CJ Stroud Bio: Family, Net Worth And Girlfriend

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CJ Stroud, an American quarterback, currently showcases his talents on the field for the Houston Texans. His journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, with aspirations to etch his name among the Houston Texans’ legendary players.

Notably, CJ’s collegiate journey at the Ohio State University stands as a testament to his exceptional skills.

He emerged as the premier college athlete, leaving an indelible mark on the university’s football legacy.

His college career is studded with a multitude of records and accomplishments that every budding player aspires to attain during their formative years.

CJ Stroud Bio: Family, Net Worth And Girlfriend
CJ Stroud at NFL Scouting Premises in March 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Specifically, Stroud’s prowess earned him the distinguished titles of the Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year (2021-2022) and the Griese–Brees Quarterback of the Year (2021-2022).

Furthermore, CJ became Thompson–Randle El Freshman of the Year (2021), Third-team All-American (2021), and First-team All-Big Ten (2021, 2022).

However, it was difficult for CJ to climb the ladder of success, given his many other circumstances. Well, let’s jump to the article to know everything about that!

Quick Facts

Full Name Coleridge Bernard Stroud
Nick Name CJ Stroud/Cool Breeze
Birth Date 26th of January 2002
Birth Place Rancho Cucamonga, California, the United States of America
Age 22 Years Old
Father’s Name Coleridge Stroud
Mother’s Name Kimberly Stroud
Siblings One Sister: Ciara Stroud

Two Brothers: Isaiah Stroud and Asmar Stroud

Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Horoscope Aquarius
Height 6 feet and 3 inches (1.91 meters)
Weight 214 lbs (97 kgs)
High School Ames High School
University Ohio State University
Marital Status/Dating Single
Children None
Profession NFL Player
Position Quarterback
Team Houston Texans
Active From 2023
Salary $750,000
Net Worth $2.4 Million 
Social Media Instagram
Last Update 2024

Age, Ethnicity, And Nationality

Born on January 26, 2002, in Rancho Cucamonga, California, this NFL quarterback’s birthplace adds a layer of significance to his journey.

As of 2024, he is 22 years old.

Under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, his personality is imbued with traits often associated with this sign—innovation, individuality, and an innate drive for progress.

Hailing from American roots, his nationality is a testament to his connection with the nation’s sports culture.

His mixed-racial background further enriches his identity, reflecting the diverse tapestry that characterizes contemporary American society.

Detail On CJ Stroud Parents

CJ is the youngest of four children of his father, Coleridge Stroud, and his mother, Kimberly Stroud.

Looking back, the QB had a diverse upbringing, from living the luxurious and elite lifestyle to being nearly homeless.

CJ’s father was a Christian pastor for the Life Application Christian Center. 

Coleridge was one of the most respectful people in his community. Simultaneously, his wife, Kimberly, was also treated as the first lady of the religious institute.

CJ Stroud Bio: Family, Net Worth And Girlfriend
CJ Stroud With His Mother, Kimberly (In The Middle), And Sister, Ciara (In The Right) (Source: Instagram)

But who knew that all these achievements and status were for a short time? Speaking of which, Coleridge was living another second life as a different person.

To put it precisely, CJ’s father was into numerous illegal acts, including carjacking, robbery, sexual battery, and kidnapping, that originated from his drug-related activities.

After being found guilty, Coleridge was sentenced to 38 years imprisonment in California’s Folsom State Prison in 2015.

CJ’s Life Took A Turnover After The Incident

When Coleridge encountered adversity, CJ was a mere 13 years old, marking a pivotal moment that ushered in a series of challenges in his life’s trajectory.

This unexpected turn of events plunged the young quarterback into a whirlwind of difficulties.

During this trying phase, CJ found himself dwelling in a modest apartment above a storage facility alongside his mother and siblings.

The aftermath of these trials led to a near-destitute state for CJ and his family, teetering on the brink of both financial ruin and homelessness.

Faced with these daunting circumstances, Kimberly, CJ’s mother, demonstrated unwavering determination. She tirelessly navigated through the adversities, ensuring that her children’s fundamental needs were met.

As time passed, these days of darkness and the sacrifices endured began to shape CJ’s journey, ultimately propelling him to the pinnacle of his NFL career.

The resilience he cultivated during these trying times became a cornerstone of his success.

The bond between CJ and his family remains resolute, especially with his mother and three siblings.

Among them, he shares a sister named Ciara Stroud and two brothers, Isaiah and Asmar.

How Tall Is CJ Stroud?

Even during his high school years, Stroud stood out due to his considerable height, growing at a faster pace than his peers.

His growth spurt eventually led him to attain an impressive stature of 6 feet and 3 inches (1.91 meters), setting him apart from the crowd.

In terms of physical attributes, his recorded weight of 214 lbs (97 kgs) speaks to his robust build.

Demonstrating a clear commitment to his athletic journey, Stroud greatly emphasizes his fitness regimen, engaging in various workouts to maintain his optimal physique.

Adding to his distinct appearance, Stroud’s unique features include his medium-length dreadlock hairstyle, which contributes to his individuality.

Complementing this, he sports a well-maintained goatee beard, further accentuating his distinctive presence both on and off the field.

CJ Stroud Education Qualifications

Attending Rancho Cucamonga High School marked a pivotal chapter in the quarterback’s journey.

It was within these walls that Stroud’s fervor for American football ignited, propelling him to emerge as one of the school’s most remarkable and record-setting athletes.

Of notable significance, his senior year, he showcased his exceptional skills, as he amassed a staggering 3,878 yards and notched an impressive 47 touchdowns.

These outstanding achievements earned him the prestigious title of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin’s Offensive Player of the Year, solidifying his impact and dominance on the field.

Moreover, his talent extended beyond local recognition. Stroud’s prowess earned him the title of Elite 11’s MVP in 2019, underscoring his exceptional abilities on a broader stage.

This accolade was just one among many, as he consistently demonstrated his prowess in various facets of the game.

Navigating through his high school journey, Stroud also managed to shine academically.

His impressive achievements culminated in him being ranked as the third-highest quarterback in his graduating class.

Collegiate Career

In 2020, CJ Stroud embarked on his collegiate journey at the Ohio State University.

In his freshman year, he began as a backup to fellow athlete Justin Fields, redshirting the entirety of the season.

Stroud stepped into the spotlight a year later, marking an impressive start alongside other talented freshmen, including Kyle McCord, Jack Miller III, and Quinn Ewers.

Over the course of 12 games, he showcased his prowess, etching a remarkable record by amassing 4,435 yards through the air, delivering 44 touchdowns, and boasting an impressive average of 10.1.

CJ Stroud Bio: Family, Net Worth And Girlfriend
CJ Stroud Playing For the Houston Texans in September 2021 (Source: Instagram)

The year 2022 witnessed Stroud’s ascent as one of the premier players in the field.

This season provided a canvas for him to demonstrate his full potential, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

Engaging in 13 games, he compiled an impressive performance, accumulating a total of 3,688 yards and 41 touchdowns, all while maintaining a noteworthy average of 9.5.

However, the 16th of January, 2023, marked a pivotal juncture in Stroud’s journey.

With his sights set on the National Football League, he decided to conclude his college career, embarking on the next chapter of his football odyssey.

CJ Stroud NFL Career

Stepping into the unknown, Stroud embraced a bold gamble as he threw his hat into the ring for the 2023 NFL Draft, yearning to secure a spot among the chosen few.

His dedication and honed skills were about to face the ultimate litmus test.

Fortune smiled upon him as his unwavering efforts bore fruit. On the 27th of April, 2023, the NFL’s Houston Texans selected him, an achievement that stands as a testament to his diligence and prowess.

He was chosen as the second overall pick, a remarkable feat that showcased his readiness for the professional arena.

Notably, this triumph etched Stroud’s name in history, making him the highest-drafted quarterback in Ohio State’s storied legacy. This milestone illuminated not only his personal journey but also the prowess of the program that helped shape him.

Anticipation now simmers among CJ’s fervent supporters, eagerly awaiting the moment he steps onto the NFL field to contend against formidable teams.

With certainty, it’s a given that Stroud will seize the opportunity to shine brightly on the day he makes his momentous NFL debut.

Is CJ Stroud Dating?

The NFL’s rising quarterback has taken the limelight since he inked contracts worth millions. People have also been curious about his love life and his career.

However, CJ has successfully kept his personal life out of the media’s reach. Also, he is not linked with anyone as of now.

So, the young player is single and entirely focused on building his life as an NFL quarterback.

How Rich Is CJ Stroud? Contracts And Endorsements

Stroud embarked on his playing career with a modest average salary.

However, the trajectory of his earnings has taken a remarkable turn, poised to ascend into seven-figure territory.

In a recent milestone, Stroud inked a significant four-year deal with the Houston Texans, a contract with a substantial $36.3 million guarantee.

This comprehensive agreement encompasses a noteworthy signing bonus amounting to $23.38 million.

Reputed sources estimate Stroud’s net worth to stand at an impressive $2.4 million.

Adding to his financial portfolio, Stroud boasts a roster of endorsements from prominent brands, among them the widely recognized c4 Energy.

These partnerships not only showcase his athletic prowess but also his marketability and ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

CJ Stroud Rooke Card

The enthusiasm surrounding the Texans and their promising rookie quarterback, CJ Stroud, is electrifying and constantly yielding fresh revelations.

The most recent testament hails from the realm of sports cards and memorabilia, where the impact of the No. 2 overall pick is vividly demonstrated.

As reported by PWCC Market Place, a significant transaction unfolded as Stroud’s 2023 Panini Instant Premiere First Look Black 1-of-1 autographed rookie trading card commanded a remarkable sum of $6,750.

This transaction took place during their Premier Auction, solidifying this particular Panini product as Stroud’s highest-selling card to date.

Interesting Facts About CJ Stroud

  1. Bryan Burney handles CJ’s business inquiries.
  2. He drives a Bentley.
  3. CJ’s full name was inspired by the Greek philosopher (1800s).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What does CJ stand for in C.J. Stroud?

CJ stands for Coleridge Bernard. This name has been passed down through Stroud's grandfather.

What pick was C.J. Stroud?

Houston Texans picked CJ second overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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