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Like father like daughter is the term that would fit perfectly for Brittany Favre. Daughter of former quarterback Bret Favre, National Football League (NFL) legend; toughness indeed runs in the family. No doubt about it.

Because of it, Brittany saw it fitting to make her niche in the world than free-ride on her father’s name and fame. As of now, she is active as a lawyer and philanthropist, specializing in sports and entertainment law.

Brittany Favre age
Brittany Favre, 31, Lawyer and Philanthropist

To be a lawyer is already a mentally challenging task on its own, and along with that, she is handling social work as well; for that, we commend her.

But apart from her work, there is so much more we have no idea about. Today, in this article, we will be looking more deeply into Brittany’s life. Let’s get started, shall we?

Brittany Favre: Quick Facts

Full Name Brittany Favre-Mallion
Birth Date February 6, 1989
Birth Place Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Nick Name Brittany
Religion N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education The University of Southern Mississippi, Loyola University College of Law
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Brett Lorenzo Favre
Mother’s Name Deanna Tynes-Favre
Siblings Sister
Age 35 Years Old
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Shoe Size Updating soon
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurement N/A
Figure Curvy
Married Yes
Husband Alex Mallion
Children Two
Profession Lawyer, Philanthropist
Net Worth $300 Thousand
Affiliations Favre4Hope, Lockley, Green Law Firm
Active Since 2015
Social Media N/A
Last Update May, 2024

How Old Is Brittany Favre?- Age and Body Measurements

The daughter of former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, Brittany Favre, was born in 1989, which makes her 35 years as of now.

She recently celebrated her birthday on the sixth of February. Also, her zodiac sign is Aquarius, and the individual’s personality is known to be unique, outgoing, and known to be attractive.

Likewise, Favre possesses attractive visuals that have her fans begging for more. Not to mention, with her blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, she somewhat resembles her father a lot.

However, there is no detailed information on her height and other measurements. Curvy and tall, Favre seems to possess a healthy body. Sadly, we cannot tell the exact measurements.

Bio and Family: Is Brett Favre Still Married To His Wife?

Along with her father, Brett Favre, and mother, Deanna Tynes-Favre, Brittany was born in her hometown, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in the United States of America. Besides her family, Favre also has a sister named Breleigh Favre, who is ten years younger than her.

Just like their father, the younger Favre sister is active as a volleyball player. At the same time, they struggled to manage their life in front of the limelight.

Brittany Favre family
Brittany Favre with her family

Likewise, Brittany grew up close to her father, who visited the country’s stadiums with him. Many might not know this, but Brett was only 19 when Brittany was born. Also, at that time, he and Deanna had yet to tie the knot.

“I look back on it now and wish that I had done more to take it all in, but I think that what made it so special was that it wasn’t some mesmerizing experience. It was comfortable. It was normal for me to walk into the training room in the evening with Dad, grab a handful of the gum they always kept on the counter and the wander around the facilities.”

Favre said as she reminisced about her childhood.

Similarly, her parents tied the knot in 1996 and have been together ever since. Many think the two have split, but that is far from the truth. But once in 2004, Brett was close to losing her when Deanna got diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The family struggled at that time. However, after a year of chemotherapy, Deanna beat the disease and got her health back.

After that, Brittany’s mother created the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which later merged with her husband, creating another charitable foundation called Favre4Hope. 

To add on, Deanne Favre is also a writer. She has published two books named ‘Don’t Bet Against Me! Beating The Odds Against Breast Cancer and In Life’ in 2007 and another The Cure For The Chronic Life: Overcoming The Hopelessness That Holds You Back in 2010.

Early Life and Education

Coming from a public family where her father is a famous star, Brittany could have chosen any field or profession. Even better, she could have opted to be an athlete like her father as well.

Contrary to all, Favre chose to be a lawyer. She first went to the University of Southern Mississippi and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology back in 2012. 

Brittany Favre father and sister
Brittany Favre with her father and younger sister

Then Brittany attended Loyola University of New Orleans College of Law and graduated in 2015. She was static to live the childhood dream that she had weaved. No wonder Brittany was all smiles when she talked about it.

“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was a kid. I looked at successful lawyers the same was aspiring athletes look at my dad. Naturally, I’ve changed paths a few times, but it was more to do with my level of self-confidence and less to do with my dreams of becoming a lawyer. I had a little too much fun with my first two years of college, so I didn’t think getting accepted to law school would be an option.”

However, Favre did not have an easy time getting into college. She went through a divorce, and marriage and was handling two children; and studying at the same time.

“I went into law school a terribly broken person; and I came out with a family, stronger than I’ve ever been. The experience was so much more than just earning a law degree. I had to change, to grow up, and to stop feeling sorry for myself when I felt overwhelmed or when things didn’t go my way.”

She continued,

“I had too many people counting on me and too many people supporting me. My parents also taught me a lot about balance. They pushed me when I needed it, but they also told me to slow down when I needed it. I have a husband and two beautiful boys. Success is great, but if it comes to the experience of my family, it means nothing.”

Is Brittany Favre Married? How Many Children Does She Have?

As mentioned above, Brittany acquired a degree while married and looked after her two sons. Formerly she was married to Patrick Valkenburg, with whom she had a son named Parker on April 2, 2010. 

Likewise, being a mother and studying to be a lawyer was not an easy feat for young Favre. She even thought of quitting, unable to handle the pressure all at once.

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However, thinking about her son’s future, Brittany found no choice but to push for it. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Favre explained,

“I realized that before Parker was born, I was selfish. Really selfish. Parker became my world and my motivation, and when I realized his future was in my hands, all I wanted to do was give him everything. I also knew that giving him everything was only possible if he had a confident and successful mom.”

Sadly, their relationship lasted only for a while, as the two called it off in 2011. Instead of sulking about it, Brittany soon found her love and again tied the knot with Alex Mallion. Together they have a son named AJ.

Brittany Favre husband, wedding
Brittany Favre with her husband, Alex Mallion

Moreover, Favre credits Alex as one of the reasons she stayed in school and got her degree.

“About five months after I thought my life had fallen apart, I met Alex. He’s the reason I didn’t quit after my first year. My school was just under two hours from home, so I would study in New Orleans a few nights during the week to go to class and study. I would go through these phases where I just felt lonely and selfish for leaving Parker, and Alex had a way of calming me and helping me remember the purpose of this struggle. I married Alex in my second year. My third year, we had a baby boy, AJ.”

As of now, the small family of four is living a comfortable life in Hattiesburg. Unlike her family, Brittany is not too keen on sharing her personal information with the world.

Though she cannot avoid all the prying, Favre has taken some measures to control that from happening. Not to mention, Brittany is not active on any social media handles and has stayed away from the limelight as far as possible.

Arguably, Brittany has shared her time in the limelight enough since childhood; hence, we can see why she is protective of her child regarding this matter.

Brett Favre on becoming a Grandfather

Well, we called Brett previously a legend, an MVP, and a Super Bowl winner but now calling him a grandfather of two won’t be wrong.

Yes, Brett himself was very happy to hear the news of his daughter’s pregnancy and despite all the hurdles that Brittany was going through, He was eagerly waiting to welcome his grandson. 

Brett says, 

“Deanna and I are very proud to welcome our grandchild Parker Brett to the Favre family. To add on, Parker Brett was born on Friday, April 2, weighing 7 lb. 7 oz. and we’re more than happy to say that both Mom, Dad, and Parker Brett are healthy and doing great.”

Net Worth- Income and Salary

Coming from a celebrity family is not an easy task, especially when your father is a legendary quarterback, Brett Favre. With that being said, Brittany is now active as a lawyer working in the sports and entertainment field.

In the first place, Brittany as an attorney was associated with the Law firm based in Hattiesburg. And her salary is estimated to be around $70,000 per annum. 

Likewise, Brittany has amassed an impressive net worth of $300 thousand as of now from her profession. She has only been active since 2015, so the amount seems fair enough.

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Meanwhile, her father, Brett, has an astounding net worth of $100 million. That also excludes his assets, houses, and other properties we don’t know of.

Frequently Asked Question

Has Brittany Favre been into movies or documentaries?

Yes, she appeared in the TV Series documentary ‘A Football Life.’

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