12 Best Basketball Courts in the World

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Basketball Court doesn’t need to be spectacular in design to meet its purpose. As a matter of fact, two hoops separated by 28 meters is enough to call it a basketball court.

However, the case is this hasn’t stopped basketball fans across the globe from designing the best basketball courts in the world.

Whether indoor, outdoor, or even courts that float on water, fans have pushed their creativity to their limit in designing these courts.

Therefore, today’s article will be discussing the 12 best basketball courts in the world.

Best Courts in the world
Best Basketball Courts in the World. (Source: Twitter)

From America to France to even Hong Kong, all of these countries from different continents fall under the best basketball courts. 

As a result, each court representing the history of basketball also defines their own side of cultural ethnicity, which is very intriguing to witness.

Hence, without further due, let’s jump right into knowing the 12 best basketball courts in the world.

12 Best Basketball Court in the world

The best basketball courts mentioned below are assembled based on countries that have taken the court concept to newer heights.

Most of them are collected from Yahoo.com, Stadiumtalk.com, Architecturaldigest.com, and Courtsoftheworld.com.

Further, before hopping into the details about the 12 best basketball courts in the world, let us quickly view the names of the court and their respective country.

Court Name Country
12. Carmelo Anthony Court Puerto Rico
11. Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court Hong Kong
10. Lisbon Basketball Court Portugal
9. Terrain De Basket Venice Beach United States
8. Grand Palais Basketball Court France
7. Tonle Sap Lake Floating Basketball Court Cambodia
6. Angels Gate Park Court United States
5. Navy Aircraft Carrier United States
4. David Crombie Park Canada
3. Pigalle Basketball Court France
2. Stanton Street Court United States
1. City Wall Rooftop Court Croatia

12. Carmelo Anthony Court

Originally Carmelo Anthony, an NBA superstar, came from Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, he knew till about his culture as after his father’s death, the family moved to America. 

Even so, the NBA veteran always had a thing for his birthplace, Puerto Rico. He enjoyed their cheerful color combinations that represented the colorful people of the place.

Hence, when Melo had the opportunity to give back to the community of Puerto Rico, he decided to re-paint a basketball court. 

Best Basketball Courts in the World
The Carmelo Anthony Foundation’s Puerto Rico court. (Source: Foursquare.com)

Furthermore, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation decided to gift a basketball court at the La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan. It is a perfect location as it has a mind-blowing view of the Adriatic Sea. 

Likewise, the foundation stunningly remodeled the court into a magnum opus. The color pallet of tangier, yellow, green, and blue brings the Puerto Rican vibes of the place.

11. Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court

Choi Hung Estate is one of the old estates in Honk Kong. However, its pastel-colored exterior looks as new and colorful as ever.

Further, this estate hosts a basketball court that is as colorful as the apartments. The court is a symbolic factor for the people of the neighborhood. 

Therefore, the hoops have a huge cult following on the internet and in real life. The green, orange, tangerine, and red color combination lits the entire place.

Basketabll Court
Choi Hung Estate basketball court (Source: Theblondeabroad.com)

Regardless of other courts, it mostly focuses on playing basketball rather than having exuberating designs. Hence, most of the court’s measurements are standard global basketball court measurements. 

Aside from that, this is also one of the most Instagrammed basketball courts of Honk Kong.

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10. Lisbon Basketball Court

Artist AkaCorleone re-painted the Libson Basketball Court into a superb masterpiece. It took him a week and two days to finish the task, which turned out to be perfect in every way.

Further, AkaCorleone wanted to portray the concept of king and queen from a deck of cards into the court. As a result, half of the court has a male figure, and the other half has a female figure. 

Likewise, blue, pink, red, and purple color combinations are the optimum choice. The color combination brings out the attractiveness of the court. 

Basketball courts
Lisbon basketball court-drawn by AkaCorleone (Source: Thespaces.com)

Moreover, the basketball is right beside a busy street. However, it is still surrounded by trees that make the venue something out of a fairy tale. 

The court’s constructors have caged it so that it doesn’t disturb the busy road beside it. Similarly, the court doesn’t indicate a 3-point line or free throw shot, making it a complete urban street court.

9. Terrain De Basket Venice Beach

As soon as someone mentions summer basketball in California, the very first thing that comes into mind is the famous Venice Basketball court.

This is a court located near Venice Beach. On a bright sunny day, the beach stands full of people, whereas the court is full of basketball tournaments.

California houses four major basketball franchises, the Kings, Worries, Clippers, and Lakers. Due to this, the craze around basketball is huge compared to other states.

Therefore, California has multiple basketball courts in every street. However, none come close to being as great as the Venice Basketball court. 

The Best Basketball Courts in the World
Venice Beach basketball court on a bright sunny day (Source: Explorest.com)

This venue is famous for hosting multiple street basketball matches. Due to these matches, many audiences are attracted, which excites the game even further.

Some huge NBA players such as the late Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan have also played and attended matches in these courts.

Moreover, many Californians are very much attached to this court. As a matter of fact, they mention it to be the heart of Venice Beach and the city and one of the best basketball courts globally.

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8. Grand Palais Basketball Court

Grand Palais is a historical site used for museums and exhibition halls. Further, this is one of the most favored sites to see in Paris.

In 2009 Nike and Lebron James held a summer tour in Paris. It might be hard to believe, but this tour took place inside the Grand Palais.

basketball court
Lebron James sits during the Nike Lebron James Tour at the Grand Palais (Source: Nikelebron.net)

Yes, Nike constructed a court inside the building built in 1900. It has to be one of the coolest and the oldest spot to host a basketball court.

Moreover, the court design was a standard NBA court design with polished wood floors and detachable scoring boards.

7. Tonle Sap Lake Floating Basketball Court

Across the globe, there are basketball courts just about everywhere. To elaborate, from land to even water bodies, basketball courts are “everywhere.”

One might build a basketball court that floats on air someday by its trends. However, for now, the most bizarre location for a court to be built is on top of a water body. By now, you might have guessed that we are talking about the Tonle Sap Lake Floating Basketball Court.

This court floats on the Tonle Sap Lake of Chong Khneas, Cambodia. For the people of Chong Khneas, it is a normal thing as they have schools, stores, and even houses floating on water.

Nonetheless, it is the world’s most unique basketball court for the rest of the people. Further, the venue is wholly caged and tied by ropes to the shore, so it doesn’t float away in the water.

best basketabll courts
Tonle Sap Lake Floating Basketball Court (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Likewise, it is covered with tin rooftops such that it gives a vibe of an indoor basketball facility.

The court size is large enough for 5 on 5 actions to happen. But nevertheless, it’s not that huge enough for an NBA game to be scheduled there.

Won’t it be something seeing some of your favorite basketball players hooping in a court that floats on water?

6. Angels Gate Park Court

While having the conversation of the best basketball courts in the world and not including Angels Gate Park Court should be labeled as a crime.

The coastline view of the Pacific Ocean takes the venue to the next level. With the coastline view, it almost feels like we are on the edge of the earth.

The place glows even further on a bright sunny day, with blue sky and blue ocean looking perfect.

The best basketball courts in the world
Angels Gate Park Basketball Court (Source: Bestguidela.com)

Similarly, a cold breeze of wind coming from the ocean amplifies the fantastic experience of being present in the venue. Some hoopers even tag the place to be as heaven.

Hence, it’s a lifetime opportunity to get a bucket on this basketball court. Furthermore, the court has a fundamental design as the scene automatically glorifies it.

As a result, it is needless to add extra features to the outdoor court as it’s already flawless.

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5. Navy Aircraft Carrier

The Navy Aircraft Carrier basketball court is located in the dock of a US Navy aircraft carrier which is the least expected place for a court to be built.

The navy forces built the court on top of a runway on a navy ship. The bizarre location itself makes the basketball court one of its kind.

Further, the basketball court hosts college basketball games named the Carrier Classic.

As a matter of fact, the former US president Barack Obama also attended one of these games in 2012. However, since 2012 the USS Carl Vinson stopped hosting these games.

Best Basketball court
Navy Aircraft Carrier Basketball court in USS Carl Vinson (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Moreover, the court features a polished wood floor with seating areas and stadium lights surrounding it.

Likewise, the court features two giant screens that broadcast the game. Hence, the US navy designed the court with such finesse that it feels like a mini NBA stadium.

Furthermore, the entire court and the seating area are detachable. As a result, the navy can easily remove the court and use the space for its true purpose of being a runaway.

4. David Crombie Park

David Crombie Park basketball court is a venue located in the streets of Toronto city. The court features a magnificent view of the 1,815 feet tall CN Tower.

The court doesn’t have much of any unique design except for a painted wall. The painting on the wall portrays four hands combining to form the shape of a heart.

Further, the hands have different patterns drawn on them. Each pattern signifies different people from different cultures unifying for the love of basketball.

Best courts in thw world
David Crombie Park’s basketball court with a view of CN Tower (Source: Courtsoftheworld.com)

Besides that, the court is very much like a standard street court. It is located beside the Lower Jarvis Street of Canada.

This venue is a step down compared to other basketball courts in the world. Nonetheless, the court still has a massive significance for the neighborhood’s people.

With some touch-up, the court could look ten times better than it now. Nevertheless, some things are better the way they are as they bring the rich historical culture of the place.

3. Pigalle Basketball Court

Hands down, Pigalle court, wins the debate of having one of the best color combinations in the world. All the credit goes to the creative agency ILL Studio for such a masterpiece.

The venue lives up to the hype of Paris city. The orange, pink, purple, and blue color shades make the court an instant eye-catcher.

Also, the geometric designs give it a funky look such that the basketball court stands out from the whole place.

Similarly, the venue lying between two apartments provides the edge as it feels like entering into a new colorful dimension while playing in this court.

The best basketabll Courts in the world
Pigalle Basketball Court courtesy of Ill Studio and Pigalle (Source: Sivasdescalzo.com)

The ILL Studio executed the venue with such perfection that they painted the outer stairs of an apartment.

Also, the agency used pink transparent plastic for the blackboard to match the look and the vibe of the place. Even though it is an outdoor court, the two apartments enclosing it make the space very cozy.

Moreover, due to the finite area, it is a small court compared to a standard basketball court.

However, it is one of the most unique and the best basketball court in the world. The Pigalle Basketball Court is a must-visit place if you ever visit Paris.

2. Stanton Street Court

Street art, in general, is about reflecting the historical culture of a community. Such reflection helps communicate the identity of the people living there.

On top of all the cities, New York is very famous and enriched with such street art. Therefore the vision was clear for Nike when it wanted to build a court through its campaign.

As a result, they hired world-renowned, Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly also known as Kaws, who specializes in such arts.

nesy courts in the world
Kaws designed Stanton Street basketball court (Source: dezeen.com)

The New York Made: Stanton Street Courts by Kaws has a unique, colorful, and cartoon-like art covering two side-by-side courts.

Further, fans call this art to be Kaws signature motif where he draws certain patterns to create an image. The court is very flawless and brings out the true street culture of Manhattan.

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1. City Wall Rooftop Court

If you think the perfect basketball court doesn’t exist, then think again because the City Wall Rooftop Court located in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is the best basketball court in the world.

It is also one of the most photographed courts as of now. Likewise, it is a centerpiece of tourist attractions in the city of Dubrovnik.

It is a dream come true for most hoopers even to step foot in this court. Further, the experience of playing in this court is so surreal that it will always stay with you forever.

The brownish color floor with white border lines blends with the city’s vibe. The court might not be in a linear position, but it certainly provides an ample amount of space to have a 5 on 5 basketball match.

The best basketball courts in the world
City Wall Rooftop Court in Croatia (Source: Courtsoftheworld.com)

Besides the vibrant architecture, the scenic beauty of the Dubrovnik city that the hoopers can see from the court stands out the most.

A terrific view of the terra-cotta roofs, an old-fashioned clay molded roof tiles that bring out the traditional element of the city, is something to admire dearly.

Similarly, the majestic view of the Adriatic Sea, which viewers can see from the court, glorifies the court’s presence in that particular location.

As a result, the City wall rooftop court is one of the most Instagrammed courts in the world.


Hooping inside a gym facility or outdoor court is quite common. However, to be able to hoop on some iconic courts is very rare, especially on the ones mentioned above.

The idea and creativity that has been put into creating these 12 best basketball courts in the world is a thing of beauty.

Very seldom do people get to see such an exceptional level of ingenuity put into something as common as the basketball court.

Hence, let’s appreciate these incredible works of art in making these courts stand out compared to others.

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