What Is Chris Broussard Ethnicity? Religion And Origin

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Fans who were wondering about Chris Broussard ethnicity discovered that he identifies as African American, and he used the term “Negro” on his Twitter profile to describe himself.

Along with his race, his religion is equally buzzing online. Answering your curiosity, he hails from a devout Christian family and follows Christianity.

Today, we’ll delve into Chris Broussard’s background, covering his religion, race, ethnicity, and origin.

Fox Sports 1 Commentator Chris Broussard
Fox Sports 1 Commentator Chris Broussard (Source: Instagram)

Chris Broussard, born October 28, 1968, is a famous sports reporter and TV personality from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He is popular for his NBA analysis and reporting, earning respect for his insights and commentary on the sport.

Broussard began as a writer at the Cleveland Plain Dealer and later worked for The New York Times in his career.

He contributed his NBA expertise on ESPN, appearing on shows like “NBA Countdown.”

Chris’ deep NBA knowledge and insider insights have made him highly respected in sports journalism.

Discussing his personal life, he has been married to his wife Crystal since 1995, and they have twin daughters, Alexis and Noelle.

What Is Chris Broussard Ethnicity?

Chris Broussard was born to parents Edward and Cheryl Broussard in the vibrant city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a place brimming with rich cultural heritage.

Broussard’s roots run deep, tracing back to the Louisiana Creole community. He is an African-American with a lineage that embodies Louisiana’s unique multicultural tapestry.

Throughout his life, he has cherished his heritage, embracing it as a source of strength rather than viewing it as a weakness.

Chris Broussard Is Of African American Ethnicity
Chris Broussard Is Of African-American Ethnicity (Source: FOX Sports)

In 2010, Chris Broussard took to social media to proudly share the roots of his identity with the world.

With an unwavering sense of pride, he tweeted,

“Its come to my attn some folks wondering bout my ethnicity. Answer – I’m Black. Birth certificate says “Negro.” Black Creole from Louisiana.”

This declaration echoed his unwavering commitment to his heritage, serving as an inspiring reminder that one’s origin can be a wellspring of strength and empowerment.

For Chris Broussard, being an African American of Louisiana Creole descent is a badge of honor, a testament to the resilience and diversity of his culture.

His pride in his roots stands as a shining example, inspiring others to celebrate their heritage and draw strength from their own unique origins.

Chris Broussard Religion

Chris Broussard’s faith journey is a powerful example of how belief can change lives for the better.

Born into a Catholic family, he began a spiritual journey that brought him to Christianity in 1989.

His faith evolved from beliefs to the very core of his life, shaping every aspect of his existence.

In 2013, he made headlines for openly expressing his Christian beliefs while discussing NBA player Jason Collins, who came out as gay on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Broussard firmly stated that in his view, homosexuality and sex outside of marriage are considered sins.

Despite potential criticism, Broussard stood by his beliefs. ESPN briefly sidelined him to avoid controversy, but his return to NBA coverage showcased his unwavering faith commitment.

Broussard’s journey to Christianity started when his college girlfriend’s faith and church community deeply inspired him.

Chris Broussard Family Celebrating Christmas Together
Chris Broussard Family Celebrating Christmas Together (Source: Instagram)

These experiences led him to embrace Christ, understanding that material success alone couldn’t fulfill him.

His decision to follow Christ on his 21st birthday has been a source of joy, peace, and security ever since.

Chris Broussard’s faith stands strong. He credits God’s preparation during a 21-day fast for his impactful “Outside the Lines” appearance.

His courage in sharing his beliefs with love reflects his commitment to God’s teachings without judgment or hatred.

Beyond sports, Broussard founded the KING Movement, empowering Christian men in their spiritual journey.

This reflects his enduring commitment to helping others strengthen their walk with Christ.

Therefore, Chris’ story demonstrates how faith can inspire and influence all aspects of life, extending beyond sports.

Samishya Humagain
Samishya Humagain
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