Carolina Marin: Father, Husband, Net Worth & Injury

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Carolina Marin’s name resonates powerfully across the Olympic arena and beyond, and rightly so.

Hailing from Spain, Marin has established herself as a preeminent professional badminton player on the global stage, with accolades that underscore her remarkable prowess.

Earning the title of Olympic Champion, Marin’s triumph is not confined to this pinnacle alone. She has secured the prestigious World Champion title three times and has clinched the European Champion honor on four occasions.

Carolina, European Champion for the third time
Carolina Marin, 3rd-time winner of European Champion (Source: Instagram)

In the realm of women’s singles badminton, Carolina Marin stands tall as one of the most exceptional female athletes, a fact that leaves no room for doubt.

Her remarkable journey, however, has not been devoid of challenges both professionally and personally.

Despite facing adversities, Marin’s unwavering self-belief remained a constant. Rather than succumbing to obstacles, she channeled her determination into relentless hard work and sacrifice, propelling her closer to her goals.

A driving force in her life, Marin lives by the poignant motto, “I Can Because I Think I Can,” a testament to her resilience and unwavering self-assurance.

Before delving into more intricate aspects of Carolina Marin’s early life, family, career, and net worth, let’s first explore some quick facts that encapsulate the essence of her journey.

Quick Facts

Full Name Carolina Maria Marin Martin
Birth Year 1993
Birth Date June 15
Birth Place Huelva, Andalusia, Spain
Religion Christianity
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education N/A
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Gonzalo Marin Pérez
Mother’s Name Antonia Martin Romera
Siblings Not available
Age (as of 2021)
30 Years Old 
Height 5’8″ (1.73 m)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Shoe Size (UK)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blackish Brown
Body Measurement Not available
Famous as
Carolina Marin
Previous Relation  Yes (boyfriend-Alejandro)
Married No
Relationship Single
Profession Badminton Player (Left-handed)
Racquet Duora Z-Strike
Footwear Power Cushion 03 Z Ladies
Handedness Left
Coach Fernando Rivas
Active since 2009
Highest Ranking 1 (11 June 2015)
Current Ranking 6 (11 April 2023)
Net Worth (approx.) $3.5 Million 
Social Media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Carolina Marin Documentary
Last Update March 2024

Early-Life & Family

Carolina Marin, a luminary in the world of badminton and an Olympic champion, was born on July 15, 1993, in the enchanting region of Huelva in southwestern Spain.

Her lineage is illuminated by her father, Gonzalo Marín Pérez, and her mother, Antonia Martin Romera.

Interestingly, Antonia herself was a Flamenco Dancer, a passion that Carolina initially followed before embarking on her journey as a badminton player.

Though the specifics regarding her siblings remain undisclosed, it’s noteworthy that Carolina’s foray into badminton was catalyzed by a friend’s introduction when she was merely eight years old.

Her voyage into the sport truly commenced when she first gripped a badminton racket at the IES La Orden badminton club in her hometown.

This marked the beginning of a remarkable trajectory that led her away from her roots to pursue intensive training at the National Center under the guidance of her coach, Fernando Rivas.

This transition prompted her to relocate to the Joaquín Blume Residence in Madrid, where she embraced independence and perseverance.

Carolina Marin with her parents
Carolina with her father, Gonzalo Marin Perez, and mother, Antonia Marin

Leaving her hometown at the tender age of 14, sans family, posed significant challenges for both Carolina and her parents.

Yet, under the mentorship of her coach, Fernando Rivas, a paternal figure emerged, guiding her through the intricacies of her ambitions and instilling the values required to realize her aspirations.

With time, under Rivas’s tutelage, Marin’s playing style evolved into a distinct left-handed approach, a facet that set her apart on the badminton court.

This transformation was accompanied by a string of triumphs, attesting to the wisdom of her decision to venture beyond her hometown.

In terms of her education, the details remain veiled from public view. Nonetheless, Carolina Marin’s journey showcases not only her sporting prowess but also her resilience and determination in the face of life’s challenges.

Age, Height & Body Measurement

As of 2024, Carolina Marin celebrates 30 years of life, embodying the vibrant spirit of a Gemini, a zodiac sign that aligns with her July birthdate.

Gemini individuals, known for their intellect, sociability, and adaptability, find a kindred spirit in Carolina Marin.

This Spanish badminton luminary defies passivity, exuding an extroverted nature that delights in humor and laughter.

Beneath the surface, Marin’s disposition is imbued with both restlessness and enthusiasm, manifesting as an uncontainable hyperactivity.

She possesses a proactive nature, sometimes seeking challenges or crafting her own, a trait that sets her apart.

Standing at a height of 1.73 meters and maintaining a weight of approximately 65 kilograms, Marin’s physical presence underscores her dedication to her athletic pursuit.

Rigorous training in the gym complements her disciplined diet, a combination that contributes to her peak performance.

While Marin adheres to a proper diet, her approach is not overly stringent. Her awareness of nutritional needs guides her choices, ensuring that her meals align with her training regimen.

Among her dietary staples are protein-rich foods such as chicken, complemented by a balanced inclusion of carbohydrates.

Carolina Marin’s holistic approach to her well-being mirrors her tenacious pursuit of excellence in badminton, emblematic of her embodiment of the Gemini spirit—dynamic, adaptable, and driven.

Professional Career 

Carolina Marin, the trailblazing Spanish badminton talent, embarked on her international journey in 2005, marking her debut at the Brussels International U15 tournament.

The year 2009 heralded a significant turning point as Marin’s achievements escalated.

Her victories in the European U17 Championship and the U19 European Championship not only validated her skill but also signaled the commencement of her illustrious professional badminton career.

The pages of history witnessed Carolina’s ascendancy as she achieved an exceptional feat—becoming the first Spanish player to secure both gold and silver medals in badminton.

Her prowess extended to the global stage with her participation in the 2013 Asian Cup, where her mettle shone brightly.

Demonstrating her innate talent and unwavering determination, Marin’s collaboration with the Indian teams from Bangalore in the inaugural edition of the Badminton Indian League yielded spectacular results.

Her performances were nothing short of exceptional, reinforcing her reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Within the same remarkable year, Carolina Marin etched her name in the annals of badminton history yet again.

Triumphantly clinching the London Grand Prix Gold title, she became the first Spanish badminton player to secure such a prestigious honor, solidifying her status as a global contender in the sport.

Major Achievements of Carolina Marin

  • BWF World Tour (8 titles, 10 runners-up)
  • BWF Superseries (6 titles, 4 runners-up)
  • BWF Grand Prix (2 titles, 3 runners-up)
  • BWF International Challenge/Series (9 titles, 5 runners-up)

Salary & Net Worth

Carolina Marin, a prominent figure in the world of professional badminton, has established a substantial income through her achievements on the court and strategic endorsements.

In addition to her earnings from her athletic endeavors, Marin’s financial portfolio is fortified by a range of endorsement agreements.

Notably, she has partnered with Yonex, a prominent equipment sponsor. Within this collaboration, she wields the DUORA Z-STRIKE racket and dons the Power Cushion 03 Z Ladies footwear.

While the precise figures of her earnings remain guarded from the public eye, Carolina’s financial success is evident.

As of 2024, her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3.5 million, a testament to her achievements, endorsements, and influence in the realm of badminton.

Personal Life: Relationship and Friends

Presently, Carolina Marin, the accomplished Spanish badminton player, is single, having recently ended her relationship with Alejandro.

Devoting a significant portion of her time to honing her badminton skills within the confines of the gym, it was through this dedication that Carolina crossed paths with Alejandro.

Given her unswerving commitment to her sport, Carolina’s schedule is largely occupied by her training sessions and facility visits. As a result, her focus on her athletic endeavors remains paramount, rendering her single at this juncture.

Calorina Marin's relationship
Carolina and Alejandro with their dogs

In an interview, when queried about her social circle, Marin revealed that her circle of friends is select, likening them to the few fingers on her hand.

Within this cherished circle, Carolina is particularly close to three individuals, each occupying a unique place in her life.

Notably, one of her closest confidants is also a training partner, sharing her passion for badminton.

The remaining two cherished friendships hail from distinct corners—one from her hometown of Huelva and the other from her adopted base in Madrid.

Injury & Comeback

Carolina Marin, the illustrious winner of the past three world titles, faced a significant setback when she suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee during the final of the Indonesia Masters.

In a match against India’s Saina Nehwal, fate took an unfortunate turn as Marin twisted her knee while attempting to return Nehwal’s shot.

Despite an initial effort to persevere through the pain, the intensity of her injury rendered it impossible for her to continue.

With a heavy heart, Marin had no choice but to concede the match and exit the court in a state of despair.

This unexpected injury inflicted a setback upon Carolina’s career trajectory. However, fueled by her unwavering determination and resilience, she resolved to emerge from this challenge stronger than ever, ascending to even greater heights in the world of sports.

Undaunted, Marin underwent surgery, a process that typically demands at least six months for full recovery.

The precise timeline, of course, hinges on the severity of the injury and the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.

At 30 years old, the champion embarked on an arduous journey marked by unwavering determination and indomitable willpower in the aftermath of her surgery.

Surprisingly, within a week of her surgery, Marin shared a video on her social media that depicted her back on the court. However, she grappled with limited mobility in her right leg for roughly five months.

Over the course of eight challenging months, Carolina’s journey was defined by a different kind of battle—one that transcended her usual court opponents in its toughness.

Marin’s triumphant return finally materialized with her participation in the Vietnam Open eight months after her injury.

Although her initial match was not without its challenges, Marin’s resolve remained unbroken.

In the China Open, the unseeded Marin staged an awe-inspiring comeback. She tore through the draw, triumphing over formidable opponents, including Nozomi Okuhara, Beiwen Zhang, He Bingjiao, Sayaka Takahashi, and Tai Tzu Ying—seeds fourth, seventh, and second, respectively.

Carolina Marin’s resurgence stood as a testament to her unparalleled determination and undeniable prowess. Her remarkable performance served as a living testament to her extraordinary journey of triumph over adversity.

Injury Returns

With enthusiasm and determination, Carolina Marin eagerly anticipated the Tokyo Olympics this year, envisioning a chance to shine on the grand stage. Unfortunately, her aspirations were dealt a crushing blow.

In a recent and unfortunate turn of events, Marin faced a double setback.

She endured a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, accompanied by a partial tear of both the external and internal meniscus—incidents that occurred during her training sessions.

Amid these trying circumstances, a surgery date was promptly scheduled. A subsequent MRI confirmed the severity of her injuries, confirming her worst fears and casting a shadow over her immediate future.

While confronted with the option to embark on a path of uncertainty—with a mere one percent chance of spontaneous healing—or to undergo surgery, Marin chose to navigate the challenging terrain ahead with her mother’s counsel.

Together, they deliberated the options and arrived at a pivotal decision: to embrace surgery, embarking on a path of recovery and resilience in the face of adversity.
This is another blow I have to deal with, but I will certainly be back. The preparation during the last two months had become very difficult for reasons beyond the team’s control, but we were excited, and I knew that I would be in the best shape for the Olympics. It won’t be possible.

Interesting Facts about Carolina Marin

      • Carolina got knocked out from the group stage game in the 2012 Olympics. So, to keep herself motivated and inspired for the next Olympics, she got a tattoo of Olympic Rings on her wrist.
      • Marin believes that she and her sports icon, Rafel Nadel, share similar characteristics in earning points while playing on the court.
      • Unlike Rafel Nadel, who loves riding a horse, Carolina Marin is a dog lover.
      • Although Carolina lives in Madrid, she supports Barcelona Football Club since her father supports it.
      • Lionel Messi is the best footballer for her in the world.
      • She was the brand ambassador of La Liga to promote football in other countries.
      • She wears a locket on her neck, which is carved with the letters “C” and “A,” and believes that it is lucky for her whenever she plays games.
      • Marin loves wearing high-heeled shoes. But she does not have time to wear them, so she keeps them in her shoe closet. And feels happy just looking at them.
      • Carolina Marin has a film made about her life that discusses her life’s journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Carolina Marin? Is she retired?

Carolina Marin is a left-handed and 172 centimeters tall Spanish professional badminton player. Furthermore, she is one of the top-ranked players in women’s singles badminton.

No, Carolina Marin is not yet retired. 

What is the playing style of Carolina?

The strength and intelligence characterize Carolina’s playstyle with powerful left-handed shots. However, her style in the court is all about tactics.

Moreover, she uses strength in attack and is aggressive while attacking the opponent.

What happened to her father?

The defending Olympic gold medalist, Carolina Marin’s father, Gonzalo Marín Pérez, met with an accident last February and has been ill since then.

Eventually, on July 26, he passed away after being unable to overcome the accident’s effects.

Does Carolina Marin have any badminton icons?

According to Carolina, she does not have any badminton icons. But, she has a sports icon, Rafael Nadal, a tennis player.

What hobbies does Carolina Marin have? Does she have a tattoo?

As a hobby, Carolina loves cooking. Besides cooking, she also loves going out shopping and watching movies in cinemas. She also likes going to the mountains with her dog, Thorrie.

Carolina Marin had tattooed the Olympic rings on her left wrist and made it her mission to succeed in Rio.

What are Carolina Marin’s total career statistics and statistics for the current year?

At present, for the year 2021, Carolina Marin has played 24 singles games, among which she has won 22 of them and lost two of them. Well, she has yet to play in the doubles match. 

Likewise, as for her overall career statistics, Carolina has played 526 singles matches. Among those, she has had 410 wins and 116 losses. For the doubles match, she has played 27 games to date. During it, she has bagged 16 victories and has 11 losses. 

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