Big Show Net Worth: House, Investment & Charity

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Two times WCW World Heavyweight Champion and five times Slammy Awards winner, Paul Donald Wight III, a.k.a The Big Show, has a net worth of $16 million.

Not to mention, Big Show comes #8 in the list of top 10 rich WWE wrestlers. And he is surprisingly a good actor too. 

In his two-decades-long career, the wrestler has seen a lot of ups and downs. Talking about Big show’s net worth, he earned most of it through his wrestling career.

Likewise, the match between Mark Hanry and Big Show at the SmackDown where the whole ring collapsed was named one of the deadliest matches in WWE history.

Big Show's Net worth
Big Show is a happy, jolly, and calm person, unlike his in-ring character.

Besides, this American professional wrestler has won various titles and championships, including WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Before we move any further, here have a look at some quick facts about the wrestler. 

Big Show: Quick Facts

Name Paul Donald Wight II
Birthplace  Aiken, South Carolina, United States
Birthdate February 8, 1972
Age 52 years old
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  White 
Religion  Catholic 
Father’s Name Paul Wight Sr. 
Mother’s Name Unknown 
Siblings  Unknown 
Education  Wichita State University
Southern Illinois University
Monster Factory 
Profession Professional Wrestler, Actor 
Nickname The Big Show
Height 7 ft. (2.134m)
Weight  174 kg
Body Measurements  Biceps- 26 inches
Waist- 40 inches
Chest- 64 inches 
Ring Size 22
Theme Song Crank it up
Shoe Size 22 5E
Tattoo(s) Yes
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Trained By Larry Sharpe
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net worth  $16 Million 
Achievement Two times WCW World Heavyweight Champion
Five times Slammy Award Winner
Four times WEF/WWE Championship
Eight times WWE/ World Tag Team Championship
Signature Moves Knock-out Punch, Chokeslam
Affiliation  WWE
Salary $850,000
Debut December 3, 1994
WWE Richest Wrestler #8
Endorsements  WWE Merchandise 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital status  Married 
Wife  Melissa Piavis (married in 1997- divorced in 2002)
Bess Katramados (2002)
Children  3
Merch T-shirt, Action Figure, Signed Stuff
Social Media  Twitter 
Last Update  May, 2024

Big Show Net Worth 

The renowned wrestler Big Show has a net worth estimated to be $16 million and is considered one of the richest and highest-paid wrestlers in WWE history.

Also, Paul earned the majority of his wealth from his primary two-decades-long careers as a professional wrestler.

Besides being known in his wrestling career, Paul has also participated in hosting and acting, which has definitely helped add value to big show net worth.

The Big Show earned $850,000 (bonuses excluded) during his career days and made thousands of dollars for every appearance.

Likewise, Paul even receives elite treatment, including staying in a five-star hotel, traveling in first-class tickets, and private bus tours apart from his annual salary.

Net Worth of Big Show
Big Show interacting with his fans.

Besides, in 2015, Paul earned a whopping amount of $1.5 million as a yearly salary.

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Salary & Contract

However, in 2017 the amount decreased to $1.2 million because Paul started working as a part-time wrestler by that time. His WWE merch also adds up value to the Big Show’s massive net worth.

Later, in 2018, the salary decreased to $85 thousand yearly. However, on Feb 24, 2021, Paul signed a long-term deal with AEW and left WWE.

Nonetheless, the main reason to leave WWE was scree time, and Big Show wanted more screen time and limelight. 

Big Show Net Worth: House and Cars


Truly living up to his name, WWE superstar Big Show’s mansion, located on 52nd Avenue, Florida, is massive. In fact, it seems more like a fortress with a stunning pool area and high ceilings. 

Likewise, Paul purchased this 9,589 square feet mansion in 2007. And talking about the mansion’s price, this mansion is worth $3.7 million—no wonder Paul comes on the list of richest wrestlers. Undoubtedly, Big Show has a massive net worth which he can spend as he like.

Apart from that, Big Show also owns another house which is also located in Florida. One thing is proved that this big man loves Florida it may be because of its beauty and Florida also enjoys years round sunshine.

Similarly, in 2001, Paul bought this house from Mark Calway, our very own The Undertaker, by paying a whopping amount of $1.1 million.

This luxurious house is in the area of 3,856 square feet and has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a boat dock, a swimming pool, along with some other customized and exotic furniture. 


Undoubtedly, Big Show is a major star since his debut in WCW, and it is understandable how he has made a lot of money over the decades. However, he used his money well when it comes to buying cars.

Currently, Big Show drives a very dependable Range Rover. 

Big Show Net Worth: Other Ventures

Apart from wrestling, Paul has been active in various other activities like hosting movies, tv-series, etc.


As a working WWE wrestler, Paul Wight debuted in the Hollywood industry after Reggie’s Prayer in 1996. After that, Paul did several other movies.

Some of Big Show’s famous movies

In 1996, another movie named Jingle All the Way was released where Paul played the role of Huge Santa.

Similarly, he was also seen in McKinsey’s Island by Little Snow Flake, released in 1998.

After that, Big Show took five years of the movie gap and again came back with Vendetta in 2015.

Net Worth
Florida House of Big Show.

However, after a break, Paul did a movie in 2016 named Countdown, The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-Wrestlemania in 2017, and Fighting with my family in 2019.

In all these three movies, he was called by his own name, The Big Show.


In 2007 a book was released named “The Great Wight Hope: How WWE’s Big Show Almost Became a Boxer.” Likewise, this book was written by David Bixenpan.

Similarly, this book was about Big Show’s life, how he chose to be a wrestler, and all the ups and downs he had to face in the path of success. 

Big Show: Career and Records

On February 8, 1972, Big Show was born in Aiken, South Carolina, United States, to Paul Wight Sr. (father). However, there are not many details when it comes to his mother.

With guidance and training from Larry Sharpe and Thrasher. Similarly, Paul made his professional debut on December 3, 1994, with WCW.

In 1994 he signed a contract with WCW, which gained him a lot of fame. At that time, Paul was known by his ring name, The Giant. However, in 1999 after leaving WCW, he joins WWE.

In 2014, Big Show had one of the iconic matches of all time when he faced boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in Wrestlemania 24.

However, the partnership between Kane and The Big Show also got a lot of highlights in 2010. These two were the most loved tag team partners back then. 

Some of Big Show’s famous opponents he wrestled with were John Cena, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Triple H, and many more.

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Big Show Final Match in WWE

Big Show’s last appearance in WWE was on January 4, 2021, in RAW. For a very long time, Big Show was part of WWE, but in 2017, he decides to be a part-time wrestler of WWE.

Big Show often felt he needed a break, and since he was not getting much screen time, he finally decides to leave.

Likewise, Big  Show didn’t have a good title match or a career-defining match from 2020.

Big Show’s last feud was with Randy Orton; however, this storyline could not continue because he left WWE. 

Will Big Show be Inducted to Hall of fame?

He would have surely been a WWE Hall of Fame, but his sudden transfer to AEW can stop him from being a WWE Hall of Fame.

However, Paul going to AEW is not a betrayal because everyone has a right to choose what they like.

But Paul was WWE’s favored wrestler, and knowing the short temper of Mr. McMahon, there almost is no chance of Big Show to be a WWE Hall of Fame.

As there are cut-through competitions between wrestling fraternities, AEW is the toughest competitor of WWE.

Hence, decisions can’t be made based on emotions when finances are involved, and Big Show did the same.

He left WWE because WEA was offering him a good amount of money, so he felt risking the Hall of Fame won’t be a big deal.

Career defining moments of Big Show in WWE

  • 2015 Extreme Rules when Big Show and Roman Reigns were against each other in the last man standing match. Even though Roman won the match, Big Show was praised by audiences for his great performance.
  • In 2002, Big Show and Broke Lesner faced each other in Survivor Series for WWE Championship. Big Show wins the match after Paul Heyman betrays his client. This match upset many audiences, but this match represents Big Show’s ability to rise to the occasion.
  • Likewise, Big Show was in Hell in a Cell match against Shemus in 2012. In this match, Big Show got a chance to be a dominant giant wrestler after many years. This was one of the best matches, and not to mention Paul even wins the championship.

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  • “The toughest problem for us as giants is finding someone that we can work with and wrestle.”
  • “I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none.” 
  • “There is nothing more powerful in the world than the human spirit and the human will.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Big Show suffering from Gigantism?

Yes, he is. Big Show has a condition where the bones enlarge in size, but he is completely healthy and normal.

Is Big Showing having a divorce with his second wife?

No, he isn’t. They got married in 2002 and are living happily with their kids.

Is Big Show a nice guy?

Big Show is a very jolly, fun-loving, and calm person, unlike his in-ring character.

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