Top 15 Best Male Archers in the World

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Were you fascinated with archery? Want to know who the real-life Hawkeye is? Well, you have come to the right place! This article discusses the Top 15 Best Male Archers in the world.

Archery – what was once a superior skill for hunting and combat has transcended into an intense sporting spectacle. Moreover, the archer’s sport demands the best from each, pushing the athletes to go beyond their limits.

You may ask, “who are these archers, and just how good are they?”. So, let’s dive in and look at our list of the 15 best male archers in the world.

Top 15 Best Male Archers in the World

The following list of the world’s top 15 best male archers is compiled from the official World Archery Rankings.

Before we jump into the specifics of the archers, let’s look at a brief snapshot of those 15 best male archers.

Name Nationality
15. Jean Philippe Boulch France
14. Lukasz Przybylski Poland
13. Daniel Munoz Colombia
12. Anton Bulaev Russia
11. Federico Pagnoni Italy
10. Adrien Gontier France
9. Abhishek Verma Italy
8. Andres Faugstad Norway
7. Mathias Fullerton Denmark
6. Jozef Bosansky Slovakia
5. Evren Cagiran Turkey
4. James Lutz United States of America
3. Kris Schaff United States of America
2. Braden Gellenthien United States of America
1. Mike Schloesser Netherlands

15. Jean Philippe Boulch

Jean Phillipe Boulch is a French archer best known for his tenacity and mesmerizing skill with the bow and arrow.

Born on May 28, 1991, Jean Phillipe Boulch started his career at 18. Jean then went on to make his international debut in 2005, at the age of 20.

Known as the quiet giant, the 32-year-old French international archer won 2 Gold Medals in the Paris 2021 Indoor World Series.

Moreover, he overcame his compatriot Adrien Gontier to win the Compound Men’s Gold at the Nimes Archery Tournament.

Jean Phillipe Boulch with his eyes on the mark. Source: | SYLVAIN BEAUVAL

Likewise, he won a bronze medal in the compound archery team with Sébastien Peineau and Fabien Delobelle at the 2016 World Indoor Championships.

Furthermore, the archer from La France also took home bronze with his teammates Dominique Genet and Sébastien Peineau at the 2016 European Championship.

After that, Jean Philippe bagged the gold medal in the Samsun 2019 European Indoor Archery Championship category with teammates Pierre-Julien Deloche and Adrien Gontier.

14. Lukasz Przybylski

With a career-best of world number 10 in the rankings, Lukasz Przybylski is a well-rounded archer that thrives under pressure.

Having started his international career in 2014, Przybylski has consistently made his mark in the circuit. Furthermore, he has made 5 caps on the world cup stage.

The highly talented Polish international bagged bronze in the Compound Men’s category in the 2021 European Archery Championships.

Similarly, the current world number 14 also brought home a second bronze in the European Grand Prix Circuit 2021.

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13. Daniel Munoz

Daniel Munoz is a Colombian archer whose technical prowess and precision know no bounds. The 35-year-old Columbian native started his archery journey in 2004. Shortly after, Daniel made his full international debut in 2005.

Initially, Munoz bagged his first medal in 2013 at the Juegos Bolivarianos, finishing the tournament with a Bronze medal in the Compound Men’s Team Category.

Moreover, Munoz is a serial winner on his day, with three gold medals and five silver medals on the world cup stage. Furthermore, he won 1 gold and one silver medal in the South American Games in 2018.

Additionally, Munoz bagged one gold and one silver medal in the Juegos Bolivarianos in 2017, 5 gold medals, and a silver medal in the Pan American Outdoor Championships to cap off a highly distinguished archery career.

12. Anton Bulaev

Born in Russia, Anton Bulaev stands at number 12 in the world archery rankings.

The 28-year-old righthanded bowman started his journey in 2009 at 12. Shortly after, Anton went on to make his international debut in 2013.

Bulaev showed brilliance right from the get-go as he bagged gold in the World Archery Youth Championship in 2013.

Anton Bulaev wins compound crowns at Universiade in Napoli. Source:

Moreover, Bulaev has not slowed down, bagging gold in the World Cup Stage in 2021 after claiming silver and two bronze medals in the same stage in 2018.

Brilliant as an individual and a determined team player, Bulaev claimed gold in the Individual Men’s Category in the Universiades in 2019. Additionally, he took home the gold medal in the European Outdoor Championship held in 2018.

Furthermore, his medal tally extended to a gold medal in the Asian Grand Prix Circuit in 2020 and a bronze in the World Archery Indoor Championship in 2016.

11. Federico Pagnoni

Federico Pagnoni is an Italian archer with a career-best world ranking of 11. Born in Italy, the 36-year-old archer has been the heart of Italian archery.

Pagnoni claimed gold in the World Cup Stage in 2019 and 2015 in the Men’s Team category. Coming close, he finished with impressive second-place finishes in 2016 and 2015.

Furthermore, Pagnoni claimed gold in the European Outdoor Championship held in 2016 and followed it with a bronze medal in 2018.

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10. Adrien Gontier

Adrien Gontier is a French archer who personifies the essence of skill, tenacity, and zeal. 

A regular teammate of Jean Phillipe Boulch, Gontier claimed gold with him and Pierre-Julien Deloche in the Samsun 2019 European Indoor Archery Championship.

Known for his all-around ability in the field, Gontier won 2 bronze medals in the Hyundai Archery World Cup 2021. Furthermore, the French international bagged a silver medal in the 2021 European Archery Championships.

9. Abhishek Verma

The only archer from the South Asian region in the top 10, Indian-born Abhishek Verma is an athlete with utmost passion and commitment.

Initially, Verma bagged the gold medal in the men’s compound archery team with Rajan Chauhan and Sandeep Kumar at the 2014 Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea.

Abhishek Verma wins the Archery World Cup held in Paris. Source:

Verma took the gold medal in the Compound Men’s category at the 2015 Archery World Cup Stage in Wroclaw, Poland.

Furthermore, he claimed silver in the Compound Men’s Individual Category at Mexico’s 2015 Archery World Cup Final.

A dominant athlete in the Asian Games circuit, Verma has claimed numerous gold and silver medals from 2013 to 2021. Additionally, with five caps in the World Archery Championships, Verma is one of the very best archers India has ever managed to produce.

8. Andres Faugstad

Born November 13, 1999, Norwegian archer Andres Faugstad ranked 8th in the top 15 World Archery Rankings.

Faugstad earned his mark in the 2018 European Youth Championship, where he bagged a silver medal in the individual category.

Furthermore, the young prodigy came off age in the 2019 World Archery Youth Championship, winning the entire tournament. He also won the bronze medal in the same event in the team category.

Moreover, the young and talented Andres Faugstad has made five appearances on the world cup stage and hopes to claim some silverware in the coming days.

7. Mathias Fullerton

At just the age of 21, Mathias Fullerton is the youngest athlete in the top 15 of the World Archery Rankings.

In his short career, the Danish international has garnered worldwide attention from all archery enthusiasts. Furthermore, he impressed the world by breaking into the medal tally at a young age.

Mathias Fullerton, the Danish wonder-kid. Source:

Fullerton and his teammates Martin Dambso and Stephan Hansen won a fascinating matchup in the 2021 Hyundai World Cup Stage, claiming gold in the process.

Following that, the talented Danish international came off second in the 2021 European Outdoor Championships, claiming the silver medal.

Before that, Mathias Fullerton has a gold, silver, and bronze medal from his youth championship days.

He won the medals mentioned above in the 2019 European Youth Circuit, 2019 World Archery Youth Championship, and 2019 European Youth Cup Circuit.

6. Jozef Bosansky

Born in Slovakia, Josef Bosansky currently holds the world number 6 position in the World Archery Rankings.

Moreover, 2021 was a year to remember for Bosansky, as the right-handed archer claimed a gold and a silver medal in the 2021 European Grand Prix Circuit.

Meanwhile, Josef represents the Hubert Arrows at the club level and is coached by Vlado Buzek.

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5. Evren Cagiran

Evren Cagiran starts the top 5 in the World Archery Rankings.

With 18 caps on the world cup stage, Cagiran is a three-time gold medalist. He won the tournament in 2019 and 2016 in the individual men’s category. In addition, Cagiran took home the bronze medal with his teammates in the 2021 Hyundai World Cup.

To start, Cagiran claimed the bronze medal in the Compound Archery Team category with his teammates at the 2016 World Archery University Championships. And since then, he has not looked back.

In addition, Cagiran went on to win two silver medals in the 2016 World Archery University Championships. In addition, he snatched a silver medal at the 2018 European Grand Prix Circuit.

4. James Lutz

James Lutz is an American archer, holding a spectacular 73% win ratio in outdoor archery competitions at 50 meters. What’s more, with a career-best ranking of world number 4, Lutz has been the staple of American Archery.

The vastly skilled archer became the world champion in the men’s compound event at the 2019 World Archery Championships. Likewise, his win was made sweeter as he overcame a tough fight by Norwegian wonder-kid Andres Faugstad.

James Lutz was eyeing gold! Source:

Also, James bagged the silver medal in the 2021 Hyundai World Cup stage in the compound men’s team category. As a result, Lutz has earmarked an excellent start to his journey.

3. Kris Schaff

Kris Schauff is an American archer who demands the very best from himself. The immensely talented archer is a highly diligent and skillful operator of the bow and arrow.

The highly skilled Schaff and his team snatched a gold medal at the 2017 World Archery Championship. Furthermore, Schaff has five gold medals in the compound men’s team category in the World Cup Stage from 2017 to 2019.

Additionally, Kris won the individual men’s category in the 2018 World Cup, claiming the gold medal.

Similarly, to add to his medal tally, he reached the world cup finals in the compound individual men’s category thrice, winning the silver medal each time.

Equally adept in outdoor and indoor archery, Kris Schaff bagged gold in the Indoor World Series held in 2019. Likewise, his medal tally is further embellished with the 2018 Indoor World Cup win.

2. Braden Gellenthien

Braden Gellenthien is a dignified veteran of the game. Currently standing at world number 2, the American international is an archery sensation.

Born on April 26, 1986, the 38-year-old experienced athlete started his archery journey in 1996. Subsequently, Braden made his official international debut in 2002.

With a staggering 30 gold medals on the world cup stage throughout his career, Braden is undoubtedly one of the best this sport has ever seen.

1. Mike Schloesser

The world’s number one archer, Mike Schlesser, is a Dutch athlete who has stormed into the sport of archery. Moreover, he has shown the world the makings of the best archer.

Born in Heerlen, Netherlands, on January 15, 1994, the 30-year-old started his archery journey in 2000. Following that, Mike made his official international debut in 2008.

The world’s best, Mike Schloesser. Source:

Significantly, the right-handed maestro has 26 gold medals and countless other medals to his name. Furthermore, his medal tally is a testament to the brilliance of the world’s best.


Archery is a sport of utmost concentration and precise execution. Moreover, handling the bow and arrow requires self-belief like no other. 

Lastly, among the various talented archers globally, those mentioned above fifteen have cemented themselves as the world’s top 15 best male archers.

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