Daniele Garozzo Bio: Wife, Olympics & Endorsement

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Despite being under the age of 31, Daniele Garozzo has achieved many feats. He is an aspiring doctor, police officer, and one of the best fencing athletes in the world. 

Former number 1 fencer Daniele is currently ranked 2nd in the world according to the FIE ranking.

In 2020, his academic ambition led him to pursue a medical degree from the University of Rome.

Fencing is like a family business for Daniele. His brother and wife both are professional fencing athletes. 

Daniele Gorozzo
Daniele Gorozzo after winning the 2019 FIE World Cup in Egypt

In addition, they have many things in common. Three of them are Olympic medalists and play for the Italian police force sports section at the national level.  

To dig more into Daniele Garozzo’s life, stay with us. But before that, let us look at quick facts without any further a due. 

Quick Facts

Name Daniele Garozzo
Date of Birth 4th August 1992
Birth Place Acireale, Itlay
Nick Name Dani
Age 31 years old
Gender Male
Religion Unavailable
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Unavailable
Horoscope Leo
Profession Fencing
Height 5’10” (1.78 m)
Weight 65kg (143 lbs)
Body Mass Index (BMI) 20.5
Build Athletic
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo No
Father Name Salvo Garozzo
Mother Name Giuliana Garozzo
Siblings Enrico Garozzo (older brother)
Relationship Married
Wife Alice Volpi
Education The University of Rome (Tor Vergata)
Status Active (2008 to present)
Weapon Foil
Club  GS Fiamme Gialle
Coach Paolo Galli
Olympic Records
  • Rio 2016: Individual Men’s Foil (Gold)
  • Tokyo 2021: Individual Men’s Foil (Silver)
World Championship Records
  • 2015 Moscow: Team Men’s Foil (Gold) 
  • 2017 Leipzig: Individual Men’s Foil (Bronze)                                    
  • 2017 Leipzig: Team Men’s Foil (Gold)   
  • 2018 Wuxi: Team Men’s Foil (Gold)    
  • 2019 Budapest: Team Men’s Foil (Third)
FIE Ranking 2nd / 147 points (As of July 2021)
Salary Unavailable
Net Worth $1 million to $1.5 million
Hobbies Reading, Football, Watching Movies and Dogs 
Social media Instagram, FacebookTwitter
Merch Alberto Franchini blades, Fencing Equipments
Last Update February, 2024

Daniele Gorozzo | Background and Training


Daniele Garozzo was born on 4th August 1992 in Acireale, Itlay. He is youngest son of Salvo Garozzo and Giuliana Garozzo. 

His older brother Enrico Gorozzo is also a professional fencer. Moreover, he is also an Olympian and won a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics

During his childhood, he idolized fellow Italian fencing legends, Andrea Baldini and Stefano Barrera. 

He started to fully focus on becoming a fencer at the young age of 17. Daniele mentions fencing helped him shape his character. 

Moreover, Daniele first played fencing at his house garage. Likewise, he used a dummy while training with his brother. 

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Currently, Daniele stands 5 ft 10 inches (1.78 m) and weighs around 65 kg (143 lbs). Likewise, his BMI is 20.5.

At present, Daniele trains under Paolo Galli. He describes Galli as the best fencing coach worldwide. 

Similarly, he mentions his training methods are brilliant and have changed his way of thinking regarding fencing. That may be the reason Daniele is the winner.

In addition, he believes nowadays, alongside technical skills, physical conditions are equally important. 

Danile Gorozzo
Danile Gorozzo during training session

So, to maintain his physicality, Daniele has hired a dedicated fitness trainer. However, his trainer lives far, so they train on Skype. 

He does weight, cardio, and resistance training to stay in the best shape. Likewise, to prevent injuries, he sees a physiotherapist once and week.

He also does conditioning trainings 3 to 5 times a week, depending on the time period for the tournaments.

Furthermore, Daniele explains his strong goodwill as his training strength.

To maintain his fitness, he used wooden logs, water bottles, and dumbbells for training in lockdown. He also used stairs and gardens for cardio. 

Daniele likes to train with his wife. So despite his training being hard, they train together. 

More than Athlete

Besides fencing, he serves as a police officer in Itlay. Daniele currently plays for the Italian Police sports section GS Fiamme Gialle. 

Furthermore, he is a medical student. After Covid 19 pandemic hit, Itlay Daniele started studying medicine during the lockdown. 

To fulfill his academic ambition, he enrolled at the University of Rome for a degree in medicine. 

In the interview in April 2020, Daniele mentioned he would graduate after Tokyo Olympics.

However, as the 2021 Olympics is completed, he may graduate shortly in the coming months. 

Garozzo also referred that he was behind his studies and lockdown provided a good opportunity to catch up and study hard. 

Daniele Garozzo | Personal Life

Daniele Garozzo is married to Alice Volpi. Just like him, Volpi is also a professional fencer. They are known as the fencing golden couples. 

She is also an Italian police officer and plays for their sports section. Furthermore, she is an Olympic bronze medalist and 2-time world champion. 

Interestingly another thing they have in common is both of them are right-handed foil fencers.

Daniele Gorozzo enjoying vacation with his wife in Spain
Daniele Gorozzo enjoying vacation with his wife in Spain

Furthermore, the couple likes going on vacations. From mountains to beaches, they have traveled to many destinations to enjoy their holiday.

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Gorozzo has many hobbies. One of them is spending time with his dog. He has an Australian shepherd but has not disclosed the name yet. 

He also takes his dog on vacations with them. 

Similarly, Daniele is a huge football fan and supports the Italian club Juventus. He also loves playing football. 

Besides that, he likes to read and watch movies during his free time. 

Daniele Gorozzo | Olympic Career

Daniel Gorozzo made his Olympic debut in Rio 2016 after bursting into an international stage in 2015. 

Going into the Olympics, Daniele was ranked #11. However, in the finals, he came out as a surprise winner against #1 Alexander Massialas

Daniele Gorozzo
Daniele Gorozzo celebrates after winning a gold medal at Rio 2016 Olympics

Coming as an underdog in the tournament, he secured a 15-11 victory in the finals. After the win, Daniele also climbed to the #2 spot in the FIE ranking. 

Likewise, in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he was regarded as a favorite to defend an individual foil title.

Daniele advanced to the finals defeating M.Hassan, K.Matsuyama, E.Lefort, and T.Shikine. 

However, world number 3 Daniele suffered an upset defeat against #19th ranked Hongkong fencer Cheung Ka Long in the finals with a 15-11 score. 

Later, after the event, he mistakenly picked up the wrong colored toy at the award ceremony. Although it was unintentional he some crazy fans backlashed him.

Likewise, in the men’s team foil competitions, Italy won classification against Egypt. But they lost against Japan in the quarter-finals. 

Later, in their 5th and 6th placement match against Germany, they got canceled. An injury forced the Germans to withdraw from the match. 

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Lost medal

In October 2016, he traveled to Turin to watch his favorite team, Juventus, match by train just like the previous time.

But, this time around, Daniele was carrying his Olympic gold medal. Later while he was asleep, it got stolen from his backpack. 

Luckily, one Turin-based lady found his gold medal in garbages outside the train station two weeks later. 

She had heard the news about fencer and contacted him through social media. He then asked her to send a photo and found out it was good news. 

Garozzo repays the local lady and her family to celebratory dinner and world cup event held in Turin. 

Daniele Gorozzo | Salary and Endorsement


Daniele Gorozzo’s salary has not been published yet. Alongside being a Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Oro athlete, he is also a police officer. 

Looking into a various online sources police officer in Itlay earns €43,193 in average yearly. So, his salary may be in a similar figure.

In addition, he earns additional money for being an athlete.

In addition, in 2016 Italy Olympic Committee awarded Daniele €1,50,000 for winning a gold medal. Moreover, Italy provided the highest cash prize for the Olympic medal in Europe. 

Likewise, for his silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he was awarded a bonus of €90,000. 

Furthermore, he provides training to youths at future champions camp. Moreover, he has been to many places as a camp trainer. 

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Thanks to his popularity, Daniele Garozzo has landed few endorsement deals. One of Daniele’s major sponsors is Alberto Franchini. He uses their blades/ foil in competitions. 

Likewise, his fencing protective gear is sponsored by the Italian company Gajardini. 

Daniele Gorozzo
Daniele Gorozzo promoting Muller Italia products

Likewise, he is an ambassador of the international dairy product company Muller Italia. Moreover, he has advertised their many products on his Instagram handles.

Moreover, he has tied sponsorship deals with Swiss watch brands Baume and Mercier. 

Besides, that is also sponsored by USA fashion brand Blauer USA. He has done many advertising photoshoots with the brand. 

According to various online sources, Gorozzo is estimated to have a net worth between $1 million to1.5 million. However, it may not be the exact figure. 

Daniele Gorozzo | Social Media Presence

Daniele Gorozzo is an active social media person. He has quite a fan following on his social media handles. 

Overall, Daniele has 29k followers on Instagram, 25k followers on Facebook and 3k followers on Twitter

On his Twitter and Facebook, he likes to share and uploads posts related to sports, mainly fencing. 

Likewise, on his Instagram, he is more into updating his lifestyle. He mainly likes to share photos of moments enjoying his beautiful wife on holidays, training, and events.

Besides that, Daniele updates and uploads posts of events and competitions he is competing in and training. 

Furthermore, in his social media handles, he has uploaded many highlights of various competitive fencing matches. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Daniele Garozzo won Olympics?

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Daniele Garozzo came out as a surprise winner in men’s individual foil.

Despite being ranked #11, Daniele defeated #2 ranked Alexander Massialas. Later, in the recent 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he got his hand on the bronze medal. 

Who is  Alice Volpi?

Alice Volpi is Daniele Gorozzo wife. Just like Daniele she is also professinal Italain foil fencer. Likewsie, she is State Police “Fiamme Oro” athlete. 

Besides, that she is a 2021 Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist and two-time world champion. 

Who is Danile Garozzo brother?

Danile Garozzo has older brother Enrico Garozzo. Just like Daniele his brother is also professional epee fencer representing Itlay. 

In addition, he won a bronze medal in the 2015 World Championship and a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics

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