Top 9 Best NFL Fullbacks in the World

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What is a fullback? Who are the best NFL fullbacks in the World? Fullback is one of the leading running back positions. Furthermore, the role specializes in power running blocking and pass-catching. 

Some names, such as Alec Ingold and Jakob Johnson, are popular names of NFL fullbacks.

Likewise, fullbacks ensure the needed support for the quarterbacks as well.

The best NFL fullbacks (Source: PlayersBio)

You probably heard the phrase, “Offence is the best defense.” So, having a reliable athlete in the offensive backfield position is crucial.

Moreover, the fullback role provides a much-needed push, especially in a cutthroat league like the NFL.

Therefore, this article looks at the Top 9 best NFL fullbacks in the World. So, let’s dive in.

Top 9 Best NFL Fullbacks in the World

The following list is compiled from trusted sources such as PFF and SportsShow.

Before we jump into the specifics, let’s first overview the Top 9 Best NFL Fullbacks.

Name Team
9. Jamize Olawale Free Agent
8. Andy Janovich Cleveland Browns
7. Derek Watt Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Patrick Ricard Baltimore Ravens
5. Keith Smith Atlanta Falcons
4. Kyle Juszczyk San Fransico 49ers
3. C.J Ham Minnesota Vikings
2. Jakob Johnson New England Patriots
1. Alec Ingold Las Vegas Raiders

9. Jamize Olawale

Currently a free agent, Jamize Olawale is an American NFL fullback who last represented the Dallas Cowboys.

Besides, the 35-year-old has also played for another NFL team, Oakland Raiders.

Jamize Olawale (Source: Dallas Morning)

Moreover, Olawale played for the University of North Texas in his collegiate football career.

Before that, Olawale represented the Long Beach Polytechnic High School in childhood.

Having signed a three-year $5.4 million contract extension in March 2019, Jamize had a decent outing with the Cowboys.

Not to mention, he completed more than 65 rushing attempts and 206 rushing yards.

Additionally, he has also recorded seven touchdowns in the NFL. On the other hand, Olawale made his mark playing as a tight end for El Camino College.

After the lucrative contract extension, the Cowboys released Jamize on March 10, 2021.

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8. Andy Janovich

Born on May 23, 1993, Andy Janovich is an American fullback who plays for the Cleveland Browns. Moreover, Andy also represented the Denver Broncos before moving to the Browns.

Before his NFL days, Janovich played for Nebraska University in his collegiate football career.

To step even further back, the kid from Nebraska played for Gretna High School during his schooling.

Andy Janovich (Source: Wikimedia)

In mid-October 2019, Andy signed a $5.7 million contract with the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible elbow injury which sidelined him for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, he made seven appearances and recorded five receptions for 42 receiving yards. He also had one rushing touchdown during his final season for the Broncos.

Finally, 31-year-old was traded to the Cleveland Browns on March 20, 2020.

7. Derek Watt

Derek Watt is an American fullback who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Moreover, Watt moved to the Steelers in 2020 after signing a three-year deal worth $9.75 million from the Los Angeles Chargers.

Before stepping into the NFL, 31 played collegiate football for the University of Wisconsin.

Furthermore, he played for Pewaukee High School in his schooling days.

Derek Watt
Derek Watt (Source: ESPN)

Not to mention, Watt was named the High School All-American in 2010. Currently reunited with his brother T.J Watt, Derek looks to cement himself in the Steelers lineup.

However, it has not been easy for Watt. During a match on December 21, 2020, Watt was knocked out as a gunner.

Moreover, he was concussed after being blocked by Alex Erickson on a punt return.

On the other hand, Watt was an integral part of his former club during the 2016 season.

Moreover, he played in all sixteen games and had four receptions for 83 receiving yards.

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6. Patrick Ricard

Coming in at number 6, Patrick Ricard is an American fullback representing the Baltimore Ravens. Moreover, the young and talented fullback is steadily rising in the ranks.

Following an undrafted summer, Ricard signed with the Ravens on May 5, 2017. After solid performances, Ricard extended his contract to a two-year deal on December 3, 2019.  

Patrick Ricard in the Washington Football Team vs. Baltimore Ravens (Source: Wikimedia)

Ricard has been a steady performer for the Ravens throughout his career. Additionally, he was rated the 30th-best defensive tackle in the 2017 NFL Draft by

Equally good offensively and defensively, 30-year-old partially blocked a 49-yard field goal attempt against the New York Jets.

Furthermore, he completed the regular season with eight catches for 47 yards and a touchdown.

5. Keith Smith

Standing in at number 5, Alton Keith Smith Jr. is an American fullback who plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Born on April 8, 1992, Smith is one of the sturdiest fullbacks in the league.

Before entering the NFL, the California-born athlete played for the San Jose State University in his collegiate career.

Likewise, going even further back, he represented Charter Oak High School for his high school football.

Keith Smith (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Smith started his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys. After four seasons with the Cowboys team, Smith signed for the Oakland Raiders on March 15, 2018.

Later, Atlanta Falcons stepped in and signed the talented fullback to replace the injured Ricky Ortiz.

The 32-year-old has made sixteen appearances for the Falcons.

Additionally, Smith has made seven starts and recorded carries for seven yards and eleven receptions for 59 yards.

4. Kyle Juszczyk

Kyle Patrick Juszczyk is an American fullback who currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Moreover, he moved to the 49ers after representing the Baltimore Ravens from 2013 to 2016.

Furthermore, the highly impressive fullback has a stellar resume and a tremendous playstyle.

He has featured in the Pro Bowl four times as of now. He also cemented his name in the Honorable Menton All-Ivy in 2010.

Kyle Juszczyk during a practice in the Ravens Stadium (Source: Wikimedia)

Looking back, Kyle played for Harvard University during his collegiate football career.

Likewise, he represented the Cloverleaf High School in Lodi, Ohio, during his childhood career. Juszczyk signed a five-year contract with the 49ers worth $27 million.

The 49ers will likely be without fullback Kyle Juszczyk in their next game against the Rams, as he has a finger surgery.

3. C.J Ham

Cortez Thaddeus Ham Jr., or C.J Ham, is an American fullback who plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Moreover, the 30-year-old currently occupies the number 3 position in the PFF NFL Player Grades for fullbacks.

Ham was a star from a very young age. What’s more, he played for Duluth Denfeld High School, where he dominated the field.

Furthermore, the enthusiastic fullback only blossomed further. Moreover, Ham was a four-year letter-winner in football in his college days.

C.J Ham, one of the best NFL fullbacks (Source: Argus Leader)

The Minnesota-born athlete attended Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

On the other hand, Ham started his professional career in 2016. First, he participated in the Minnesota Vikings rookie minicamp.

But, despite starting as a running back, C.J switched to being a full-time fullback in 2017. He has not looked back ever since.

After impressive starts, Ham has cemented himself as a prominent name in the league.

So much so that the Vikings extended his contract to a three-year deal worth $12.25 million in 2020.

C.J. Ham has been an important part of this package, giving the Vikings different ways to attack defenses with his ability to catch passes and block in the run game.

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2. Jakob Johnson

In our top 2, Jakob Elijah Johnson is a German professional fullback player playing for the New England Patriots.

Born in Stuttgart, Johnson moved to the United States as a senior in high school.

Moreover, he played college football for the Tennessee Volunteers before joining the Patriots as a part of the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program.

Before moving to the States, Johnson played for the Stuttgart Scorpions of the German Football League in the under-19 division.

He then moved to Florida, Jacksonville in his senior year. Furthermore, he was a four-star recruit in high school.

Jakob Johnson (Source: Wikimedia)

After his graduation, Johnson went back to Germany. Moreover, he played for the Stuttgart Scorpions for a year in 2018.

Following that, the German fullback stepped into the NFL through the International Player Pathway Program.

Not to mention, he was signed by the New England Patriots on April 8, 2019.

Also, he recorded one reception for five yards in the 2019 season. Furthermore, he took 94 total snaps, with 71 on offense and 23 on special teams.

Then, in the 2020 season, he scored his first professional touchdown on a one-yard touchdown reception from Cam Newton.

Moreover, he became the first player from the International Player Pathway to score a touchdown in the NFL.

Lastly, the Patriots re-signed Johnson to a one-year contract on March 25, 2021.

Jakob Johnson is now in the Las Vegas Raiders and is the latest fullback incorporated into the Raiders’ offensive system.

1. Alec Ingold

Topping the list, Alec Ingold is an American fullback who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Moreover, regarded as one of the most talented fullbacks, Ingold is proving his immense potential.

Before NFL, the Wisconsin-born athlete initially committed to playing quarterback for Northern Illinois. However, he later joined the University of Wisconsin.

Alec Ingold (Source: Twitter)

What’s more, he started his career as a linebacker for Wisconsin before moving to the fullback position in his Sophomore year.

Moving back, Ingold played for the Bay Port High school as a dual-threat quarterback.

Furthermore, he shone in that role, being named the Associated Press Wisconsin Player of the Year and the Gatorade Wisconsin Player of the Year his senior year.

Starting his NFL career, Ingold signed with the Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders) on May 3, 2019. Since starting the club, he has made the position his own.

Not to mention, Ingold was the Las Vegas Raiders nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2020.

After inking a two-year, $7.5 million deal with Miami Dolphins in March 2022,  Ingold is one of the better-paid fullbacks in the NFL.


While the fullback position isn’t as commonly used as it used to be, it is still one of the most prominent roles in the NFL.

So, the number of players in the position may not be as plentiful, but the abovementioned players are vital to their respective teams.

We end our coverage on the Top 9 Best NFL Fullbacks in the World. Leave the comments below if your favorite made it to our list.

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