any fundraiser the football team participates in to help the community.

Likewise, he also worked first-year orientations and served on committees at his high school. Not to mention, being a native of Newtown, like every other community member, Ben Mason also holds the tragic incident close to his heart. 

The incident is highly recognized as the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, where a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children between 6 and 7 years old. This incident pushed Mason to work at charity events and spend time with the youth in Newtown.

“There were 20 kids. They could have been doctors or football players. You don’t know what they would have ended up being. Those lives, you can’t get them back. It’s just horrible.”
– Ben Mason on the incident

Ben Mason | Personal Life

As far as we know, Ben Mason is currently single and not involved in any romantic relationship. Likewise, there are no rumors about his past relationships and girlfriends. We will be sure to update and add more soon. 

Social Media

If you want to check out Ben Mason’s posts and uploads in detail, follow his social media sites.

He is on Instagram as Ben Mason (@benchmason42) with 18.8k followers. Likewise, he is on Twitter as Ben Mason (@benchmason42) with 8.2k followers. 

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Ben Mason | FAQs

Which jersey number does Ben Mason wear?

Ben Mason wears jersey number 38 for the Baltimore Ravens. 

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