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David Reichel, the husband of Tracy Wolfson, is a senior salesperson in the equity derivatives group at Barclays Capital. After being associated with his wife, Tracy Wolfson, he got some limelight. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and three sons.

David’s wife, Tracy, is the lead field reporter for all live CBS Sports football and basketball broadcasts.

Tracy, the lead reporter for NCCA Men’s Basketball Tournament for CBS, gathered a lot of attention when the couple first attended an event together.

David Reichel with his wife Tracy
David Reichel with his wife Tracy (Source: Facebook)

Even when the news of her marriage surfaced, there were a lot of questions about her not-so-famous husband. 

So how has David been handling all the media coverage he’s been getting? How is his relationship with Tracy? How many kids do they have?

This article will answer all these queries, so stick with us until the end. Let’s begin with some quick facts.

David Reichel | Quick Facts

Full Name David Reichel
Birth Date December 20, 1974
Birth Place N/A
Current Residence Tenafly, New Jersey
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Famous for being A professional NCAA basketball player and Tracy Wolfson’s husband
Ethnicity White Caucasian
  • Camarillo High School
  • University of Michigan
  • New York University Stern School of Business
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Stanley Reichel
Mother’s Name Elaine Reichel
Siblings N/A
Age 49 years old
Height 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm)
Weight N/A
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Build Muscular, giant, and athletic
Hobbies N/A
Profession senior salesperson
Marital Status Married to Tracy Wolfson
Kids 3 sons: Dylan Reichel, Ari Reichel, and Evan Reichel
Net Worth $2 million
Merch Reporter’s Equipment
Last Updated March, 2024

David Reichel | Early Life and Education

On December 20, 1974, David Reichel was born to his parents, Stanley Reichel and Elaine Reichel.

He attended the Camarillo High School located in California. We do not have any info on his birthplace, but as he participated at a high school in Cali, he was likely born in California.

David Reichel in his wedding photograph with wife Tracy (Source: Biography Mask)

Moreover, he played high school basketball for four years and was named the league player of the year. Before graduating from Camarillo High, he played volleyball for a year.

David Reichel was a valuable asset to his high school team as he helped them reach the NCAA final four.

In 1996, Reichel graduated from the University of Michigan with an economics degree.

After graduation, he aimed to play basketball overseas and ultimately own his own business.

He did play pro basketball overseas, but we do not think he has his own business.

Following that, he attended the New York University Stern School of Business to get his MBA degree in finance and economics. He earned his MBA degree in 2001.

David Reichel | Career

According to his University of Michigan bio, Reichel was a senior salesperson in the equity derivates group at Barclays Capital in 2019.

He facilitated transactions and managed relationships with a few of the world’s largest management firms.

David Reichel was the head options trader at Bascom Hill Partners before he started working for Barclays Capital.

David Reichel with his son and his long-time wife celebrating his son's victory
David Reichel with his son and his long-time wife celebrating his son’s victory (Facebook)

Similarly, he operated the technology and media sector derivatives trading book at Credit Suisse and Citigroup.

Besides, his most notable Career is his pro basketball career playing for the NCAA league.

David Reichel | Net Worth

David Reichel’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. The source of his income is his professional salesperson career at Barclays.

On the other hand, his wife, Tracy Wolfson, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million.

As her experience and expertise grow in the media field, she continues to increase the digits.

Moreover, she earns from her endorsements; she is the official female sports announcer brand ambassador for one of Nike’s biggest footwear manufacturing companies.

David Reichel | Wife and Family

Reichel tied the knot with Tracy in the same year he got his MBA. The two lovebirds got married on December 31, 2002.

The two met each other way back when they were attending the Uni of Michigan.

David was a year senior to Tracy, but they did not date in college; it was only after they both graduated.

They dated with no intent to fool around. David and Tracy knew they were meant for each other and decided to get married only after two years of dating.

David Reichel and Tracy Wolfson enjoying their day off at the beach
David Reichel and Tracy Wolfson enjoying their day off at the beach (Source: Facebook)

2018 marked their 17th anniversary when Tracy posted a heartfelt post captioning, 

“17 years today!! To the best husband, father, and friend anyone could ask for! I couldn’t imagine my life without you. I love you.”

Tracy has also made it clear that she will not hesitate to leave her career for the sake of her children

She added, “I could not do it without my husband’s support.

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The three Reichel kids do not seem to be interested in football, as stated by David.

Instead, they seem like a big tennis lover, playing lacrosse, soccer, and basketball along it.

I can be 95% sure that none of my kids will be playing football… it’s not their sport of choice,” said Reichel.

The children’s names are Dylan Reichel, Ari Reichel, and Evan Reichel.

David Reichel, with his wife and three children (Source: Instagram)

David Reichel and Tracy Wolfson parent three children together; all of them are sons. The family of five currently resides in Tenafly, NJ.

My family is my real life, and my mom is my number one priority,said Wolfson in 2016.

But most of the time, the couple prioritizes their three sons as they need a good upbringing.

David Reichel is a former pro basketball player, but we do not know if he trains his sons. We know he teaches one of his sons, credit to Tracy’s Instagram.

David Reichel Trivia

Besides basketball, he also enjoys playing table tennis and golf. Not only does he love playing sports, but he also loves watching different sports on TV.

His favorite fast-food restaurant chain is Panda express which serves a fusion of American and Chinese cuisine. He orders from them quite often.

The Reichel Family
David Reichel with his wife and kids (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, David’s favorite TV show is FRIENDS, a 1994 sitcom. As for who his favorite character is, we do not have any info on it.

Likewise, his favorite movie is ‘He Got Game’ by the great Spike Lee. David also stated that his favorite rapper is Jay-Z and his preferred meal is ribs.

Social Media Links

David Reichel does not have his social media accounts, but his wife posts enough for both of them.

Tracy Wolfson

Facebook: 72k followers

Twitter: 78.1k followers

Instagram: 46.3k followers

David Reichel | Popularity  

As the husband of Tracy Wolfson, David is often searched over the internet despite her absence on any social media platforms.

David Reichel, the husband of Tracy Wolfson (Source: Google)

The graph above illustrates his Google Search Results in the last 12 months.

FAQs | David Reichel

How old is Tracy Wolfson?

Tracy Wolfson was born a year after her husband, David. As of now, she is 49 years old. Tracy was born on March 17, 1975.

What college did Tracy Wolfson go to?

Just like her, Tracy Wolfson attended the University of Michigan. She graduated in 1997, a year after David Reichen graduated.

How tall is Tracy Wolfson?

Tracy Wolfson is 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm). Moreover, she has a slim build and a charming personality.

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