Diego Hypolito Net Worth: Lifestyle, Charity & Investment

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The three-time World Cup Final gold medalist Diego Hypolito has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Similarly, Diego is a professional gymnast from Brazil. Throughout, his career Diego has won sixty-three gold medals from World Cup only.  

Since gymnastics is a sport that requires great concentration, excellent stamina, strong hands and legs, and self-belief.

Likewise, Diego has developed these qualities in himself. And Hypolito seeks to bestow them to a newer contemporary of athletes.

Similarly, he had an impressive career. During the peak of Diego’s career, he was a fundamental part of the Brazilian gymnastic team.

Hence, Diego represented his country in the Olympics and during other international competitions throughout his career. Thus, Hypolito has gained a lot of fans with his fast and unique gymnast style.

Diego’s passion for sports can be traced back to his sister, Daniele Hypolito, a former gymnast. More so, she insisted Diego focus on solo pieces of training. 

Diego Hypolito, happy after winning a gold medal for his country
Diego Hypolito, happy after winning a gold medal for his country.

Consequently, she encouraged him to start gymnastics at the age of seven. As a result, in 1997, Diego took part in his first gymnastics competition.

And similarly, in 2001, Diego successfully secured an all-around Junior National Champion.

Today, in this article, we discuss Diego’s career and his earnings. But first, here are some quick facts about Diego before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Diego Matios Hypolito
Nick Name Diego
Birth Date June 19, 1986
Birth Place Santo Andre, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Father Name Wagner Hypolito
Mother Name Geni Matais
Siblings  Daniele Hypolito, Edson Hypolito 
Sexual Orientation  Gay
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Boyfriend  No
Children  No
Height 5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight 63 kg (139 lb)
Religion  Christianity 
Ethnicity  Greek-Portuguese 
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Net Worth  $1.5 Million 
Salary  $70,000
Profession Professional Gymnast
  • Two times World Champion
  • Three times World Cup Final gold medalist
  • Five times gold medalist in Pan American Games
Level Senior International 
Discipline  Men’s Artistic Gymnastics 
Nationality Brazillian
Retired May 2019
Started Career 1997 
First Win Brazilian National Championship Children’s Division, 1997
Coach Renato Arujo
Club CR Flamengo
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Book
Last Updated  April, 2024

Diego Hypolito Net Worth and Income

Diego Hypolito made his tremendous net worth of $1.5 million from gymnastics, mostly followed by his fair share of investments.

Since Diego has represented Brazil in various international competitions for more than a decade, he has become a marketing titan with multiple sponsors.

Similarly, in his prime, Diego had multiple opportunities to play in a different continent.

However, during the time, no one from Brazil had made this big impact on international competitions.

And, Diego becomes the first gymnast from Brazil and South America to win a gold medal in World Cup.

In addition, Diego stands as the highest-paid gymnast among all the gymnasts. Besides, Diego earns an unofficial amount of $70,000 as salary every year. 

However, this decision paid off. Diego was considered a favorite gymnast when it came to nationals.

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Diego Hypolito Net Worth: Prize Money

Further, if you have no idea, whoever wins the World Gymnasts Championship is provided the whopping amount of $4,896.

Likewise, Diego has won the World Championship two times, which means he has earned $9,792 from the world championship.

The Brazilian athlete has won a silver medal in the Olympics game; as a result, he earns $15,000 as prize money.

Apart from that, Diego has won five gold medals in the Pan American Games, which means he has made $100,000 from the match.

Diego in 2011 and 2021
Diego in 2011 and 2021.

Similarly, to date, Diego has expected to win more than $300k from all these competitions. On the contrary, however, Diego is considered one of the highest-paid gymnasts of all time.

Diego Hypolito Net Worth: Brand Endorsement

During his career days, Diego used to be featured in high-end brands. Likewise, he was sponsored by brands like Varsity.

Unlike other athletes, Hypolito does not have many brand deals and endorsement projects. Therefore, even though he is a splendid gymnast, his talent was not recognized by many.

However, Diego didn’t let this affect his performance and kept on performing well. Besides, he used to earn a good amount of money from the prizes and bonuses.

However, if we find any information regarding his brand deals and endorsements, we will update you soon.

Motivational Speaker

In these few years, Diego has turned into a motivational speaker, which adds to his net worth.

If you want to call him for any program or a guest lecturer seminar, you can consult his managing team.

However, Diego does not promote any brand now because he has retired. Not to mention, every brand seeks a new and famous face to increase the face value of their product.

But during his career days, also he didn’t endorse any product. Likewise, whatever net worth he has is from his gymnastic career.

Diego Hypolito Net Worth: Lifestyle

Undoubtedly, Diego has established himself as one of the celebrated gymnasts of all time, and of course, it did not come easy. However, Diego lives a simple life as he likes to keep everything minimal and lowkey.

During his career days, Diego’s everyday routine was very hectic, and it consisted of heavy training, practice, and hard work. 

Diego used to train himself for hours and hours. Also, Diego mostly worked on his flexibility and smoothening his landings.

Nonetheless, there is no room for any excuses if you are responsible for representing the whole country on your shoulder.

Diego Hypolito Diet Plan

During Diego’s career days, he was very health conscious; however, he still is. Similarly, there was never a cheat day for him, and Diego always ate healthy to perform well.

Nonetheless, Diego loves to eat veggies and greens. Similarly, Diego feels veggies and green food keeps the body maintained and even helps keep yourself calm and composed.

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A Glance at Diego Hypolito’s Life

Diego Hypolito was born on 1986, June 19, in Santo Andre, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The former gymnast was born to Wagner Hypolito (father) and Geni Matias (mother).

Similarly, he had an average childhood because his father was a bus driver and his mother was a seamstress.

Check out his performance at the 2013 Artistic Worlds 

However, Diego’s parents did everything they could to make Hypolito a better person. They never stopped believing in him and encouraged him in everything he did.

Besides, Diego’s fascination for gymnastics started from his sister; she was also a gymnast and doing great. Nonetheless, Diego also decided to be a gymnast.

Further, Diego made his career debut in 1997 from Brazilian Nationals Champions in Children’s division. Amazingly, Diego wins that competition, and since then, Diego has never looked back.

Likewise, Diego is a floor exercise specialist who has won sixty-three gold medals in the world championship.

The athlete has also won World Championship two times, World Cup Final thrice, and Pan American Games five times.

Diego Hypolito About his sexuality

Diego was born and brought upon a very religious family. However, it was not easy for Diego to open up about his sexuality to his parents.

Nonetheless, he gathered some courage and finally disclosed he was gay.

Sadly, Diego retired in 2019 at the age of 33. Indeed, Diego is an inspiration to a lot of young people and aspiring gymnasts.

Because of his hard work and dedication, he successfully managed to win sixty-three gold medals in World Championships.

Likewise, if it weren’t for his hard work and dedication, Hypolito wouldn’t have been in the place where he is today.

Social Media Presence

Diego Hypolito is active on Instagram and Twitter. Similarly, he uploads a lot of kinds of stuff from his training.

So, if you are curious about Diego, you can follow him on social media. 

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  • “I started crying because I had worked for 12 years for this moment, after two Olympic failures, it is very difficult to show your face again at the Olympic Games. But, today, my soul was cleansed.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Diego Hypolito suffer from depression?

Yes, Diego suffered from depression. However, he was having problems disclosing his sexuality to others because of his religious family background. 

Why did Diego retire?

Diego retired because he wanted to do something new apart from gymnastics. After all, he had only done gymnastics all his life and wanted to explore something new now.

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