Danyelle Sargent Bio: Early Life, Parents, FOX & Net Worth

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Danyelle Sargent, a former American sportscaster, is the wife of the highly successful Nevada Wolf Pack coach Eric Musselman, who currently trains Arkansas Razorbacks. Danyelle worked for 13 years on the world’s most reputed television networks, such as the NFL, ESPN, and FOX Sports.

Who said women don’t know sports? Mrs. Musselman has been at it since early 2000 and retired from broadcasting in 2013.

When Danyelle first came into the business, it seemed like she was made for it.

Sargent is one of the few reporters who are so innately gifted in their occupation.

Danyelle Sargent, a former news reporter (Source: Twitter)

Deservedly, the American currently enjoys calmer moments with her husband, daughter, and two stepsons, who were thrilled to find a mother in their life.

Today we will talk briefly about this fierce sports reporter, her career, personal growth, and net worth!

But why did she retire? Let’s start with the quick facts first and uncover everything. 

Danyelle Sargent: Quick Facts

Full Name Danyelle Sargent Musselman
Birth Date May 19, 1978
Birth Place The United States of America
Nick Name Danyelle
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity/Race African American (Black)
Education Florida State University
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings None
Age 46 Years Old
Height 1.76 m (5 ft 8 Inches)
Weight 127.8 lbs (58 kg)
Shoe Size Updating soon
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Updating soon
Build Lean, Muscular frame
Married Yes
Husband Eric Musselman
Children Yes (Mariah Musselman)
Profession Sports television reporter
Net Worth $500k to $1 million
Affiliations ESPN, NFL Network, FOX Sports
Active Since 2000
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
TV Shows Totally Football, Cold Pizza, Onion SportsDome
Stepchildren Matthew and Michael Musselman
Last Update June, 2024

Danyelle Sargent Bio | Early Life & Education

On May 19, 1978, Danyelle Sargent was born in Georgia, USA. However, the exact location of her hometown and the whereabouts of her parents are still under review.

Further, it is questionable whether she is an only child or not. On the other hand, we know that Danyelle attended Florida State University.

While at the University, the American majored in Bachelor of Science in Communications.

Danyelle Sargent with her husband, stepsons, and daughter (Source: Twitter)

In the same way, upon graduation, the Georgia native worked as a production assistant for CNN, particularly for CNN Sports Illustrated.

Additionally, Danyelle burst into the sportscasting field less than five years after her first gig, one of which was anchoring.

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How Tall Is Danyelle Sargent? Age, Height, & Body Measurements 

Currently, Sargent is 46 years old.

Social media pictures suggest; otherwise. She looks nothing like a 40-year-old, still vibrant and beautiful like a 25-year-old.

Although the secret to her beauty might be her workout regime, Mrs. Musselman maintained her youthful glow even after a decade-long hectic job schedule.

Danyelle Sargent is a former news reporter (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the sports reporter shares inspiring videos of her fitness routine on Instagram. Contrarily, we are unaware of her height and body measurements.

In assumptions, the beauty queen stands somewhere around 1.76 m because she is taller than her husband, as evident from some Instagram posts.

Additionally, Mrs. Musselman has a lean yet slightly muscular physique, resulting from her rigorous routine at the gym and other outdoor activities.

The most distinguishing feature of Danyelle is her afro hairdo, smiling face, and muscly frame.

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Danyelle Sargent Career | Sports Reporter

To begin with, the Georgi born traveled a few hundred miles to the south, towards the state of Florida, to obtain her educational credentials.

After that, she moved back and immediately started working at WGXA, located in Macon, Georgia.

In all honesty, you need to give props to the people working in media, typically anchors and journalists.

They have to report news in the rawest form without exhibiting any form of bias or emotions.

Danyelle Sargent reporting in the NFL Season (Source: Getty Images)

For instance, keeping a straight face while a camera captures every moment and doing the same thing day and night is overwhelming.

Before joining ESPN, the African-American worked for Metro Sports, a sports channel produced by Time Warner Cable.

In the same way, the reporter remained in Kansas City-based network company for two years in 2002.

After that, the network assigned Danyelle as a sideline reporter for the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the 2004 preseason.

The following year, Ms. Sargent proudly stood as a co-emcee at the NCAA woman of the year awards. Similarly, the American gladly helmed the role yet again in 2006.


Moving on, ESPN was monitoring Danyelle’s situation at Metro Sports.

Simultaneously, ESPN sought viable candidates for the ESPNEWS channel and identified Sargent as a worthy addition.

However, her stay at ESPN wasn’t devoid of controversy.

Danyelle Sargent, as a Broadcaster (Source: ESPN)

In one instance, a technical difficulty caused Danyelle’s voice to be taped over a live broadcast, and the audience heard the American cursing on national tv.

Nonetheless, the situation got shrugged off and became a blooper for the news network to joke about in the future.

Granted that Sargent had an enjoyable ESPN experience, the network decided to part ways with her after the contract expired in 2006.

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FOX Sports

Eventually, the talented reporter worked at FOX Sports and debuted on FSN Final Score in late 2006.

Also, Danyelle appeared in the segment’s taped version in July 2011. It seems that minor controversies follow wherever you go.

To illustrate, on October 26, 2008, when working as a sideline reporter, Sargent interviewed San Francisco 49ers’ coach Mike Singletary.

Danyelle Sargent as a Sportscaster (Source: Arkansas Alumni Association)

At that moment, the FOX reporter asked what it meant for Mike to be the head coach and what the phone calls with his mentor Bill Walsh entailed.

Unbeknownst to her, Bill Walsh passed a year ago, so the interview was suddenly cut off.

Comedy Central, Yahoo, & NFL Network

Notwithstanding only a real-time job, Danyelle portrayed a fictional version of a sportscaster named Melissa Wells that premiered on Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome.

In the dawn of 2012, the former sportscaster covered college football, NFL, NASCAR, Fantasy Football, and high school drafts during her time with Yahoo! Sports.

Similarly, NFL Network recruited Sargent as an anchor until April 2013.

Danyelle Sargent Net Worth | Salary & Incomes

According to various sources, Ms. Sargent accrued a net worth of around $500k to $1 million.

Nonetheless, it is tough to pinpoint her financial statistics as they are kept confidential.

On the contrary, Eric Musselman, Danyelle’s husband, collected a staggering net worth of $10-$15 million from his stints as a former basketball player and currently through coaching.

Despite this, figurative monthly earnings are not available at the moment.

Besides, NevadaSportsNet reported that the Arkansas Razorbacks coach would pocket a hefty $12.5 million from a new contract deal.

Danyelle Sargent Family
Danyelle Sargent Family (Source: Twitter)

Thus, life seems comfortable for Musselman. In like manner, Danyelle’s stepsons are almost old enough to have a professional career.

That said, Dad Musselman and Mom Mussleman live a fulfilled lifestyle, occasionally do charitable work, and travel to exotic locations.

Besides, Mrs. Musselman doesn’t live an ideal life even after retirement.

After her TV gig, the beauty queen became a local celebrity of some sort, and one can spot her in Full Pedal Cycling Studio.

In the meantime, the former reporter promotes and endorses several local organizations and actively participates in tackling various social issues.

Moreover, Sargent appears in fundraisers and charity venues actively supporting Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and has affiliations with Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run to tackle breast Cancer.

Danyelle Sargent Relationship Status | Who is Danyelle Sargent’s Husband?

As mentioned above, Ms. Sargent is a happily married woman.

Accordingly, the FOX Sports reporter tied the knot to the renowned college basketball coach Eric Musselman sometime in September 2009.

Danyelle Sargent on her wedding day with her husband, Eric Musselman (Source: Instagram)

Indeed, the couple found a blessing in their daughter Mariah, born in 2010.

Notwithstanding that, Danyelle is equally proud to be a stepmom to Michael and Matthew, Eric’s sons from a previous marriage.

As Gisele Bundchen once coined the term “Bonus Mom,” Sargent adheres to that term and doesn’t consider Michael and Matthew as stepchildren but as her own.

Likely so, the boys are glad to receive a motherly figure.

Mariah Musselman: Also a Sports anchoring Geek

Mariah Musselman is very much interested in sports anchoring like her mother.

She loves the mic and is fond of facing the camera. She recently interviewed her Father, Eric Musselman.

Mariah Musselman interviewing her Father, Eric Musselman (Source: Youtube)

With a Father brilliant in basketball coaching and an excellent sports anchor like her mother, Mariah was born with the genes that drew her towards sports.

Social Media Presence:

Instagram: 21.4k followers

Twitter:  47.2K followers

Facebook: 2.7k friends

Danyelle Sargent | Popularity

People keep searching for Danyelle over the internet as she and her husband have earned fans.

Danyelle’s google search volume worldwide in the last year (Source: Google)

The above graph demonstrates the Google Search Volume of Danyelle for the last year worldwide.

Some FAQs:

What is Danyelle Sergent’s Nationality?

Danyelle Sergent is American by Nationality and belongs to the Black ethnicity.

Who is Eric Musselman’s first wife?

Eric Musselman’s first wife was Wendy Bauer. The couple got divorced in 2005.

Has Danyelle Sergent posed naked?

Yes, the reporter posed nude for the Reno-based “Bliss Babe” women’s magazine.

The feature aimed to teach women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to embrace their bodies and curves. 1

Did Danyelle Sergent lose her job?

Sargent accidentally spoke the f-word on camera during one of her live shows with ESPN.

The Company then did not renew her two years contract when it expired in the fall of 2006.

Therefore, she technically lost her job but was not fired from a procedural point of view.

What is Danyelle Sergent doing now?

Danyelle Sergent is a prevalent face in the sports anchoring industry. She could be absent from the TV for months and still be remembered for her charm. 

Apart from sports anchoring, Sergent is all for fitness and good health. She often motivates her social media family to stay fit and healthy.

Moreover, she has been involved in various fundraising for good causes lately. She is also associated with the American Cancer Society, Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Pinocchio’s Moms.

Sergent is all for giving back to the community that has been cherishing her for years.

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