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Widely known as a quiet force in the skating world, Bradie Tennell is one of the top-notch emerged female skaters. From her struggling days to the current, she has become the Olympics’ Cinderella story. 

Thanks to her Cinderella-themed Olympic performance during the Winter Games. Besides her flawless skates, princess vibes, and many more, Bradie is a fulsome lady. 

Figure skater Bradie Tennell (Source: The Newyork Times)
Figure skater Bradie Tennell (Source: The Newyork Times)

Before we hop on to her life and career details, let us go through her quick dose of facts. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Bradie Tennell
Date of Birth January 31, 1998
Birth Place Carpentersville, Illinois
Current Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Nick Name Unknown
Religion Unknown 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
Age 26 Years Old
Height 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight 53 kg (116 lb)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Brad Tennell
Mother’s Name Jean Tennell
Siblings Two younger brothers; Shane Tennell and Austin Tennell 
Education McHenry County College
Marital Status Unmarried 
Boyfriend None
Profession  Figure Skater
Skating Club Skokie Valley FSC (current)
Wagon Wheel FSC (former)
Training Locations Colorado Springs, Colorado (current)
Buffalo Grove, Illinois (former)
Coaches Tom Zakrajsek (current)
Denise Myers, Jeremy Allen, Yevgeny Martynov (former)
Choreographer Benoît Richaud (current)
Scott Brown, Shanetta Folle, Cindy Stuart (former)
Active Years 2000-present
Net Worth $200,000
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update  May 2024

Body Measurements

Bradie Tennell is a beautiful lady with an athletically toned body. She stands with blonde hair and blue eyes at 1.68 meters while weighing 53 kg (116 lb). 

Talking about her body measurements in detail, Tennell has a bust size of 29 inches. Likewise, her waist size measures 24 inches, and her hip size measures 33 inches. 

Moving on, her bra size is 34A (US), and she wears a cup size of A (US). 

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Workout & Diet

Though much is not known about Bradie Tennell’s workout routine, she is indulged in several workout exercises. Among it all, running is her favorite part as she says it clears her mind and helps to stay in shape. 

Furthermore, she is involved in various plyometrics to help keep her jumps strong.

“Unlike speed skating, where time is a primary metric and skaters are constantly moving in a linear direction, figure skating is all about timing, body positioning, balance, and more dynamic factors that influence how well I can change directions in a split second while moving across horizontal and vertical planes.”
– Bradie Tennell

Throughout her training days, Bradie ensures to keep herself healthy. She commits to the power of sports nutrition. 

Bradie Tennell | Early Life

Bradie Tennell was born on January 31, 1998, under the star sign of Aquarius. She was born in Carpentersville, Illinois, to Jean Tennell and Brad Tennell. 

However, she was raised by her single mother, who is also a registered nurse. She also has two younger brothers named Shane Tennell and Austin Tennell. 

Both of her brothers are ice hockey players. Indeed, being a single mother was a hard task for her to raise the kids. 

Bradie with her mother
Bradie with her mother (Source: Instagram)

During their initial days, their family lived in a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. In the meantime, her mother used to work overnight shifts at two hospitals. 

As for her education, Bradie Tennell was homeschooled by her mother. At present, she takes general education courses at a local community college. 

She has shown interest in science and medical fields, which she is pursuing at McHenry County College. 

Bradie Tennell | Career

Tennell commenced skating at the young age of two. In the beginning, she had to beg her mother to take her to the ice rink, and that’s how she slowly developed into figure skating. 

When she first started skating, she had to wear orthotics in her shoes to correct the pronation of the hip problem. Therewith, her first rink was in Crystal Lake, Illinois, near her home. 

Since her early days, Bradie had Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi as her role models. By the age of ten, Denise Myers started coaching her. 

Initial Career

As a young player, Bradie Tennell bagged her foremost win at ten. Following it, she had her successive win at the age of twelve at the Upper Great Lakes Regionals. 

She partook in the 2010 U.S. Junior Nationals and the intermediate division at the Upper Great Lakes Regionals. During all the years, she had a slight performance improvement at the 2013 Midwestern Sectionals. 

Right after it, she took the gold medal at the Upper Great Lakes Regionals. Then, she had her first notable medal at the 2013 U.S. Nationals. Likewise, she stood second at the 2014 Midwestern Sectionals. 

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Tennell started her 2014–2015 season at the Nagoya TV Cup in Japan. In the same season, she partook in the 2015 U.S. Championships, which the media described as her breakout moment. 

She had bagged a gold medal with 16 points more than the second-place finisher. Bardie also considers this win as her first national title that took her to the Olympics. 

The following season, Bradie won both her sectional and regional competitions. 

The Dark Days 

Ever since her early days, Bradie Tennell has suffered from back problems. Three months later, from her 2014 Nationals, Bradie fractured both wings of a lumbar vertebra. 

Therewith, she had to spend the summer of 2015 in a back brace and only returned at the Junior Grand Prix Cup of Austria. 

Following it in June 2016, Bradie Tennell yet again had the same back injury. Only this time, her back injury was on a different vertebra. 

Right then, she had another back brace in the summer. During that time, she had to undergo intense physical therapy. Over these two years of injury, Bradie missed six months of competition. 

In September 2016, she only started on the game again, but Bradie had to tiptoe with her exercise while taking more physical therapy and Pilates to lessen the chance of future back injuries. 

The Improvements

Bradie partook heavily in the games during the 2016-17 season. It was also the same season when she became a U.S. champion, an Olympic medalist, and “one of the biggest names in American skating.”

By the end of 2019, Bradie Tennell had the fourth-highest score in the free skate. Not to mention, she was titled as the display of power and grace in the arena. 

Bradie as a figure skater for the Team US
Bradie as a figure skater for the Team US (Source: Instagram)

Back then, she stood with a personal free skate best score of 137.15 points and 206.41 points overall. Likewise, at the Nationals in Detroit, she became the youngest U.S. women’s champion in history.

Again, she achieved victory at the 2019 World Team Trophy. 

Recent Years

During the early years of 2019, Bradie Tennell suffered a stress fracture in her foot. Again, she did have a rough start after the injury, yet she managed to bag her first silver medal at a Grand Prix competition. 

Before the end of 2019, she also stood in the first Grand Prix Final of her career. In 2020, Bradie was chosen to represent the U.S. women at the 2020 World Championships.

However, the event was later canceled due to the novel coronavirus. The next year, she took second place at Skate America and a gold at the U.S. Nationals. 

Yet again, she missed out on several events due to her foot injury. All her appearances in 2021 and 2022 were canceled for the same reason. 

Bradie Tennell | Awards & Achievements

Bradie Tennell was widely known for her consistency, jumping proficiency, resiliency, and mental toughness throughout her career.

Additionally, she is also known for her jumping ability and is one of the most consistent skaters in America. Some even stated her to be “a machine” due to her flawless jumps and spins. 

Below are some of her top achievements to date. 

  • Two-time U.S. national champion (2018 and 2021)
  • Olympic team event (Bronze in 2018)
  • CS Golden Spin of Zagreb champion (2018)
  • CS Autumn Classic champion (2018)
  • Four Continents (Bronze in 2020) 
  • The fifth-highest ranked women’s singles skater in the world by the International Skating Union (as of March 2021)

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Bradie Tennell | Net Worth

Though Bradie’s total earnings are not fixed, it is known that she has a net worth of approx. $200,000. Not to mention, she has multiple sources of income and sponsors.

VossWorld is one of her major sponsors that manufactures high-quality bottles. In the meantime, she has recently signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Vitamin Shoppe. 

Bradie Tennell
Bradie Tennell 

She has also endorsed several brands such as Shaklee, Zebra Technologies, and Roll Recovery. Additionally, Bradie has collected several earnings from her prize money. 

Some of which include $15,000 in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. As for her travel stuff, Bradie owns a black Chevrolet Impala car. 

Bradie Tennell | Personal Life

Tennell is single as of now. She is very private when it comes to her love life and hasn’t opened up about her dating life to date. 

At the same time, she describes herself as a “homebody” who enjoys reading and family movie nights. One of her favorite series to binge-watch is “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Not to mention, she herself has featured her music in a blockbuster Korean War film named “Taeguki.” 

Facts of Bradie Tennell

  • She wears purple socks on short program competition days and pink socks on long program days.
  • Tennell listens to AC/DC and Boston every time before the competition. 
  • She loves the TV show Supernatural. And the leads of the series, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are her favorite actors.

Her favorite quote comes from the movie named Cinderella, which reads, “Dare if you want to. Don’t fear you’ll fall. Take a chance, ‘cause it’s better than never to chance it at all.”

  • Tennell often grows her hair to donate to an organization that makes wigs for patients who lose their hair. 

Social Media

  • Instagram as Bradie Tennell (@bradietennell) with 61.2k followers
  • Twitter as Bradie Tennell (@bradie_tennell), with 13.9k followers


What is Bradie Tennell’s personal score like?

For the ISU personal best scores, Braadie Tennell has 225.64 in combined total, 75.93 in the short program, and 150.83 in the free skate. 

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