The Popeyes Meme Kid, Collin Dieunerst Has Bagged State Championship

Remember the viral kid from Vine filmed at Popeyes? 

Yes, the Popeyes meme boy who has become a high school football state champion today. 

Well, he has made it to the limelight again after winning the New Jersey football state championship this week.

His Current Trending News Is…

Collin Dieunerst, better known as the Popeye boy, currently is a senior at East Orange High School. His meme is a gift that keeps on giving, providing us the perfect reaction pic. He’s currently the offensive lineman in the school’s football team. 

Throughout his high school days, Collin has bagged the All-Conference First Team.

The Popeyes Meme Kid, Collin
The Popeyes Meme Kid, Collin

Not to mention, he has earned himself the nickname of “The Killer Whale.” Besides sports, Collin maintains a 3.2 G.P.A in his studies. 

Back in Sunday night, Collins played for the New Jersey high school center. He was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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Glancing Back at the Popeyes Meme

As a matter of fact, the Popeyes meme first got in trending back in 2013 and garnered more than 19 million views. Talking about his meme, the camera caught Collin giving a side-eye after being mistaken for Lil Terio. 

Following his recent win, Collin himself had posted his win on Twitter. Later, his post was received and surfaced on the internet instantly. 

Some of his fans wrote; 

“Bro! Wow! His meme is worldwide famous! Meme dude plays football (I didn’t know that) & has an NJ High School Football State Title too??? Respect.”

“Dieunerst “Killer Whale” Collin from the legendary meme is a high school state champion… Feel old yet? Asking you a question Dieunerst “Killer Whale” Collin from the legendary meme.”

“I had no idea that little Black boy from that meme at Popeyes was from Jersey, lol.”

Collin bags the State Championship
Collin bags the State Championship/Instagram

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Social Media 

If you are interested in his uploads and posts, check out his social media sites. He is on Instagram as Collin Dieunerst (@dieunerst) with 28k followers. 

Likewise, he is also on Twitter (@CollinDieunerst) with 2.6k followers. 

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