Brahim Diaz Origine Parents: Father Sufiel And Mother Patricia

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Brahim Diaz has a diverse cultural background because of his parents. His father, Sufiel, is of Moroccan origin, while his mother, Patricia, is of Spanish origin.

This multicultural upbringing has enriched Brahim’s life and serves as a source of inspiration in his professional journey.

Spanish Professional Soccer Player Brahim Diaz
Spanish Professional Soccer Player Brahim Diaz (Source: Instagram)

Brahim Diaz is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as an attacking midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid.

Brahim is known for his wonderful touch, vision, passing ability, and eye for goal. During his younger years, he was compared to Lionel Messi and David Silva for his style of play and dribbling skills.

Brahim started his soccer career at his hometown club, Malaga, before moving to Manchester City in 2015 as a 16-year-old.

He made his debut for City in 2016 and scored his first goal for the club in 2018.

The player joined Real Madrid in 2019 and was loaned to AC Milan from 2020 to 2023, where he impressed with his performances and goals.

He returned to Real Madrid in 2023 and has become a regular starter under Carlo Ancelotti.

Besides, the player debuted for the Spain national team in 2021 and scored his first international goal against Lithuania.

Brahim Diaz Parents

Brahim was born on August 3, 1999, in Malaga, Spain, to his parents, Sufiel Abdelkader and Patricia Abdelkader.

The player hails from a diverse and culturally rich background.

Father Sufiel Abdelkader Diaz

Brahim’s father, Sufiel Abdelkader, is of Moroccan origin.

He migrated from Morocco to Spain with his family at a young age and settled in Melilla, a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa. Later, he moved to Málaga, where he met Patricia.

He faced early responsibilities in life when he became a father for the first time at the tender age of 17, alongside Patricia.

Sufiel is not only a devoted Muslim but also a passionate soccer fan. Moreover, Sufiel serves as Brahim’s agent and representative.

He played a pivotal role in shaping Brahim’s soccer career, negotiating his transfers to prestigious clubs such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, and AC Milan.

Brahim Diaz With His Parents & Siblings
Brahim Diaz With His Parents & Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Sufiel’s strong connection to his Moroccan roots and his support for his son have played a significant role in Brahim’s life.

Moreover, according to Sufiel’s LinkedIn profile, he also holds the position of director of Sports and Life Group.

Mother Patricia Abdelkader Diaz

Brahim’s mother, Patricia Abdelkader Diaz, is of Spanish origin and shares a close bond with her son.

Patricia is Brahim’s biggest fan, frequently traveling to watch his matches and cheer him on.

Brahim Diaz With His Family
Brahim Diaz With His Family (Source: Instagram)

She is a loving and caring mother who has given Brahim a happy and stable upbringing.

Her support and pride in her son’s achievements have been a constant source of motivation for Brahim.

Brahim Diaz grew up alongside his three sisters, Zaira, Idaira, and Dunia Diaz. They are all younger than him and very supportive of his soccer career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Are The Parents Of Brahim Diaz?

Brahim Diaz’s parents are Sufiel Abdelkader Diaz and Patricia Abdelkader Diaz. Sufiel is of Moroccan origin, and Patricia is of Spanish origin.


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