Top 12 Beautiful Wives of the NFL Players

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There are many crazy fans of NFL players out there who want to learn every detail about their life. So, if you’re one of them and looking for information about the beautiful wives of NFL players. Then this article perfectly fits for you.

The NFL wives are all equally gorgeous. But conveniently for you, we have picked out some of the best-looking NFL wives of the NFL players. 

Wives and girlfriends of NFL players (Source: Sportology)
Wives and girlfriends of NFL players (Source: Sportology)

The NFL wives are all beautiful and fabulous in their own way. So, we don’t dare to rank these ladies in terms of beauty. Instead, this list is ranked based on their success.

Top 12 beautiful Wives of the NFL Players

The data mentioned below are gathered from different trusted sources like Forbes, Sports Drop.

Without further delay, let’s see if your favorite NFL wife makes to the list:

Wife Name Husband Net Worth
12. Elsie Pollard Tate Golden Tate $100,000
11. Rachel Bush  Jordyn Poyer $500,000
10. Claire Kittle George Kittle $600,000
9. Marissa Powell Kyle Van Noy $700,000
8. Lauren Tannehill Ryan Tannehill $750,000 – $1 million
7. Britany Brees Drew Brees $1 million
6. Sasha lee Dindayal Antonio Gates $2 million
5. Elizabeth Barry Alex Smith $2 million
4. Ashley Nicole Roberts Philip Wheeler $3 million
3. Katherine Webb A. J. McCarron $5 million
2. Ciara Russell Wilson $20.6 million
1. Gisele Bündchen  Tom Brady $400 million

12. Elsie Pollard Tate: Wife of Golden Tate

Starting with Elsie Pollard Tate (#12 on our list), who rose to fame when she married Super Bowl XLVII-winning wide receiver Golden Tate in 2017. She is a beautiful blonde girl who has published her own kids’ book in 2019.

Elsie also worked as Business Development Officer and has a net worth of $100,000 as of 2020.

The couple first met at a bar on the college weekend. They dated each other for a long time before saying “I do” to each other.

Currently, the couple shares two beautiful children named Londyn Tate and Golden Tate IV.

Elsie Tate and Golden Tate (Photo Courtesy:
Elsie Tate and Golden Tate (Photo Courtesy:

She is focused on raising their family with values and enjoys taking vacation trips with both of their kids.

Elsie is supportive of her husband. She shares NFL-related news on her social handles and also shares updates about their shared family together. She lands on 8 in our list of best-looking NFL wives.

11. Rachel Bush, Wife of Jordyn Poyer

Rachel Bush is a model wife of NFL Buffalo Bill’s Jordyn Poyer, who lands on 12th position in our list of best-looking NFL wives.

Bush is smart and has an outspoken personality. She met Jordyn via Twitter in 2015 at the age of 18. In this era of social media, they prove that you can indeed find love on Twitter.

Jordan Poyer and his wife
Jordan Poyer and his wife

The couple started dating in 2015, and after 3 years, they got married on February 17, 2018. The wedding ceremony was held in Jamaica. Since then, the happy couple has welcomed a beautiful baby girl Aliyah Anne Poyer.

Rachel has been venturing into the skincare business. She has a whole line of skincare called LeaLa Natural Skincare. She also has an account dedicated to her fans where she shares behind the scenes of her photoshoot with her fans, who are ready to pay $21 a month.

Recently, Rachel made headlines when she tweeted about the Bills vaccination policy. 

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10. Claire Kittle: Wife of George Kittle

George Kittle is the next champion in the making. But he thinks his best catch yet is his wife, Claire Kittle. They met during their freshman year in college. They were a couple throughout the college.

As dramatic and romantic it sounds, George proposes to Claire during a fake team photoshoot. He planned the photoshoot with the team’s photographer and video editors. They arranged all the cameras on the beach and drones, and he then popped the question to Claire. She said yes.

Claire Kittle and George Kittle (Photo Courtesy:

They went for the small wedding ceremony in Iowa with their closest friends and families. It took place in the Iowa Jewelry store. George’s father ordained the wedding, and Claire’s mother was a photographer for the occasion.

The wife of George, Claire, is a total fitness freak and is a certified fitness model. She has invested in Claire Till Fitness LLC and the eyewear industry called Zenni.

Besides, she also owns a social account called Letty Set Go, where she shares blogs related to fashion and beauty tips, interior decors.

9. Marissa Powell: Wife of Kyle Van Noy

Next on our list of best-looking NFL wives is Marissa Powell, the wife of Kyle Van Noy. In 2013, Marissa won the Miss Utah beauty pageant and the heart of the NFL player.

He first saw her in the pageant and fell in love with her. The couple showers their love to each other, which can also be seen on their social platforms.

Marissa is an actress by profession, and she played a memorable part in Ballers in 2015. She had participated in Miss USA in 2013. 

 A picture from the wedding of Marissa Powell and Kyle Van Noy ( Source: Pinterest)
 A picture from the wedding of Marissa Powell and Kyle Van Noy (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, she is also the co-founder and vice-president of the organization called Van Noy Valor Foundation, which aims to support the foster kids, adopted children, and disadvantaged youths. Marissa had a total net worth of $700,000.

She then married her now-husband Kyle in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, it was her mother who planned their wedding. The couple has a boy together named Trae Legend Van Noy.

8. Lauren Tannehill: Wife of Ryan Tannehill

Counting at no 9 is Laure Tannehill, who has been by Ryan Tannehill’s side since their days in Texas A&M. She is his best supporter and his number one fan in his game. As Ryan rose to fame, his wife Lauren shoot to stardom as well.

Lauren and Ryan have always prioritized their faith in Christianity their whole life. This common belief led them to bond over various topics, and now they are enjoying their happily ever after.

Lauren has stated that she sends bible verses and words of encouragement whenever her husband feels low. Ryan describes her as a beautiful and sweet woman inside and out.

She landed on modeling gig while still in college. The 34-year-old is the face of a jewelry company and has worked as a model ever since then.

Lauren and Ryan Tannehill (Photo Courtesy:

Along with this, she has a huge social media following for her amazing personality. Her net worth is estimated at around $750,000- $1 million.

They share two kids a son named Steel and a daughter named Stella. They are seen cheering their dads every week who plays for Tennessee titans. She lands on 7 in our list of best-looking NFL wives.

7. Britany Brees: Wife of Drew Brees

This New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, married Brittany in 2003. They share four beautiful children (sons: Baylen, Bowen, Callen, and a daughter Rylen)

The couple went to the same university called Purdue University. It was during the 20th birthday of Drew when they met each other, and after 6 months, Drew finally gathered his courage to express his love.

Drew Brees and his wife Britany Brees in red carpet (Source: USA Today)
Drew Brees and his wife Britany Brees on the red carpet (Source: USA Today)

Since then, the couple has been together and got married in 2003, they also started a foundation called “Brees Dream Foundation”. This foundation is dedicated to improving cancer patients’ quality of life and providing care and opportunities for children and families in need.

The couple has an appearance at many charity events together. They have been at each other’s support for all the years of their marriage. After nearly 2 decades of marriage, they are inseparable and so in love.  

Brittany is a beautiful, loving, and funny person; at least, this is how her husband describes her. 

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6. Sasha lee Dindayal: Wife of Antonio Gates

This Canadian-born American TV personality married American football player Antonio Gates in 2011 in Encino, California. They share two children Ayla and Avens Gates.

Sasha is of Trinidad descent, and she moved to California when she was young. She also has some movie jibs in her name and also stars in TV shows. She is very successful in her own right.

Although she couldn’t make it big to the film industry, she has a total net worth of $2 million.

Antonio Gates and his wife (Source: Twitter)
Antonio Gates and his wife (Source: Twitter)

Currently, Sasha is devoted to motherhood and takes her two children as her world.

Further, Sasha is also working as an entrepreneur and recording artist. She is a charitable person. Thus, she is working for charity organizations and donating to the needy regularly. Sasha is devoted to motherhood. Her two children are her world.

5. Elizabeth Barry: Wife of Alex Smith

Ranked 5th on our list of best-looking NFL wives is Elizabeth Barry, the wife of Washington QB Alex Smith. They have been married since 2009 and are stronger than ever. 

Barry has been the pillar for Alex through thick and thin. She was his source of strength when he suffered a career-threatening injury in 2018.

Elizabeth used to be an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Other than that, most of her professional information is not known to the public. However, she has a total net worth of $2 million.

Elizabeth Barry and Alex Smith(Photo Courtesy:

The beautiful couple shares two sons together named Hayes and Hudson and a daughter Sloane.

Throughout his recovery process from the catastrophic knee injury, Barry has updated fans about the process. In addition, she has been by his side now that Alex retired after playing 16 seasons of the game.

4. Ashley Nicole Roberts: Wife of Philip Wheeler

The popular American TV personality, fashion influencer, and social media influencer Ashley Nicole Roberts married NFL superstar Philip Wheeler. She is a stunning woman who has a great sense of style. 

The couple got to know each other for a long time and finally tied the know back in 2017. As for now, They have a boy together named Deuce.

Philip Wheeler and his wife Ashley Nicole (Source: Instagram)
Philip Wheeler and his wife Ashley Nicole (Source: Instagram)

Ashley is an American model and also appears in the reality show WAGS Miami. She is driven and is a very successful reality star. Ashley has mentioned how she has doubts before joining the show, and neither does she regret doing the show.

With all the modeling jobs, she has gathered a net worth of $3 million.

She has been heavily criticized by the public and gossip magazines, but she keeps her ground by being the best she can be to her husband and beautiful son.

3. Katherine Webb: Wife of A. J. McCarron

Katherine is a beauty queen who has participated in Miss Georgia USA 2008 and Miss Alabama 2012. She also made it to the top 10 of Miss USA 2012. She is an American model, beauty queen, and television personality.

The model married A. J. McCarron, back in July 2014 in Orange Beach, Alabama. They share 3 children together. She is an Evangelical Christian and is involved with her church regularly. Her husband is a devout Catholic Christian.

Katherine Webb with his wife and child (Source: WKRG)
Katherine Webb with his wife and child (Source: WKRG)

Katherine is an active social media personality. She has garnered national attention ever since she participated in Miss USA.

The beauty pageant winner has a total net worth of $5 million and lives the best life with her family. 

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2. Ciara: Wife of Russell Wilson

You probably are living under the rock if you do not know about Ciara. Ciara is a popular singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. She tied knots with Russell Wilson in 2016 and is the mother of two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter.

Ciara captured Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s heart in early 2015. They have been family ever since. Ciara is a proud supporter of her husband, and she shows her support even in big events like Met Gala.

Russell Wilson and Ciara (Source: Instagram)
Russell Wilson and Ciara (Source: Instagram)

In the 2021 Met Gala, she wore a beautiful dress with her husband’s jersey number and carried a football-shaped purse to compliment that dress. 

With her successful career in Hollywood and all the endorsements and sponsorships of big companies, she has collected a net worth of $20.6 million.

The famous singer has stepped on many big investments, which helps her earn a big amount of money like the Portland Diamond Project, Why Not You Productions, House of LR&C, Amazon, and many more.

1. Gisele Bündchen: Wife of Tom Brady

On the top of our list is the amazing Brazilian woman, Gisele, who has been married to Tom Brady since 2009. They started dating in 2006, right after her high-profile breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio. A mutual friend introduced them on a blind date, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The famous couple got married in St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. They had another marriage ceremony in Costa Rica. They have two children, a son Benjamin Rein and a daughter Vivian Lake

Giselle and Tom Brady(Photo Courtesy: Radar Online)

Gisele is one of the most successful supermodels in history. People also know her as Victoria’s Secret Angel. Besides, she has also worked with modeling agencies like IMG Models and Model Management.

She is an activist and prefers cruelty-free products for daily use. In addition, the VS angel is an entrepreneur and has been successful in the business she launched.

Being one of the highest-paid models, her net worth is estimated at around $400 million.


All in all, along with their game on the field, their personal life is always of interest to sports fans worldwide.

The players’ lives are constantly on a microscope, and the person they are involved with romantically can lead the news headlines for the gossip magazine any day. So this is our list of Top 12 Beautiful Wives of NFL players. 

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