Bob Beamon Net Worth: Salary & Charity Works

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A well-known Long Jumper and the 1968 Olympics gold medalist, Bob Beamon has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

A Virgo, born on 29th August 1946 in South Jamaica, Queens, New York, was raised by his grandmother as a primary caretaker. 

From his school days, Bob was fond of track. As a result, he met Larry Ellis, a track coach.

To look after his sick grandmother, Beamon chose a nearby university of North Agricultural and Technical state.

Later in the year 1972, Bob graduated with a degree in sociology from Adelphi University. By this time, he had already won a gold medal in the 1968 Olympics.

Bob Beamon
Bob Beamon is an Olympic Gold Medalist

To sum up, Beamon is now an inspirational speaker and a corporate spokesperson. He has even developed his motivational programs like “The Champion in You.”

In this article today, we will be focusing more on Bob Beamon’s net worth. But, moreover, areas like his endorsements, book publications, income sources, salary, and career will also be covered. 

Before heading on, let us have a look at the quick fact table below. 

Quick Facts 

Full Name Robert Beamon
Nick Name Beamon, Bob
Date Of Birth 29 August 1946
Birth Place South Jamaica, Queens, New York
Age 77 years old
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 6’3”/ 191 cm
Weight 70 kg/ 154 lb
Horoscope Virgo
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour N/A
Skin Colour Dark
Tattoos N/A
Marital Status Married
Spouse Milana Walter Beamon
Kids Two daughters: Tarenka and Deanna
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Naomi Brown Beamon
Siblings N/A
High School N/A
High School Records National High School Triple Jump Record
Name of University
  • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (Later transferred)
  • University of Texas (Suspended)
  • Adelphi University (graduated with a degree in sociology)
University Records Scholarship for field record
Profession Athlete, Entrepreneur, Writer & Motivational Speaker
Active from 1965-1968
Position Long Jumper
Current Team N/A
Former Team N/A
Awards and Recognition
  • 1967 Pan American Games, Silver Medalist
  • 1668 the Olympics, Mexico City, Gold Medalist
Net Worth $2.5 million
Salary N/A
Endorsements Dana Hoiles Collection,, Road Gilbert’s Power Arm, etc.
Foundation Bob Beamon Communications Inc
Social Media N/A
Merch  Trading Card, Autographed Picture
Last Update April, 2024

Bob Beamon Net Worth & Endorsement

No doubt, the Jamaican athlete was one of the best long jumpers in his country. Aside from being an athlete, what else does Bob do? 

Besides his career as a long jumper, the athlete is also a writer, a graphic artist, and a coach. 

Moreover, after the 1968 Olympics, he played various roles to encourage and promote young athletes. 

Furthermore, Bob has also worked as a graphic artist for Art of the Olympians.

Indeed, he even has his cooperation called “Bob Beamon Communications Inc” in Florida and Las Vegas. From these cooperations, Beamon has generated a good sum of income.  

Lastly, Bob is also the CEO of the Art of the Olympics Foundation. The salary is not yet specified. However, we can estimate that it is pretty good. 

Furthermore, this work, along with the endorsement deals for companies like The Dana Hoiles Collection, Singing Hotline, Road Gilbert’s Power Arm, and many more, has raised his net worth to an estimated value of $2.5 million.

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Bob Beamon Net Worth: House and Cars

The athlete was never able to grow up with his parents. His mother passed away when he was just eight months old due to tuberculosis. Therefore, Beamon never knew his father and mother as well. 

Thus, for this reason, Bob grew up with his grandmother in the New York Housing Authority’s Jamaica House of low income. Later in his university days, with his grandmother, he lived in North Carolina.

Currently, the long jumper lives in Las Vegas with his spouse Rhonda A. Beamon.

The reason behind this location may be the organization he needs to handle. Unfortunately, much information is not known about his house and cars due to security issues.

Bob Beamon Net Worth: Lifestyle

The athlete is currently living his life as a businessman; he also loves giving motivational speeches. As mentioned earlier, Beamon has even started his motivational program. 

Bob has always believed in living a simple life. Moreover, during an interview, he has even said, “I enjoy just the simple things. My heart beats like everybody else’s.”

Talking about his diet plans, much is unknown, but we know that his favorite food is chicken.

As a businessman and a spokesperson, Bob is frequently traveling for business purposes.

Furthermore, Beamon also loves going on vacation. Likewise, Bob’s most recent vacation is 2017, where the athlete was seen with Mary Rand in a poolside location in Mexico City.

Bob Beamon: Charity

The former long jumper is very conscious of making people grow differently than the way he did. Therefore, his programs are mostly youth-centered.

Moreover, Beamon also believes everyone should get equal opportunities.

By understanding the risks modern children may face and preventing them from taking wrong steps, he has been trying hard to create a better future.

In addition to this, Bob is also a crucial member of supporting the underprivileged children. 

Thus, founding The Bob Beamon Organization for Youth with the help of his friends and family members. 

Furthermore, it was a nonprofit one, which was entirely dedicated to supporting the welfare of children. Moreover, annually the organization hosts Celebrity Golf & Tennis Matches to raise funds.

Lastly, these funds help with many other aspects like health, education, and housing for children. 

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Other Charity Works: Scholarship and Motivational Programs 

After competing in the Olympics, Bob Beamon had set further goals for his future. He went back to school, and in 1972, the long-jumper earned a sociology degree from Adelphi University. 

As a result, the former long jumper is now a spokesperson for the Children’s Courts. Moreover, he also advocated against the legislation to prosecute children as adults.

Also, in an interview, the athlete further stressed that he wanted to contribute to the American youth.

The athlete’s charitable contribution does not stop here. As a result of his organization, Beamon has collaborated with different colleges for scholarships.  

Furthermore, in Central Florida, almost 35 colleges are opted for scholarships to help them with their high school degree.

Moreover, they also offer $10 million scholarships to well-deserving students. But, of course, all this would not have been possible without the Olympian long jumper, Bob Beamon. 

Lastly, Bob has also played an incredible figure in several kinds of events like golf tournaments to raise funds and volunteers for various purposes. He even worked with Pierce Footwear and helped to provide young athletes with shoes.

Bob Beamon: Movies and Book publications

From TV documentaries to TV series, the athlete has made a big contribution to filmography. Moreover, he started working in this field back in 1968, starting from the TV mini-series of “Mexico City 1968: Games of the XXIX Olympiad.”

Moreover, Bob has also played in some other series he played on, like Superstars (1983), Today (1983), and Na plovárne (2013).

This does not end here because Beamon had also appeared in some documentaries like Salute (2008) and 1968 (2018).

Na plovárne episode with Bob Beamon
Na plovárne episode with Bob Beamon

Above all, Bob Beamon has written one book titled “The Man Who Could Fly,” which was published in 1999. Interesting fact, the athlete’s wife also helped him to write the book. 

Furthermore, his achievements are even mentioned in the book “The Perfect Jump,” written by Dick Schaap. 

Bob Beamon: Career

The American athlete was certified for the Mexico City 1968 Olympics. Later, he even made Olympic history the same year on the 18th of October by creating a world record for the long jump. 

Bob Beamon became the Olympics Gold medalist and the first person ever to have jumped above 28 feet.

3 Facts About Bob Beamon

  • The athlete never knew his birth father. But, as per one report, Bob’s stepdad was sent to prison for his habit of drinking and causing domestic violence.
  • As a child, Bob dealt drugs, picked up fights with other students or even teachers; for this reason, he was expelled and even sent to the juvenile detention center. But also, this was where he received the most support and grew up to become the person we all admire.
  • His record of 28 feet long jump remained undefeated for the next 22 years.


  • “Sometimes when you’ve reached a peak experience, you look for other peak experiences…I’d always been interested in art. I was looking for other experiences outside of sports. Art was a form of expression I had always liked a great deal.” 
  • “Basketball is big stuff in New York. If you’re good at it, everybody respects you. Nobody would want to ruin your shooting eye or your shooting arm.”


What is Bob Beamon’s greatest record? 

The American jumper has many splendid records. But, amongst many, one of the world records he has set was at the Olympic Games in Mexico. 

The jump was 29.2 feet, about 8.90 meters. Likewise, the record was broken by Mike Powell in 1991.

Who was Bob Beamon’s coach? 

The former athlete had quite an unusual mentor or coach. Unlike others, Bob’s coach was his fellow Olympian athlete Ralph Boston. 

Well, Ralph Boston is a former athlete who is a receiver of three Olympic medals. Just like Beamon, he was an amazing athlete. 

Moreover, the athlete used to train together most of the day.

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