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Christian Fitzpatrick is a young American Football player from Michigan and has played the wide receiver position for years. 

Flexibility, pace, stamina, and dynamic balance are needed to become a wide receiver. Christian Fitzpatrick’s skills have honed them over the years. 

Since then, his commanding presence on the field has pushed him to the top of his division.

Not to mention, Christian was ranked the No. 117 receiver prospect in the country by 247Sports Composite. 

Christian Fitzpatrick is playing for Louisville
Christian Fitzpatrick is playing for Louisville.

Similarly, the website gave him a three-star rating and ranked him as the No. 23 prospect in Michigan. 

In this article, you will find more information about the player. So, let’s dig deeper into Christian’s early life and other information. 

Also, here are some quick facts about the Fitzpatrick before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Christian Fitzpatrick
Nickname “Lil Dee”
Birthdate 2002
Birthplace Southfield, Michigan
Age 22 years old
Gender Male
Height 6’4″
Weight 95 kg/215 lb
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Nationality American
Body type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Height 6 ft. 4 inches (194cm)
Weight 210 lbs (96 kg)
Class Freshman
Profession Football Player
Position Wide Receiver
Education Southfield A&T
Jersey Number #89
MLB Debut August 21, 2020
Teams Louisville Cardinals
Michigan Spartans
Father Greg Fitzpatrick
Sibling Dez Fitzpatrick
Relationship status Single
Social Media Twitter
Net Worth $4 million
Spartans Merch  Jersey, Tshirt
Last Update April, 2024

Christian Fitzpatrick | Early Life & Background

In 2002, Christian Fitzpatrick was born in Southfield, Michigan, in the United States of America. He is the son of Greg Fitzpatrick, a native American.

Also, Christian has a brother named Dez Fitzpatrick. However, there is not much information about his parents’ personal lives and childhood.

Yet, we can trace his source of inspiration for picking up football to his background.

Christian grew up in a “sports household,” as he describes it. His father loved watching the two brothers play games. They loved to play Basketball in their driveway.

Since Dez was older than Christian, he would coach his brother. Christian recalled his brother making him train hard from an early age.

Dez would have him run gassers and cones. As a result, this was indirect training for him.

Over time, his brother developed an interest in football. Thus, they would often watch the games with their family members.

Also, he would sit on vast local grounds, watching the game that he hoped to one day dominate.

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Christian Fitzpatrick | Career

Early Steps

Christian Fitzpatrick attended Southfield A&T school. It was a public school in Southfield, Michigan. Also, it was famous for its football program.

The coaching team noticed Christian from the moment they walked onto the field. Christian’s strength and quickness inspired me to push him as a regular starter.

Despite being a mid-year enrollee, he got a chance to play for the Southfield team. Fitzpatrick finished his first season with 33 receptions for 611 yards and ten touchdowns. Similarly, he averaged 18.5 yards per catch.

Christian Fitzpatrick during his high school days
Christian Fitzpatrick during his high school days.

Hence, Chris put up impressive performances in his first season. As a result, has him ranked as the 71st best wide receiver in the country and the 16th best in Michigan.

Likewise, 247Sports ranked him as the 113th-best wideout in the country. Also, they ranked him the 22nd-best player in the state.

Additionally, he was named to Metro Detroit’s 2019 Dream Team offense. Thus, Christian started getting a lot of offers from various reputed colleges.

Offers from Power-Five Programs

Christian received offers from many Power Fives, including Oregon, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, etc. Thus, he decided to visit the training camps of a few of these teams.

Likewise, Christian recalls receiving around dozen offers after his season ended. It was a critical point in his career. Hence, he decided not to rush his decision.

So, on June 09, 2019, he attended the Penn State Nittany Lions camp. Similarly, he had visited a slew of other Power Five program camps.

However, he made his decision mainly based on the best passing offense.

As a result, he started talks with Washington State University. Since he believed the university was the best in his criteria.

In addition, Christian was one of three wide receiver commits in WSU’s 2020 recruiting class.

He was the highest-rated member among them all. Likewise, the wide receivers of Washington State were graduating very soon. So it guaranteed him a start in most of the regular games.

Therefore, on July 27, 2019, Christian Fitzpatrick committed to Washington State Cougars. Exactly a month later, he made an official visit to the university.

Second Thoughts

On October 16, 2019, sources stated Christian Fitzpatrick de-committed from Washington State Cougars. Then, Christian revealed on Twitter that he had reopened his transfer process.

Similarly, he thanked WSU head coach Mike Leach for having faith in his potential. Also, Fitzpatrick thanked the outside receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr. for his dedication.

Christian had already made an official visit and verbal agreement. Yet, he decided to cancel his commitment. The exact reasons for withdrawing his contract are unknown.

However, many of his friends believed he wanted to play with Louisville Cardinals. Since childhood, Christian always wished he was a year older.

So that he could play with his brother Dez; additionally, his brother, Dez Fitzpatrick, played as wide receiver for the cardinals.

Nonetheless, these were just rumors circulating in the media. Christian didn’t give any official statements.

Louisville Cardinals

Louisville was a strong possibility when Christian’s recruiting began to heat up again. Yet, the 2-10 record of the Louisville team was a major issue for Christian and his family.

However, Satterfield and wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer had joined the team freshly. This interested Christian and his family.

Christian’s father watched the first three games to see how they performed.

But the Cardinals were dealing with quarterback injuries. Also, they had only played three games with their new offense. But, Greg saw the basis for something explosive.

Similarly, Christian gained first-hand information from his brother. The idea of playing football together with his brother was overwhelming.

Thus, this aided the whole transfer process to Louisville. Consequently, Christian joined Louisville Cardinals on October 20, 2019.

Familiar Teammates and Setbacks

Scott Satterfield was hired as the program’s head coach. The training session got clearer but harder. Continuing to develop his mechanics was his main priority throughout his first season.

Christian worked hard with his teammates in training. Consequently, Christian started getting better in speed and attack. But then, Dez Fitzpatrick admitted his brother mastered the offense faster than he did.

Their father proudly watched as Dez caught a pass and Christian laid a block for him downfield.

But, the 2020 season was a challenge for Christian. He took part in spring practices until the COVID-19 pandemic cut them short. Similarly, Christian picked up a series of injuries.

Throughout, injuries slowed him down as a freshman in 2020. As a result, he only played in one game in the regular-season finale against Wake Forest.

Likewise, he didn’t have any stats for the game.

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Transfer Portal and 2021

2020 was a season to forget for him. His brother, Dez Fitzpatrick, was almost on his way to the NFL Draft.

Hence, Christian revealed that he had joined the transfer portal. Then, a few hours later, he reopened his recruitment.

Michigan State was one of the interested teams. Consequently, Christian announced his commitment to Michigan State football and Mel Tucker on April 5, 2021.

The Michigan state teams were commonly known as “The Spartans.” As a Spartan, he will be eligible for four years.

Likewise, Christian Fitzpatrick will be trying to turn his season around in 2021-2022.

Christian Fitzpatrick | Role of his Brother

Christian has always looked up to his brother Dez. They had been close since childhood. Even at present, they’re still close.

Also, both of them consider themselves to be part of an outdoor-oriented family. And they spend weekends on the lake and winters skiing in Michigan.

Additionally, Dez continues to coach Christian. Especially when Christian was a freshman, the duo had their private training sessions. Then, they would recreate the competition with themselves as rivals.

Also, they designed workout plans based on strength and conditions. Dez always inspired Christian not only to be talented. But also to one day outperform him.

Christian Fitzpatrick (Left) with his Brother (Dez) on Right
Christian Fitzpatrick (Left) with his Brother (Dez) on Right

Besides, Dez had more game experience than Christian. Dez was a four-star receiver and a regular starter. As a result, Christian turned to his brother for advice when he needed it. 

Likewise, Christian also assisted Dez in several respects. They’ve been pushing each other and improving each other for a long time.

Hence, it has been an inspiring journey to the top for Christian. His brother has always wanted him to do good.

Also, Dez has helped him in becoming a better player. Thus, Christian has been fortunate in that aspect.

Is Christian Fitzpatrick Married? | Love Life and Kids

According to several sources, Christian isn’t married or in any relationship with anyone. It’s hard to believe the athlete is single because he has a calm personality.

Many of Christian’s teammates, on the other hand, believe he is secretly dating. However, he has avoided public appearances with his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, the athlete has made no indications about his possible relationship.

Besides, Christian has a bright future in State Leagues as a rising star. He seems focused on breaking into the major leagues and NFL Draft.

Regardless, the young NFL star has maintained the distance between his professional and personal life. Thus, not much information is known about his personal life.

Christian Fitzpatrick | Age, Height, and Personality

Christian Fitzpatrick is an upcoming talent in the Football Bowl Subdivision scene. Hence, he has a body to prove it. He has an athletic body with remarkable flexibility and strength in his hands and legs.

When writing this article, Christian is currently 22 years of age. However, he looks fresh and fit to compete in the higher college leagues.

Moreover, the athlete is rigid and stands at a medium height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.94 m). Additionally, the super athlete weighs around 95 kg.

Further, he has used his height to dominate opponents. Over time, he’s gathered various techniques making him a versatile receiver.

Christian wants to improve his speed and reflexes. Hence, he dedicates himself to exercises that enhance his attributes in these areas.

Furthermore, Christian has trained with his brother ever since he was a child. He continues to do so still to this day.

From his pictures, it is clear that he has kept himself fit to be constantly playing. Yet, his exact body measurements are unknown.

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Christian Fitzpatrick | Net Worth & Earnings

Christian Fitzpatrick accounts for much of his net worth as a professional football player. He has been a regular starter for the teams since high school.

He started strong in his senior year at Southfield A&T. Similarly, Christian has already been under contract with Power-Five Programs.

Currently, he is signed as a three-star player with Michigan Spartans. Therefore, we can assume that he gathered a lot of earnings during his league appearances.

However, there is no exact information on his net worth and salary. Research says that the average salary of a four-star player is about $150,000 annually.

So, we can assume that he makes a similar amount to that range.

The football player is associated with various sports brands and endorsements from where he earns a good amount of money after promoting the products.

Christian Fitzpatrick | Social Media

Christian is frequently seen posting on social media platforms. However, the NFL star is active mainly on his Instagram and has over 2700 followers.

Further, he uses Instagram to raise his voice against racial discrimination. Additionally, he constantly supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement on his Instagram Stories.

Similarly, Fitzpatrick also has a Twitter account under the username @Cfitz_1 with over 3,000 followers.

Queries on Christian Fitzpatrick

When did Christian Fitzpatrick join Twitter?

Christian Fitzpatrick joined Twitter in August 2014. 

Did Christian Fitzpatrick visit Michigan Spartan before signing in 2021?

Yes, Christian visited the Michigan State Spartans on March 11, 2018, after his senior year at Southfield A&T.

What happened to Christian?

Christian suffered from an injury while playing in a team match. After the injury, he took a break from the game and later returned to the field.

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