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Charlise Castro is a model, fitness instructor, a woman with two degrees, and a former collegiate softball player for Albany University. She is also the wife of an MLB outfielder George Springer who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Moreover, as a beauty with brains, she is a real compliment to her husband, George Springer. 

The couple welcomed their son in 2021 and named him George Chelston Springer IV.

In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Charlise and her husband George donated $100,000 to Minute Maid Park employees.

Charlise Castro Springer
Charlise Castro Springer (Source: Instagram)

What more would a man want in a woman when she is not only aesthetically gifted but also intellectually and athletically? Let’s not wait around mulling over our corn intro any longer.

Today, we will discuss all you need to know about Charlise. Although the New Yorker’s life is pretty much open in the public’s eye, many must be unaware of her.

Before we move on, let’s review some quick facts that might provide you with a brief insight.

Charlise Castro | Quick Facts

Full Name Charlise Kristine Castro
Birth Date May 13, 1992
Birth Place Saugerties, New York, U.S.
Nick Name Charlise
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latin
Education Kingston High School, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, University of Saint Rose, University of Albany (UAlbany)
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Angel Castro
Mother’s Name Janelle Castro
Siblings Andre Castro
Age 31 Years Old
Height 5’10” / 1.77 m
Weight Unavailable
Shoe Size Not disclosed
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Unknown
Build Ectomorphic
Married Yes
Spouse George Springer
Children One son (George Chelston Springer IV)
Profession Model, Fitness Instructor, Athlete (Former)
Net Worth Over $1 Million
Social Media Instagram
Last Update March, 2024

Charlise Castro | Early Life & College Career

Charlise Kristine Castro or Charlise Springer celebrates her birthday every year on May 13.

Also, she is the daughter of Jenelle and Angel Castro and was born in 1973, in Saugerties, New York.

Besides, the New Yorker grew up alongside a brother named Andre Castro.

In the same way, judging by her surname, we have to assume that she has Latin roots; the truth regarding this matter as of yet hasn’t been corroborated.

Early Life
Charlise Castro While In High School (Source: Pinterest)

In any case, Charlise is an American by the definition of her birth. On the other hand, the brunette was a student at Kingston High School and had equal adeptness in sports and studies.

Likewise, during her high school years, Castro captained the softball team and became an All-American athlete limited to softball, volleyball, and basketball.

Further, it was exacting for the New Yorker to balance sports and academics; however, the result proved fruitful for her future.

At the same time, Charlise received a Division I scholarship that sealed her transition to college.

Soft Ball at The University

Eventually, acceptance to the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore was on the horizon and she would go on make create another wave of success.

Even though Castro did manage to land the freshman of the Year, it was in her best interest to transfer to the University of Albany (UAlbany). Likewise, she was capable of excelling in both education and sports.

To illustrate, Charlise proudly held the American East Conference Player of the Year, becoming the second person ever to do so, while earning the league’s Triple Crown.

In like manner, she made 13 home runs, 451 hits, and 53 RBIs.

Besides, at the end of her tenure at Albany, Castro graduated with a degree in Communications, leaving behind her earlier decision to study psychology. Contrarily, this wouldn’t be the end of her educational endeavors.

Intending to learn more about business, she applied to the University of Saint-Rose, located in Albany, and acquired a degree in Business Administration.

As her pursuit continued, another offer in sports came her way, wherein Castro had the chance to play softball on a professional level.

Castro and Softball

Charlise Castro, a team captain, played softball as a catcher and a first baseman. Her most notable softball appearance has to be her representing the Puerto Rican National Softball Team.

When Castro played softball internationally at the Olympics, she was delighted with joy for having got to begin her professional career with softball.

However, she chose her passion for health and fitness ditching the sport she loved dearly.

When at college (Albany State University), she was hitting hit .369 and scored 33 home runs and 124 RBIs. In fact, she played in 149 games.

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Charlise Castro | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

At present, the beautiful model is 31 years old. At 27, Charlise is an accomplished woman, having touched on athletics, business, and late as a fitness instructor.

Seemingly, she reiterated the quote, “A person is only as good as they think they are.”

Age, Body Measurement
Charlise Castro At The Gym (Source: Instagram)

Moving on, the New Yorker possesses a towering physique of 1.77 m and is almost as tall as her husband.

However, her weight statistics and body measurements remain in the dark at the moment.

Nonetheless, if one were to look at Charlise’s Instagram, pictures of her are bound to prove that she is a fitness freak, spending countless hours in the gym.

Additionally, Castro has an hourglass frame with curves that complement her entire features.

Charlise Castro | Career: Athlete To Fitness Instructor

Talking about her carer, Charlise claims on her Instagram bio to be a trainer and a strength coach.

Let’s turn back the clock and how she ended up in the gym when she could be an international athlete.

Charlise Castro, Career
Stunning Charlise Castro Via Instagram (Source: Instagram)

So, as Castro graduated from the University of Saint Rose, her exceptional high school stats and collegiate undertakings caught the national softball association’s eye.

Through her parents, she had ties with Puerto Rico and hence qualified to play for them.

In fact, without much hesitation, the New Yorker headed to live her dreams and remained determined to strive. After being part of the Olympic team, the records went through the roof.

Professional clubs were eager to sign her, and somewhere in her heart, Castro wanted the same.

Nonetheless, it was a split-second choice, and Charlise chose not to continue in this field.

What she experienced in school and college was eventful, but her true passion lay in health and fitness.

Ultimately, the New Yorker chased her dreams and is currently a successful trainer and fitness specialist.

Additionally, many fans and enthusiasts comment on her posts, asking for health advice.

Apart from this, Castro launched her own website and blog where she posts about dietary regimens, exercises, and her personal experiences over the years.

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Castro and Her Passion

Castro loves and advocates for healthy living. The fitness enthusiast posts recipes and workouts, keen to help others achieve their fitness goal.

She often says that she is invested in her clients, knowing them and making them the best version of themselves.

Charlise Castro, Trainer
Charlise Castro (Source: Instagram)

She is often indulged in experimentation and experience which she believes have taught her valuable knowledge that has helped her develop her mind, body, and soul.

Along with physical health, she is an equal devotee and an advocate of mental health, enlightening her audience about the same.

Charlise Castro | Net Worth, Salary & Income

Although Charlise is a model and a fitness instructor by trade, no sources can adequately validate her financial details.

Thus, we can only assume her net worth to be well over $1 Million at this point.

Net Worth
Charlise Castro And George Springer’s Residence (Source: Reddit)

In any case, it doesn’t mean that George Springer’s net worth is a mystery.

On January 23, 2021, Springer signed a six-year, $150 million contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Astros outfielder reportedly has a staggering net worth of $30 million as of 2022. 

Moreover, the MLB star pocketed $500 k in 2015 and 2016, $4 million, and $12 million in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Being a major league player certainly comes with its perks, as minor league players are only earning $10 thousand as a base salary.

Further, Castro and Springer enjoy a luxurious lifestyle after purchasing a mansion for $1.8 million in Houston, Texas.

Nevertheless, Charlise isn’t devoid of nobleness, because, during the time of the COVID-19 crisis, she kickstarted a Go Fund Me campaign whose sole purpose is to combat the pandemic and aid the health workers in the frontline.

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Charlise Castro | George Springer’s Wife & Kids

In particular, the story of their meeting and marriage was magical. Both share a love for sports, softball to be exact.

After a brief interaction during an international game, the two became more engrossed in each other. In one instance, Charlise remarked,

I’m not sure if it was because we both had similar athletic backgrounds or if it was his humor that won me over. Either way, I felt like a lucky girl. He still mentions that I took his breath away.

George and Charlise at their wedding
George And Charlise At Their Wedding (Source: Inside Weddings)

No denying, love was in the air, and both felt it. When someone’s “the one,” one must not delay any further.

It was the winter of 2016, and both decided to go on a vacation to Cabo San Luca, Mexico.

Also, the occasion and the setting were romantic, and Springer took Castro by surprise.

He got on one knee and popped the question with a beautiful engagement ring. Fortunately for George, the woman of his dreams said yes, and the rest is history.

Eventually, the couple lived together for a few more years, and on January 20, 2018, they exchanged vows and united in holy matrimony.

The venue was a plush resort located by the seaside in Newport Coast, Orange County.

Often recalling it as a dream come true wedding, Charlise walked down the aisle with a long, tightly sewn gown and an overflowing veil.

Similarly, the groom looked dapper in an all-black suit and a tidy little pocket square.


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The couple welcomed their first child in 22018 and named him George Chelston Springer IV.

As of 2022, the couple is married happily and living a blissful life which we can assume through Charlise’s happy Instagram posts.

Charlise Castro | Social Media Presence

Charlise is actively using the Instagram platform to share about her life.

Instagram: 50.7K followers


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A post shared by Charlise Springer (@charlisespringer)

Charlise Castro | Popularity

Being a charming model and fitness freak, people follow her on Instagram and recognize her as a beauty with brains.

Charlise Castro's Popularity
Charlise Castro’s Popularity Across The Globe In Last Year (Source: Google)

Apart from that, being the wife of an MLB star draws more attention. The above graph clearly depicts her popularity.

Charlise Castro | Common Queries 

Is Charlise Castro Puerto Rican?

Charlise Castro has ties with Puerto Rico and through her parents. Therefore, she qualified to play for them, representing the Puerto Rican National Team in the Olympics. However, Castro is originally an American. 

Similarly, her husband, George Springer, also has ties with Puerto Rico.  His mother, Laura Springer, is originally from Utuado, Puerto Rico.

Has Charlise Castro had plastic surgery?

As far as our knowledge, the model has not had plastic surgery.

When did Charlise Castro marry George Springer?

Charlise Castro married George Springer on January 20, 2018, after years of dating and living together. The ravishingly gorgeous fitness enthusiast and her supremely talented husband look utterly beautiful together.

Is Charlise Castro American?

Born in the United States, Castro is an American with Puerto Rican ties. She is a New Yorker.

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