Does Jason Whitlock Have Wife And Kids? Details On His Family Life

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As rumors and controversies surround Jason Whitlock and his love life, he makes it clear that he does not have a wife or kids. 

Jason is seen with a lot of different women on various occasions. However, he never stayed with any of them for a long time. 

Moreover, Whitlock does not believe in the long-term knot of marriage and has no plans of being involved in one. 

Similarly, he has no kids with any woman and likes to live a life free of strings of relationships. 

Jason Whitlock Is An American Sports Journalist
Jason Whitlock Is An American Sports Journalist (Source: Facebook)

Jason Lee Whitlock is an American sports columnist, podcaster, and former football player. 

He hosts a program for the conservative media company Blaze Media titled Fearless with Jason Whitlock.

Furthermore, he has worked as a columnist for The Kansas City Star, AOL Sports,, and ESPN. 

The Bell State University graduate was also a radio personality for WHB and KCSP sports stations. He played Division I college football at Ball State as an offensive lineman. 

Jason Whitlock Wife And Kids

Despite all the rumors and speculations, one thing is clear: Jason Whitlock does not have a wife or kids. 

The American sports journalist has set his priorities straight. He chooses a career over having a wife or girlfriend.

In an interview with The Herd, Whitlock clearly said that he believes that being single has an advantage. 

Jason Runs The Show Fearless With Jason Whitlock
Jason Runs The Show Fearless With Jason Whitlock (Source: Facebook)

He gave the example of Chip Kelly, an American football coach, who separated from his wife, Jennifer Jenkins, after only seven years of marriage. 

Moreover, Jason talked about how Chip is one hundred percent into football and does not have to worry about the nagging of his wife and kids. 

Furthermore, Whitlock mentioned that being single gives him more time to think than his competitors. 

More On His Family Life

Jason Whitlock was born on 27 April 1967 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to his parents, James Whitlock and Joyce Whitlock. 

His parents divorced when he was four or five, yet he says he had a very happy childhood. 

Jason was brought up with his brother, James Whitlock II, named after their father. The two brothers lived with their mom. Moreover, they were close to their father even after being separated. 

The young Jason used to follow the Pacers with a local newspaper since there was no internet. His father used to take them to ABA games, and he developed a love for sports since then. 

Controversies About Jason Whitlock

Although Jason is not married, controversies and rumors don’t leave him alone. 

The sports journalist is speculated to have dated women in the past. However, he steers clear of marriage and has no plans of settling down. 

With this kind of belief about marriage, Jason is often seen with a large variety of women. He believes it is okay for him to take part in short-term relationships.

Whitlock Hardly Stays Away From Controversies
Whitlock Hardly Stays Away From Controversies (Source: DailyNews)

Whitlock became a subject of controversy when he congratulated the Asian-American basketball player Jeremy Lin of Guangzhou Loong Lions with a racial comment on Twitter in 2012. 

He tweeted, “Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple of inches of pain tonight.” This was a typical stereotype about the Asian male body, which fans found very disrespectful.

Furthermore, since Jason is single and not married to any woman, fans speculate about him being gay

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