Carolina Marin: Father, Husband, Net Worth & Injury

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    Carolina Marin is one of the many names that are popular and reigns almost everywhere in the Olympics. Why wouldn’t it, though? Marin is a professional Olympic badminton champion player from Spain.

    Furthermore, she has won the Olympic Champion title once, World Champion-thrice, and European Champion four times.

    The Spanish badminton player Carolina Marin is one of the greatest female athletes in women’s singles badminton. Without a doubt! 

    Like few other players, Marin, as an athlete, had also been through difficult times in her professional and personal life.

    Carolina, European Champion for the third time
    Carolina Marin, 3rd-time winner of European Champion (Source: Instagram)

    Yet, she never stopped believing in herself. Instead, she kept going on with her goal in the best ways to achieve it through hard work and sacrifice.

    Therefore, Marin lives with her own motto in life, “I Can Because I Think I Can.” 

    Moving on with other brief details about Carolina Marin’s early life, family, career, and net worth, let us go through the Quick facts first.

    Quick Facts

    Full Name Carolina Maria Marin Martin
    Birth Year 1993
    Birth Date June 15
    Birth Place Huelva, Andalusia, Spain
    Religion Christianity
    Nationality Spanish
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Education N/A
    Horoscope Gemini
    Father’s Name Gonzalo Marin Pérez
    Mother’s Name Antonia Martin Romera
    Siblings Not available
    Age (as of 2021)
    29 years old (as of July 2021)
    Height 5’8″ (1.73 m)
    Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
    Shoe Size (UK)
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Blackish Brown
    Body Measurement Not available
    Famous as
    Carolina Marin
    Previous Relation  Yes (boyfriend-Alejandro)
    Married No
    Relationship Single
    Profession Badminton Player (Left-handed)
    Racquet Duora Z-Strike
    Footwear Power Cushion 03 Z Ladies
    Handedness Left
    Coach Fernando Rivas
    Active since 2009
    Highest Ranking #1 (2016)
    Current Ranking #4 (2018)
    Net Worth (approx.) $3.5 million (as of 2021)
    Social Media
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    Merch  Carolina Marin Documentary
    Last Update March, 2023

    Carolina Marin | Early-Life & Family

    Carolina Marin, the Olympic champion, was born in the southwestern part of Spain called Huelva on the 15th of July, 1993.

    Moving on to her parents, her father’s name is Gonzalo Marín Pérez, and her mother’s name is Antonia Martin Romera.

    Marin’s mother, Antonia, was a Flamenco Dancer, so she followed in her mother’s footsteps before becoming a badminton player.

    However, the information regarding Carolina’s number of siblings and their names is still unknown.

    Nonetheless, at the age of eight, Carolina shifted her interest toward badminton after her friend introduced it. 

    Then, Marin held the racquet for the first time while playing badminton at the IES La Orden badminton club in Huelva. 

    Carolina Marin with her parents
    Carolina with her father, Gonzalo Marin Perez, and mother, Antonia Marin

    To follow her path and begin the National Center’s training with her coach Fernando Rivas, she left her hometown. She lived in Joaquín Blume Residence in Madrid all by herself.

    Having to leave his hometown at such a young age (14) without family had been a tough time for Carolina and her parents.

    Moreover, her coach Fernando took a fatherly role for Carolina. He taught her how to see things through and did his best to teach her to achieve the goals she had always wanted. 

    With time, Marin gradually developed a left-handed playing style in badminton after Fernando Rivas coached her. Also, she won a few titles along the way. 

    And she proved that leaving her hometown was indeed a good decision. Talking about her education, the details are still unknown to the public.

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    Age, Height & Body Measurement

    Carolina Marin, as of 2023, is 29-years-old. She was born in July and thus fell under a Gemini according to the horoscope chart.

    People born under the Gemini sign are intelligent, sociable, and adaptable to any situation. 

    Living up to it, the Spaniard badminton player is not a passive girl. She is an extrovert who loves to joke around and laugh.

    Yet, she is anxious and a hyperactive girl who can’t keep still. She thinks that she creates a problem by herself or goes looking for the problems by herself.

    Talking about Marin’s height, she is 1.73 meters tall and weighs around 65 kilograms. Marin, as an athlete, maintains her body with her proper diet and training in the gym.

    However, her diets are generally not strict since she is aware of what she has to eat.

    To mention, Marin’s diet consists of chicken, protein, and a bit of carbohydrate.

    Professional Career 

    The Spanish shuttler Carolina Marin made her international debut in badminton in 2005 in Brussel’s international U15 tournament.

    In 2009, after winning European U17 Championship and the U19 European Championship, Marin began her professional career in badminton.

    Likewise, she became the first Spanish player to win both gold and silver medals in badminton. Carolina then participated in the 2013 Asian Cup.

    With her innate and tenacious qualities, Marin gave spectacular results while playing with the Indian teams from Banglore in the Badminton Indian League- an inaugural edition.

    Later, in the same year, the young lady won the London Grand Prix Gold title and became the first badminton player from Spain to win the Grand Prix Gold title.

    Major Achievements of Carolina Marin

    2014: BWF World Championships Title

    The 2014 World Championship was held in Copenhagen, where Carolina Marin had her first taste of badminton career success.

    Carolina defeated the World’s number one and gold medalist, Li Xuerui, from China as a ninth-seeded player.

    She defeated the Chinese player in the World Championships and became the first Spaniard to win the gold medal.

    Moreover, at the age of 21, Marin also won European Championship in April 2014 and became the 3rd European female player to win the gold medal.

    These were the first major titles that Carolina earned for her home country, Spain, in badminton.

    BWF World Champions, Carolina Marin
    Carolina Marin of Spain poses with her medal at the World Badminton Championships in Nanjing, China (Source: Getty Images)

    And she became the youngest European player to win the World Championship title.

    Moreover, in Spain, Marin was awarded a bronze medal for the Royal Order of Sports Merit of the year.

    Similarly, an award was presented to Carolina in Reina Letizia National Sports Award for the year’s best Spanish athlete.

    A Golden Year

    Marin placed herself as the no.1 in the Super Series title in March 2015 after dethroning Li Xuerui from China.

    Again in April, Carolina won her second consecutive title in the super series by defeating Li Xuerui again. 

    In the following month, Marin beat the Chinese player Wang Shixian and won the Australian Open.

    Then, in June 2015, Carolina rose to glory after securing the number one position in the World Championships, held in Jakarta, defeating Tee Jing Yi, Pai Yu-Po, and Wang Shixian.

    Likewise, she continued her triumph by winning the new title in October at the French Open.

    In November, Marin won her third super series title by defeating the Japanese player Nozomi Okuhara.

    Moreover, she was awarded the BWF Player of the year award for her outstanding performance during the season.

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    Rio Olympics and European Championships

    Carolina Marin entered the Rio Olympics representing Spain for the first time. She docked in the Olympics, setting an eye for the gold medal. 

    Before the Olympics, Marin was awarded the Champion of Europe title after defeating the Scottish Kirsty Gilmour in the French city.

    Carolina turned the game in her favor and defeated the World Champion, PV Sindhu, in 83 minutes and created history.

    Carolina Vs PV Sindhu
    Carolina Marin and PV Sindhu face off in the badminton World Championship’s finals (Source:

    Not to mention, she became the first non-Asian Olympic Champion, thereby denting supremacy in Asia’s Olympics.

    Similarly, Marin won her third consecutive European Championship in 2017 by defeating the Scottish Kirsty Gilmour.

    The same year, she won the Japanese open super series title after beating the Chinese player, He Bengjiao.

    BWF World Championships

    In 2018, Carolina Marin won the fourth European Championship title consecutively by beating Evgeniya Kosetskaya at the 2018 Huelva European Championships.

    Then, on August 5, Carolina got victory over her noble rival PV Sindhu in just 46 minutes with 21-19, 21-10 points in the BWF World Championship held in Nanking, China.

    She was entitled to the World Champions title three times.

    Thus, being the first female athlete to win the World Championship title thrice in history.

    Salary & Net Worth

    As a professional and international badminton player, Carolina earns a good income for her living by playing the sport badminton.

    Apart from this, her sources of earnings also come from various endorsements she signs. Currently, her equipment sponsor deal is with Yonex. Well, she uses the racket DUORA Z-STRIKE, while her footwear is Power Cushion 03 Z Ladies. 

    The exact numerical value of how much the World Champion earns is not available to the public.

    as of 2023, Carolina Marin’s net worth is approximately $3.5 million.

    Personal Life: Relationship and Friends

    Currently, the Spanish badminton player is single. She broke up with her boyfriend, Alejandro, not long ago.

    Carolina spends most of her time perfecting her art of playing badminton in the gym. And that’s how she met with Alejandro.

    Since she is committed to her sport, Carolina spends most of her time in the facilities. Hence, she is single.

    Calorina Marin's relationship
    Carolina and Alejandro with their dogs.

    In one of the interviews, when she was asked about her friends, Marin said that she has fewer friends than the fingers in her hand.

    Altogether Carolina has three best friends. Among them, one is with whom she trains, and of the other two, one is from her hometown, Huelva, and the other is in Madrid.

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    Carolina Marin faces a career-threatening Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury.

    The winner of the past three world titles, Marin ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in the right knee at the final of the Indonesia Masters.

    Marin was playing against Saina Nehwal of India. Unfortunately, she twisted her knee while she was trying to reach a return from Nehwal.

    At first, the shuttler tried continuing the match; however, the pain made it impossible for her to continue.

    As a result, Carolina had to give up the match and leave the court in despair.

    The injury led Carolina to have setbacks in her career, but she vowed to come back stronger and reach the highest sports point.

    Marin, the world’s raging competitor, underwent surgery that would usually take at least six months to recover.

    Likewise, the recovery period depends on the severity of the injury and the quality of the rehabilitation process.

    The 29-year-old champion embarked on a journey full of determination and willpower post-surgery.

    Unexpectedly, Carolina was on the court after a week of surgery and posted a video on her social media showing herself in the court.

    Even though Marin was back in court, she could not move her right leg for around five months.

    The Spaniard’s eight-month time frame was completely a different battle that was tougher than taking down the court’s opponents.

    Marin finally made a comeback with her first match in the Vietnam Open eight months post her injury.

    Though her first match was not smooth, Marin did not give up. In the China Open, the unseeded player tore through the draw in the finals.

    And took down the fourth seed, the seventh seed, and the second seed, namely Nozomi Okuhara, Beiwen Zhang, He Bingjiao, Sayaka Takahashi, and Tai Tzu Ying, respectively.

    Carolina Marin proved herself as a sensational comeback with her astonishing performance.

    Injury Returns

    Marin was more than excited and ready for the Tokyo Olympics this year; however, it has been down the drain.

    Recently, Marin suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee as well as a partial tear of the external and internal meniscus in training. 

    Well, her surgery date has also been scheduled, and the second MRI she has gone through confirmed her worst fears. Before her surgery, she also had the option to leave the surgery and depend on her one percent chance to let her injury heal on its own. 

    However, reviewing her chances with her mother, she decided to go for the surgery. 

    “This is another blow I have to deal with, but I will certainly be back. The preparation during the last two months had become very difficult for reasons beyond the team’s control, but we were excited, and I knew that I would be in the best shape for the Olympics. It won’t be possible.”
    -Carolina Marin

    Social Media Presence

    Unlike other famous people and celebrities, the World Champion badminton player opts to keep her private life and professional life separate.

    Therefore, information relating to her personal life is not available easily on internet sources.

    However, Marin is active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Facebook: 225k Followers

    Instagram: 392k Followers

    Twitter: 187.5k Followers

    We can get in touch with Carolina’s private and professional life events, news, and information by following her on her different social accounts.

    Interesting Facts about Carolina Marin

    • Carolina got knocked out from the group stage game in the 2012 Olympics. So, to keep herself motivated and inspired for the next Olympics, she got a tattoo of Olympic Rings on her wrist.
    • Marin believes that she and her sports icon, Rafel Nadel, share similar characteristics in earning points while playing on the court.
    • Unlike Rafel Nadel, who loves riding a horse, Carolina Marin is a dog lover.
    • Although Carolina lives in Madrid, she supports Barcelona Football Club since her father supports it.
    • Lionel Messi is the best footballer for her in the world. But, her favorite football player is Spain’s Andres Iniesta.
    • She was the brand ambassador of LaLiga to promote football in other countries.
    • She wears a locket on her neck, which is carved with the letters “C” and “A,” and believes that it is lucky for her whenever she plays games.
    • Marin loves wearing high-heel shoes. But, she does not have time to wear them, so she keeps them in her shoe closet. And feels happy just looking at them.
    • Carolina Marin has a film made about her life that discusses her life’s journey. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who is Carolina Marin? Is she retired?

    Carolina Marin is a left-handed and 172 centimeters tall Spanish professional badminton player. Furthermore, she is one of the top-ranked players in women’s singles badminton.

    No, Carolina Marin is not yet retired. 

    What is the playing style of Carolina?

    The strength and intelligence characterize Carolina’s playstyle with powerful left-handed shots. However, her style in the court is all about tactics.

    Moreover, she uses strength in attack and is aggressive while attacking the opponent.

    What happened to her father?

    The defending Olympic gold medalist, Carolina Marin’s father, Gonzalo Marín Pérez, met with an accident last February and has been ill since then.

    Eventually, on July 26, he passed away after being unable to overcome the accident’s effects.

    Does Carolina Marin have any badminton icons?

    According to Carolina, she does not have any badminton icons. But, she has a sports icon, Rafael Nadal, a tennis player.

    What hobbies does Carolina Marin have? Does she have a tattoo?

    As a hobby, Carolina loves cooking. Besides cooking, she also loves going out shopping and watching movies in cinemas. She also likes going to the mountains with her dog, Thorrie.

    Carolina Marin had tattooed the Olympic rings on her left wrist and made it her mission to succeed in Rio.

    What are Carolina Marin’s total career statistics and statistics for the current year?

    At present, for the year 2021, Carolina Marin has played 24 singles games, among which she has won 22 of them and lost two of them. Well, she has yet to play in the doubles match. 

    Likewise, as for her overall career statistics, Carolina has played 526 singles matches. Among those, she has had 410 wins and 116 losses. For the doubles match, she has played 27 games to date. During it, she has bagged 16 victories and has 11 losses. 

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