Chris Broussard Parents: Father Edward Broussard & Mother Cheryl Broussard

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Chris Broussard was born to parents Cheryl and Edward Broussard in Louisiana, United States.

He believes that without them, he would not have reached the current stage, and they were the ones who taught him to become a responsible and successful man.

American Sports Analyst Chris Broussard
American Sports Analyst Chris Broussard (Source: FOX Sports)

Chris Broussard is a well-known American sports analyst, journalist, and commentator. He has a background in sports reporting and has worked for various prominent media outlets.

The Louisiana-born worked as an NBA analyst and reporter for ESPN, where he appeared on various programs, including “NBA Countdown” and “First Take.”

Broussard later joined Fox Sports, where he continued to provide analysis and commentary on the NBA and other major sports.

Furthermore, he has written for various publications, including ESPN The Magazine, where he contributed articles on basketball and other sports-related subjects.

He is often involved in discussions and debates with other sports commentators, making him a well-known figure in the sports media world.

Chris Broussard Parents, Edward & Cheryl Broussard

The Fox Sports journalist Chris Broussard was born to parents Cheryl and Edward Broussard on October 28, 1968.

His family experienced a series of relocations due to his father’s career as a personnel manager for Traveler’s Insurance Co.

Chris resided in Cincinnati, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Syracuse, New York; Des Moines, Iowa; and Cleveland, Ohio, before completing high school.

Chris Broussard's Parents Edward & Cheryl
Chris Broussard’s Parents, Edward & Cheryl (Source: Instagram)

His parents, Cheryl and Edward, exchanged wedding vows on October 9, 1965.

Furthermore, he does not forget to wish on the occasion of his parent’s anniversary, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day on social media.

He has proudly mentioned his African-American heritage with Louisiana Creole roots.

Moreover, he takes pride in the service history of his father, Edward, and grandfathers, Leonard and Berley, who all served their country.

Takes Pride In His Father’s Legacy

Chris’s father, Edward, was born on July 2, 1943, in rural Louisiana. He graduated from Roger Bacon High School in 1961 and attended Xavier University of New Orleans.

Edward graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the university, making him the first college graduate in his family.

During his college years, he met Cheryl Inez Beauregard, his future spouse, who was also a Xavier graduate.

After college, Edward’s first job was with the United States government, leading to temporary relocations to Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Washington, DC.

Chris Broussard With His Family
Chris Broussard With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Less than two years after graduating and getting married, Edward was drafted into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Following his two years of military service, Edward returned to his family and began working for Travelers Insurance Company in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Travelers recognized his talents and transferred him to various cities as he climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming Travelers’ first African-American personnel manager.

Unfortunately, Edward passed away at the age of 79 on December 26, 2022, after battling against cancer for more than a year.

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