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Tennis is a captivating sport that becomes all the more thrilling when watching exhilarating matches featuring legendary players. Among these luminaries is Brad Gilbert, who has left an indelible mark on the court.

In the contemporary tennis landscape, we are privileged to witness the incredible skills of iconic players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and the esteemed Andre Agassi.

Speaking of Agassi, it’s worth noting that Brad Gilbert played a pivotal role in coaching this legendary figure.

Brad Gilbert
Brad Gilbert (Source: Wikipedia)

Imagine excelling not only as a remarkable player but also as an equally exceptional coach. Brad Gilbert, a name that often doesn’t receive the attention it truly deserves, is here to be brought into the spotlight.

Today, we embark on a journey to delve into Brad Gilbert’s early life, his illustrious playing and coaching career, his personal life, and his notable net worth.

While he once dominated the tennis scene as a player, he continues to shine in his post-tennis life as a respected commentator.

Let’s uncover the layers of Brad Gilbert’s multifaceted journey.

Quick Facts

Name Brad Gilbert
Birthdate August 9, 1961
Birthplace Oakland, California, U.S.
Age 62 Years Old
Spouse Kim Gilbert
Children 3  (Zach, Julian, and Zoe)
Profession Tennis Player (Coach); Coach
Net Worth $10 Million
Salary $100k
Education Foothill College, Piedmont High School
Social Media Twitter
Merch Paperback
Last Update May 2024

Brad Gilbert | Early Career & Life

Brad Gilbert was born on August 9, 1961, in Oakland, California, United States.

While his father’s name is known to be Barry, a teacher, details about his mother remain veiled from the public eye.

Among his siblings, he shares his journey with a sister named Dana and a younger brother named Barry Jr.

A proud holder of American citizenship and of white ethnicity, Brad Gilbert’s roots are firmly planted.

His educational journey began at Piedmont High School, where he first grasped a tennis racket and felt the spark of his future passion.

As the years rolled on, Brad’s dedication to tennis only intensified. Beyond high school, his path led him to Foothill College, a crucial juncture where his bond with the sport deepened even further.

Brad Gilbert | Age, Height, & Body Stats

As of the 2024, Brad’s is 62 years old, marking a journey through time filled with experiences and accomplishments.

Standing at an impressive height of 6’0″ (1.84 m) and carrying a well-balanced weight of 79 kg (174 lbs), Brad Gilbert’s physical stature adds to his tennis prowess.

Through the phases of his life, Brad’s appearance underwent a notable transformation. During his active playing days, his head was crowned with a copious amount of hair.

However, as the years advanced, he embraced a bald look, whether as a style choice or a natural evolution.

Remarkably, even at 62 years old, the spirit of youth seems to burn within the retired tennis star.

Beyond his commitments to match coverage, Brad finds solace and relives his earlier days on the tennis court during his off-duty moments, displaying a timeless connection to the sport that has been central to his life.

Brad Gilbert | Career: Player & Coach

Starting from a collegiate team at Foothill College, Tom Chivington coached him from 1980 until 1982.

To add icing on the cake, Brad won California Junior College Singles Championship and the U.S. Amateur Hardcourt Championship while he was still a freshman in college. At 20 years of age, the American Junior Davis Cup team made him a member.

Brad Gilbert, career
                                   Brad Gilbert in his youth years

Moreover, a young Brad represented the United States in Israel for Maccabiah Games in the year 1981. Unfortunately, he lost the finals to Shlomo Glickstein, which he made up for by bagging gold alongside Jon Levine.

After transferring to Pepperdine University, while playing for Allen Fox, Gilbert was the All-American to reach the 1982 NCAA Championship.

The same year, the American went on his professional tour. Eventually, Gilbert, the top-level singles title, was held in Taipei. With that, Brad went on to win 20 top-level singles titles in his entire career.

However, the biggest one he bagged was in Cincinnati in the year 1989. Not just that, Gilbert experienced in his playing career, too, with six losses to Stefan Edberg and 20 losses altogether.

What’s life without a little disappointment, right? As a result, it enabled Brad to be a better player and, consequently, a better coach.

Nonetheless, Gilbert’s shining moment dawned upon him when he ultimately went on to sweep five singles in 1989, beating out future Hall of Famers: Pete Sampras, Michael Chang, Boris Becker, and Stefan Edberg.

The following year, he took the home runner-up prize in Grand Slam Cup 1990.

You can watch Brad Gilbert vs. John McEnroe in Japan Open 1988:

To conclude, the American made the Top 10 rank a total of 9 times throughout his ten years of professional career. Similarly, Gilbert had an outstanding record of 519 wins to 288 losses.

On the other hand, Brad managed to collect a 10-5 record at the Davis Cup between 1986 to 1993 while setting seven wins to 1 loss records on hard courts and carpet. Adding an Olympic bronze to his name in 1988, the tennis star would go on to retire in 1995.

Playing Style

Often regarded as one of the best strategists on the court, Gilbert loved to play on an opponent’s weakness.

Furthermore, he was extremely defensive in his play moves, as he possessed no unique offensive tactics. Additionally, Brad’s best asset was keeping the ball in play and reading the game overall.

Analyst Brad Gilbert
                  Brad Gilbert interviewing Roger Federer

While being a fierce competitor during games, the American was easygoing outside. Mindgames, defensive tempo, and building on obstructing the opposition’s rhythm are what kept Gilbert at the top of the table for many years.

Due to Brad’s ability to play the ball at an accurate but slow pace, pundits dubbed him a pusher.

Hence, his strategic prowess would make him an excellent coach for future stars like Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Alex Bogdanovic, Kei Nishikori, Sam Querrey even Andy Murray.

After retiring as a coach, the former tennis star now works as a tennis analyst. You can spot Gilbert in many big matches interviewing players pre and post-match.

Brad Gilbert Net Worth | Salary & Income | Tennis, Commentator & Author

At present, the former tennis star has a jaw-dropping net worth of $10 million. In particular, his life as a tennis player is attributed to that massive sum.

While playing and with several wins and participation, Brad accumulated a whopping $5.5 million as prize money. Likewise, the American earns an annual $100k salary as a broadcaster.

Net Worth Brad Gilbert
                          Brad Gilbert’s book Winning Ugly

Moreover, Brad had a high value as a coach, earning a hefty $50k per week. After participating in the Olympics and winning on some occasions, granted him a $10k sum per appearance.

With a loaded bank balance, Gilbert enjoys an exquisite life with his family. Apart from his tennis career, Brad also earned a significant amount from his book sales.

Brad Gilbert Relationship | Family: Wife & Kids

To begin with, the former coach married his girlfriend Kim Gilbert, the date of the ceremony and proposal of which remains unknown.

The couple had been dating for quite some time and decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony. Brad and Kim are parents to three lovely children; Zach, Julian, and Zoe.

Family Brad Gilbert
                  Brad Gilbert, his wife, and their three children

Nevertheless, even with a busy schedule for most of his life, Brad always spent time with his family.

His personal life is running stable at the moment, and Gilbert stands as an inspirational figure for his children. The family enjoys quality time in a lavish house located in Malibu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the Brad Gilbert – David Wheaton issue?

Brad Gilbert and David Wheaton have always been competitors. On December 15, 1990, Brad Gilbert prevailed in five sets against David Wheaton.

At a changeover at the end of the third set, the players almost got into a fight. The argument began the chair umpire reversed an important call. It then fired up when David’s brother shouted at Brad Gilbert.

Who is Brad Gilbert’s wife?

Brad Gilbert is married to Kim Gilbert.

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