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Kenya has produced excellent lap runners, unlike any other country. One of them is David Rudisha, who is the most incredible 800m runners ever.

In addition, David is one of the greatest track athletes. He is well-known as a middle-distance runner and an athletic competitor.

The runner won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the 800-meter race, which is regarded as one of his most significant accomplishments. 

In the 2011 World Championship, he wins gold in the 800-meter event. Thus, David Rudisha is the fastest man on earth when it comes to the 800m race.

The gold medalist earned his reputation after he set the world record of 1:40:91 at the London Olympics.

David Rudisha representing Kenya in the Olympics.
David Rudisha represented Kenya in the Olympics. 

The record still stands today, and nobody has been able to beat it since. He has won gold medals at several 800m events in different championships. 

Further, if you seek to learn about his professional and personal life, you have come to the right place. 

Before diving into details about the athlete’s biography, here are some quick facts about him that you may enjoy. 

Quick Facts

Name David Rudisha
Full name David Lekuta Rudisha
Date of Birth December 17, 1988
Age 35 years old (as of July 2021)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birthplace Kilgoris, Kenya
Parents Daniel Rudisha
Naomi Rudisha
Body type Athletic
Height 6’3″/1.90m
Weight  76 kg/168 lb
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Education St. Patrick’s High School
Famous For Being a champion Middle-distance runner
Status Retired
Professional Debut 2005
Greatest achievement Two-time World Champion
Relationship status Married
Wife Lizzy Naanyu
Affairs Samantha Tangui
Children Two daughters
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $5 million
Merch Middle Distance Running Spikes, Track Shoes
Last Update  March, 2024

David Rudisha Early Life, Education, and Family

David, the Maasai Warrior, was born on December 17, 1988, in Kilgoris, Kenya. He belongs to the Maasai ethnic group from Kenya.

Thus, it is believed that he has inherited his running skills from his parents. David Rudisha was born to their father, Daniel Rudisha, a former runner, and mother, Naomi Rudisha.

Further, Daniel won a silver medal at the 1968 Olympics. Besides, he was also a part of the 4×400 m relay team.

Similar to his father, his mother is also a former 400m hurdler. Talking about his nationality, Rudisha is Kenyan. 

Moreover, David attended St. Patrick’s High School in Iten, Kenya. The school he went to is famous in its way, as Wilson Kipketer attended it as well.

Wilson is a former athlete and an ex-world record holder of an 800m race. 


The Olympic champion, David, spent his time playing different sports, including running and sprinting. He trained with Japheth Kimutai, who later recommended him to James Templeton by the two. 

Consequently, David was a part of a group of runners that Templeton managed. The team used to include athletes such as Bernard Lagat, Kimutai, and Augustine Choge. 

Initially, David became a 400-meter runner. However, his coach, Irishman Colm O’Connel, advised him to attempt 800m.

Thus, through years of practice and hardship, David Rudisha became the world’s junior champion in a short amount of time. 

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David Rudisha | Wife, Children, and Affair

As expected, David is a happily married man. The Kenyan-born exchanged wedding vows with a long-time girlfriend, Lizzy Naanyu.

The couple’s wedding was hosted in 2010 at a private location. Shortly after their marriage, the two welcomed their daughter Charlene.

Moreover, the couple was blessed with a second daughter just days after his victory at the 2015 Beijing World Championships.

David Rudisha with his wife and family.
David Rudisha with his wife and family.

Nevertheless, despite being married for four years, David was accused of cheating on his wife in 2014. A rumor spread that the athlete was having an affair with Samantha Tangui, a niece of David’s pacesetter. 

Besides, numerous sources reported that the affair between the two has been going on for more than three years. Regarding the rumors, Lizzy stated them as false in a press meeting. 

In addition, it was reported that David had an injury due to a fight with his wife in 2014. However, David denied all of the rumors.

He said, and we quote, 

“My injuries are genuine from the sport and hard training; I even underwent a keyhole surgery after an ultra-sound scan which revealed that I had an injury deep in the middle of my knee, not that I was hurt in a domestic altercation.”

David Rudisha | Coach

David’s former coach is a well-known trainer Colm O’Connell, who was born in rural Ireland. Besides, the coach had no experience in coaching and guiding runners in Kenya. 

Additionally, Colm has trained over 25 runners, including David Rudisha. In one of his interviews, he stated,

“To be an athletics coach would not seem to be a conventional missionary role.”

Then he talked about how the connection is important between the coach and the player. 

“I saw athletics as a way of connecting with young people. And once you make that connection through sport, you can have an impact on their lives because they open up to you. They have a trust in you. They see you as a friend.”

Moreover, in his interview with the Financial Times, O’Connell stated that David is the most outstanding athlete. 

David Rudisha | Track Career

David’s made his debut as a professional athlete in 2005. During this time, he was also under the tutelage of Brolm O’Connell.

He was a Geography teacher and an Irish Missionary at St. Patrick’s Iten School. 

Shortly after his attempt in the 800m, David clocked 1.49.6 in a two-lap event on a dirt track. It was perceived to be a fantastic performance for a 15-year-old. 

Further, David became the world junior in 2006 within the 800m category.

Moreover, he was in his prime and free of injury between the years 2010 and 2012. During this time, David created a legacy in the 800m. 

David Rudisha for 800m
David Rudisha at the IAAF in Berlin.

Additionally, David became the youngest athlete to win the IAAF World Athlete of the Year award at 21. 

Moreover, he broke the World Record in the 800m set by his predecessor Wilson Kipketer on August 22, 2010. The record was damaged during an event at the ISTAF meeting in Berlin. 

David Rudisha was at his peak during this period as he dominantly won numerous races. 

Besides, he also put on a memorable performance in the 2012 Olympics. During the race, he dominated his competitors and set a new record without the need for a pacemaker. 

Kenya’s Finest Runner

Rudisha’s performance in the 2016 Olympics was voted as one of the tournament’s best.

After the achievement, David became the first runner since Peter Snell in 50 years to retain the Olympic title four years later in Rio. 

However, despite his outstanding achievement and legacy, David stopped competing in 2018. The cause of his short break from the sport was a problem with his bones. 

Nonetheless, with expert guidance and routine training, David Rudisha seeks to win his third Olympic gold medal. 

Following is a summary of his professional record during his entire career:

  • Set a new African record of 1:42.01 after his IAAD Grand Prix meeting win at Rieti, Italy. 
  • David defeated the 32-year-old record of Sebastian Coe at the 2010 IAAF Diamond league event with a run of 1:42.04.
  • Rudisha ran the 800m race in 1:41.51 on July 10, 2010, at the KBC Night of Athletics in Heusden, Belgium.
  • He broke Wilson Kipketer’s 800m World Record on August 22, 2010, with a time of 1:41.09 at the ISATF meeting in Berlin. 
  • In November 2010, David became the youngest athlete at the age of 21 to win the IAAF World Athlete of the Year award. 
  • He set an 800m record in the United States all comers with a time of 1:41.74 in 2012 at Icahn Stadium in New York City.
  • David developed a new record on August 9, 2012, for the 800m at the London 2012 Olympics. 
  • In June 2015, at the New York IAAF Diamond League meeting, David won the 800m race with a time of 1:43.58. 
  • David also defended his Olympic title with a time of 1:42.15 at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Makes his own record and breaks his own record.

As one of the fastest men alive, David broke his record that was set in 2010. He recorded 23.4 seconds for the first 200 and 25.88 seconds for the second.

In addition, he developed a critical 25.02 seconds for the third and 26.61. 

His record was well-known for the absence of pacemakers, which are not permitted at significant championships, including the Olympics. 

The previous person to set a World Record and win in the Olympic 800m event was Alberto Juantorena in 1976. 

Additionally, David became the first athlete as a world champion in an 800m event in the Olympics at that distance. 

Sebastian Coe, who held the 80m world record for more than 17 years, states,

“It was the performance of the Games, not just of track and field but of the Games.”

Further, he stated,

“Bolt was good; Rudisha was magnificent. That is quite a big call, but it was the most extraordinary piece of running I have probably ever seen.”

Rudisha had been in good shape coming into the race, having “clocked a staggering 1:42.12 minutes at high altitude in Nairobi during the Kenyan Olympic trials. After that, he had said ‘the race was nice and easy.”

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Achievements and Highlights

The following is the list of medals won by David Rudisha throughout his career:

  • World junior championships gold medal (2006)
  • Inter-Continental Cup gold medal (2010) Diamond league overall winner for the 800m (2010)
  • Africa junior championship gold medal (2007)
  • World championship gold medal (2011)
  • African championship gold medal (2010)
  • Diamond league overall winner for the 800m (2011)
  • Commonwealth Games silver medal (2014)
  • Olympic gold medal (2012) 
  • World Championships gold medal (2015)
  • Olympic gold medal (2016)

David Rudisha | Car Accident

David got into a car accident on August 24, 2019, when his car crashed with a bus near Keroka, Kenya. 

After the accident, the athlete was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was treated. A few hours later, the doctor announced that David was fine and had only suffered minor injuries.   

David Rudisha | Age, Height & Weight

David is a force to reckon with. He is currently 35 years of age.

Despite his old age, he has been able to defend his legacy in the respective sport.

David is famous among young African athletes as he has won numerous Olympic Gold medals for Kenya. 

He currently stands at the age of 6 feet and 3 inches and weighs around 76 kg. Besides, he still follows a strict diet and workout routine to maintain his physical fitness. 


According to Astrology, David Rudisha’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Further, being a Sagittarius, he has a resourceful and brave personality.

Workout Routine

Ever since his early days, David Rudisha has been active on the field with the workouts. Basically, he is involved in tons of daily stretching to maintain his form. 

Also, for his whole week, he has a schedule fixed. On Mondays, David is involved mostly in jogging, running, stretching, and core exercises. Tuesdays are for his track workout. 

Likewise, Wednesday, he is involved in running, stretching, and plyometrics. Furthermore, Thursday is for his high runs, Fridays for jogging, stretching, and drilling.

Lastly, on Saturdays, David is involved in track exercises that are endurance-based. Altogether, Sundays are a total rest day.

Diet Plan

David Rudisha does not associate himself with any supplements or protein drinks. He munches varieties of rice, pasta, beans, beef, chicken, spinach, and other simple vegetables.

Furthermore, he has a well-maintained diet with minimal junk and processed food. Herewith, his diet is a well-managed mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. 

David Rudisha | Net worth and Income

David was a successful athlete throughout his career and was able to amass a significant amount of fortune. 

His estimated net worth stands at $5 million. David’s primary income source is sports and his participation in the Olympic Games and World Athletics Championship. 

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David Rudisha | Social Media Presence

David is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He has amassed a total number of 88k followers on Instagram.

You can follow him on the respective platform under the username @rudisha800m. 

Similarly, you can follow him on Twitter under the username @rudishadavid. He has over 393k followers on the social media platform. 

David Rudisha | FAQs

Did David die in an accident?

No, he only suffered a minor injury in the incident and made a speedy recovery. 

What is the name of David Rudisha’s documentary?

The name of the inspirational runner’s documentary is “100 Seconds to Beat the World: David Rudisha Story.”

Does David Rudisha have a second wife?

No, he does not have a second wife, although he was once speculated to have an affair.

What is David Rudisha’s mile time?

According to David Rudisha, his longest mile run is 13 km, and as per the time, it was around 50 minutes. 

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