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One of the finest rock climbers, Chris Sharma, is known for his versatility and depicts a net worth of around $5 million. Well, he has also been considered as one of the richest rock climbers on the field. 

When it comes to actions, Chris has been a trendsetter in numerous areas.

To explain, he is the world’s first climber to redpoint a 9b (5.15b) route and foremost one at 9a+ (5.15a) and 9b (5.15b) deep-water solo routes.

Rock Climber, Chris Sharma
Rock Climber, Chris Sharma/Instagram

Furthermore, Chris Sharma has been on this professional gram since his early teenage phase. Today, he is attached to it directly or indirectly in numerous forms. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Chris Omprakash Sharma
Date of Birth April 23, 1981
Birth Place Santa Cruz, California
Nick Name None
Religion Buddhist 
Nationality American
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac Sign  Taurus 
Age 43 years old
Height 6 feet (1.83 m)
Weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Bob Sharma
Mother’s Name Gita Jahn
Siblings None
Education Soquel High School
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Jimena Alarcón (m. 2015)
Kids Alana Sharma
Profession Rock climber 
Type of Climber   Lead climbing, Bouldering, Deep-water solo
Highest Record   Redpoint: 5.15c (9b+)
On-sight: 5.14b (8c)
Bouldering: V15 (8C)
Net Worth Around $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Rock Climbing Merch  Shoes, Gear, Helmet
Last Update June, 2024

Chris Sharma and his career earnings 

With a net worth of around $5 million, Chris Sharma is estimated to earn around $100,000 and $300,000 as his annual salary. Apart from his climbing days, Chris owns three rock gyms under his name. 

Back in 2013, Chris Sharma launched his Sender One gym in Santa Ana, California. This specific gym works for the development of beginners to those who are already profound in the area. 

Not to mention, it also provides daily yoga classes and hence is open for people of any age range. Likewise, Chris commenced Sharma Climbing BCN in 2015, and it is located in Barcelona, Spain. 

Much recently, in 2019, Chris Sharma founded Europe’s largest climbing gym in Madrid, Spain. This climbing arena is named ‘Sharma Climbing Madrid’ and depicts walls up to 19 meters high.

Similarly, it also features 160 routes, 150 blocks, and a 30 meter wide Boulder competition wall. Besides the climbing area, it portrays a well-equipped gym and a largely stretched yoga area. 

Sharma Climbing Madrid
Sharma Climbing Madrid/Instagram

For elaboration, the gym consists of exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, free weights, dumbbells, and a calisthenics cage.

On a similar note, it also includes a space for outdoor yoga and a restaurant bar. 

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Net Worth of Chris Sharma in Different Currencies

Indeed, Chris Sharma starrs on the top tier of the professional climbers and earns one of the highest amounts on the field. However, his net worth hasn’t been surely estimated. 

Still, Sharma makes around $5 million in the approximate value. Well, given table below portrays Chris’s net worth in different currencies used around the world. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €4.2 Million
Pound Sterling £3.6 Million
Australian Dollar A$6.6 Million
Canadian Dollar C$6.1 Million
Indian Rupee ₹7,371,090,250
BitCoin ฿139.635

Chris Sharma | Lifestyle 

Chris Sharma is a hard worker and a passionate climber. He has been maintaining it since his early days. At the same time, Chris is quite religious and places his beliefs in Buddhism. 

“Life is about embracing that chaos.” – Chris Sharma

Additionally, Sharma has climbed almost all of those hardest routes and all over Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and South America. 

Workout Routine and Eating Habits

As crazy as it may sound, Chris Sharma never had the proper training schedule until and unless it was late in his career. Well, he kept him in shape and strength by simply climbing. Also, he climbs three to four times a week. 

As he often states, he maintained himself by throwing up against the walls and pushing his limits on climbing. However, he made his training schedule back when he first started his gym.

Right then, he was indulged in aerobic exercises, calisthenics, campusing, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

In fact, Chris also had never owned his own exercise equipment. As he spoke, he started that having a trainer, telling him what to do, was just not for him. 

Just as his workout schedule, Chris Sharma has never had a specific diet plan. Also, Chris is not a vegetarian.

As per him, he eats fish a lot, while red meat is a once or twice thing for him. Likewise, Sharma is into chicken and turkey. 

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Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Chris Sharma has evolved as a leading force in the industry. Today, he is the founder of the PsicoBloc Masters, which is the first and only deep-water solo competition in the U.S.

Additionally, Chris is the leading shoe designer at Evolv, and he garnered several awards for his climbing shoes. Likewise, his Sending One gym is sponsored by Walltopia.

Moving on, Chris Sharma has also endorsed the Polo Ralph Lauren Fragrance. Today, Ralph Lauren is also one of his known sponsors on the field.

Not to mention, Chris also endorses Ford, and he gets paid a hefty amount for his catalog pictures of stunts. 

Chris for Prana
Chris for Prana/Instagram

Simultaneously, Chris Sharma has paired with Mango, a luxury suit maker. Indeed, suit and climbing totally different aspects.

However, they both made it happen. As Mango made travel suits with flexibility and water resistance, Chris made sure to climb on them and strike poses. 

Altogether, he is partnered with Petzl, Tenaya, prAna, Sanuk, Maxim Climbing Ropes, Red Bull, Sterling, TruBlue, and Momentum.

Also, as the brand ambassador for these brands, Chris has appeared in their catalogs, shoots, and advertisements. 

Movies and Documentaries 

Among all the films and documentaries, the most notable works are Dosage Volume I in 2002, Dosage Volume III in 2005, Point Break in 2015. 

Apart from it, Chris Sharma is also in the 2009 documentary, The Impossible Climb. Likewise, he is in ‘The Best of The West.’ Also, one of his classic movies to date is Rampage. 


Not until long ago, Chris Sharma resided in rural Spain near the world-class crags at Oliana.

Later after the launch of his gym in 2015, Chris shifted to an apartment located at the heart of Barcelona. 

The Sharmafund

The Sharmafund is a non-profit organization that was launched by Chris Sharma back in 1998. This organization aims to look after underprivileged children and enrich them in outdoor experiences. 

Well, back during his climb in redwood trees, Chris, alongside Red Bull, made a donation collection of $10,000 to help continue redwood tree research.

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  • 1999 X Games – Bouldering – Gold Medal
  • 2001 18th Annual Phoenix Bouldering Contest
  • 2001 Munich Bouldering World Cup
  • 2002 Ford Gorge Games
  • 2003, 2004, and 2010 Earth Treks Roc Comp
  • 2004 ABS Nationals
  • 2007 and 2008 Mammut Bouldering Championships
  • 2009 Ilerbloc Open International
  • 2010 Psicobloc, Bilbao, Spain

General Facts on Chris Sharma

  • Chris Sharma is not of Indian origin. In fact, his parents are the devotees of the yogi Baba Hari Dass, and after marriage, they adopted the surname “Sharma.”
  • Chris Sharma commenced climbing at the age of 12 at Pacific Edge climbing gym. Later, he won his first national championship in 2014.
  • Chris Sharma’s favorite book is “One Hundred Years” of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Also, he says his favorite piece of technology is his mobile phone. 

Social Media 

You can check out more on Chris Sharma’s personal life through his social media sites. He is on Instagram as Chris Sharma (@Chris_sharma) with 580k followers.

Chris alongside his family
Chris alongside his family/Instagram

Likewise, he is on Twitter as Chris Sharma (@SharmaClimbing) with 12.7k followers. 

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  • “Climbing is so fun and such a good experience that I think it’s important not to take it too seriously. It’s not the end of the world- or the entire world either.” 
  • “The best climbers have the will to hold on. They won’t give up and keep trying over and over.”
  • “One of the things that separates climbing from other sports is how independent and personal it is. With most sports, you either win or lose, but climbing is about your own personal experience.”

Chris Sharma | FAQs

What harness does Chris Sharma use?

Chris Sharma uses Petzl’s Sama climbing harness for both long and short routes.

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