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Douglas Lima, the Brazilian mixed martial artist, has cemented his name in the field of MMA as ‘The Phenom.’

Combining the aggressive ‘art of eight limbs,’ Muay Thai, with calculating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Lima has destroyed many of his opponents with his aggressive fighting style and cunning groundwork.

Lima is ranked the third-best Welterweight fighter in the world by the MMAjunkie and #6 Welterweight fighter in the world, according to FightMatrix.

Douglas Lima is a ferocious fighter when he is in the octagon, and outside the ring, he is a loving husband and a father. Like his Horoscope, Capricorn, Douglas is responsible and disciplined, but cross him and get ready for a world of hurt.

Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima training

So, Today we will be talking about The Phenom Douglas Lima. Brace yourself.

Douglas Lima – Quick Facts

Full Name Douglas Lima
Nickname The Phenom
Birth Date Jan 5, 1988
Birth Place Goiania, Brazil
Horoscope Capricon
Parents Fausto Lima  Cologera Lima
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Mix
Height 6’1’’ (1.85m)
Weight 170lb (77KG)
Reach 74.5 inch (189cm)
Age 36 Years Old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Profession MMA fighter
Style Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Stance Orthodox
Division Welterweight (2006-2019) Middleweight (2020-)
Win 32
Loss 7
Sibling Dhiego Lima
Social Media Instagram @phenomlima
Twitter @PhenomLima
Years Active 2006- present
Merch Half T-shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Fighting out of  Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Rank Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Last Update April, 2024

About Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima is a Welterweight division mixed martial artist. Born in 1988, Lima is of mixed ethnicity, and he is from Brazil. Lima is a Capricorn, according to his horoscope chart.

Douglas and his brother Dhiego started mixed martial arts training from their teenage years.

Work hard and believe and you’ll achieve any goal you’re after

By looks, This Brazilian fighter is 6’1″ (1.85m), with a 74.5-inch reach. And He weighs about 170lb (77KG; 12 stone). Lima has dark hair and dark brown eyes.

He is 36 years old as of now.

Douglas is currently married and has two children, a son, and a daughter. They might be the reason why this guy is so humble even after so many victories. A pious man, Lima attributes all his success and happiness to god.

Douglas Lima
Family Of Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima | Early Life and Training

Douglas Lima was born on January 5, 1988, in Goiania, Brazil, to Fausto Lima and Cologera Lima. Lima moved to Georgia in the United States, where he graduated from Joseph Wheeler High School.

Moving to a totally foreign country that speaks a different language must have been tough. Luckily, the Lima brothers had martial arts to help them cope with their move to a new country.

In Focus, Lima talks abou his fam and road back to the scratch
In Focus, Lima talks about his fam and road back to the scratch

Before his professional career as a mixed martial artist, Lima was an undefeated amateur Muay Thai fighter, winning all the 21 matches he had participated in, with 17 knockouts.  

He began his training along with his brother Dhiego Lima in mixed martial arts at American Top Team, founded by Dan Lambert in 2001. Before his professional debut, Lima defeated Albert Steinbeck, ending with a submission via a rear-naked chokehold.

The career of The Phenom

Douglas Lima has had a great streak in the MMA, winning 32 games and losing only 7 matches out of 41 professional fights with 0 draws. This is a feat only someone like Conor Mcgregor and a handful of other fighters can achieve.

The Phenom made his first professional debut in Wild Bill’s Fight Night (WWBF) in 2006, against Carlos Julio Molestina. The match ended with a Knock Out in Douglas’s favor. Douglas’s career seemed to be heading off to a great start.

After his first professional fight, Lima was able to win four consecutive matches through submission against Steve Linton, Nathan Osterkamp, John Nellermoe, and Ray Perales.

Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima victory against MVP and 50 cents in the background

The number one thing I learned from martial arts is respect! Very important to have that among the sport.

The Phenom tasted his first professional defeat in 2007 against Matt Brown. The match ended in a TKO. Although Lima showed a great performance like always; This time, it was not enough to secure him a win.

Lima had won his Welterweight Championship title against Lorenz Larkin in 2017. On account of unanimous decision. This would go down as the greatest highlight of The Phenom’s Career.

However, in the next match, Douglas failed to defend his title against Rory MacDonald right after a year. The match ended like his last fight, but with a different victor. Maybe Rory proved too much for Lima, or maybe it was because of the one-year hiatus.

Or, It could’ve been the combination of both.

Lima has participated in 9 title matches so far, winning 6 matches and losing 3. Throughout his career, Lima has won 3 Bellator welterweight championship titles and one successful title defense.

The Phenom is set to compete in a middleweight division in 2020. Against Gegard Mousasi.

Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima practicing his BJJ

Before his associating with Bellator MMA, Lima had made notable achievements in the following leagues.

American Fight League

In 2008, Lima joined the AFL, where he defeated Cody Senseney with a wonderful Knock-Out. His entry to AFL was off to a wonderful start. The Phenom was set to compete against future fellow Bellator star Brent Weedman.

However, Lima could not defend his welterweight AFL title against Brent Weedman in 2008; this marked a great disappointment in The Phenom’s career. The fight against Weedman was the last appearance Lima made in the AFL.

Douglas Lima
                           Douglas Lima just in his own

King Of Cage

Douglas Lima was set to face Justice Haskins in a debut match for the World Extreme Cage fight, but due to certain complications, that wasn’t the case. Instead, Lima faced Charles  Blanchard in King of the Cage. Unfortunately, He lost the match.

After his disappointing match in the KOTC, Douglas competed in the Best of the Best against Eric Dahlberg, again losing the match through a unanimous decision. 

Sin City Fight Club

Douglas Lima Squared off against Eddie Hernandez in October at the Sin City Fight Club, and the next month, he fought with Clint Hester in the year 2009. And, He won both the matches with relative ease.

In 2010, Lima joined the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Douglas Lima
Douglas Lima Instagram Post

Maximum Fighting Championship

On September 10, 2010, Lima made his first appearance in the MFC against Ryan Ford and won the MFC Welterweight Championship.

While in the MFC, Douglas faced off against Jesse Juarez and Terry Martin; and he won all the matches through Submission and TKO, respectively.

In the match against Terry Martin, Lima was able to defend his title of the MFC Welterweight Champion. After a year in MFC, The Phenom joined the Bellator Fighting Championship in 2011.

To this day, Douglas ‘The Phenom’ Lima is associated with Bellator.

Douglas Lima and his brawny leg kicks 

There are MMA fighters who use check leg kicks for their safety, to maintain a healthy distance from their opponent but then there exists a different level of MMA fighters who use leg kicks to hunt them with pure damage on their minds.

Douglas lima falls into the latter group. He has an art of leg kicks, especially that low leg kick to propose in his MMA career. It is also said that his kicks are so hard that they sound like someone is firing a shotgun.

On top, Rory MacDonald has been warned about the dangerous kick. They faced off before at Bellator 192 on January 20, 2018. Rory won with a unanimous decision but had to survive with big swelling on the shin of his left leg.

They both again faced each other at Bellator 232 in 2019. And this time, Lima conquered over him, winning the final of the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix by unanimous decision.

It was in the fourth round where  Lima hit his first big kick to MacDonald’s left calf and ended on his butt. In the fifth round, Lima quickly reversed his position, disfiguring him with strikes from on top.

Michael Page was brutally knocked out by The Phenom.

 People who fondly watch MMA definitely talk about the ferocious right uppercut that Lima dispatched on Michael Page’s chin to hand at Bellator 221 Welterweight World Grand Pix.

The low leg kick bashed Michael off his feet in the second round and led Lima to take over the fight in his favor in May 2019.

Yes, of course, the physical fight might have ended here, but then there came a lot of grudges as well.

Douglas Lima VS Michael Page
Douglas Lima VS Michael Page

Michael was not satisfied with the tournament itself and was calling for a rematch against the only man to ever beat in MMA for years, as per an interview for Michael Bisping’s podcast.

And in return, Lima blended him with a piece of advice, saying, ” He is just hand-picking his opponents at the moment. He wants to fight but just against me.” At the same moment, Michael was claiming Lima to be running away or saying no to the fight.

But hell no, why would Lima opt-out of anything that comes across his way. It was just that Lima was kind of enforcing Michael to go for tougher competition inside the circular cage.

On the other hand, even Lima wanted big fights that would elevate his name even more. I am not going to sit and pick my opponents. This is a champion’s policy.

Douglas Lima on Kumaru Usman

The Phenom doubts the UFC would ever try to match him up against their champion, Kamaru Usman – the current UFC champion at 170 pounds.

Lima's thought on UFC setting up a match between him and Usman
Lima’s thought on UFC setting up a match between him and Usman

UFC won’t take the risk,” Lima posted his opinion on Twitter about the potential matchup with Usman.

While Lima stands strong to fight against some UFC fighters, there are other UFC champs who come in support of him and appreciates his victory.

Here is a Tweet by Jorge Masvidal, who is number 7 in the UFC welterweight rankings as of May 10, 2021, cherishes his win.

Jorge cherishing Lima's win
Jorge cherishing Lima’s win

Douglas Lima | Wife and Children

Douglas is married to Jessica Lima, a beautiful woman; together, they have two wonderful children; son Davi Lima and daughter Linda Lima. They got married on 15th February 2013.

They are living a grounded and modest life together. Their marriage is going strong. They have two lovely children. On the whole, Life is pretty good for this humble warrior.

Work hard and believe and you’ll achieve any goal you’re after!

Douglas Lima Net Worth and Earning

The Phenom’s Networth in 2019 was estimated to be around half a million dollars. But considering his recent success, it is safe to assume his net worth in 2024has increased, respectively.

According to some sources, He earns about $230k.

Douglas Lima VS Mousasi
Gegard Mousasi VS Douglas Lim

Douglas Lima On Social media

Lima is very active on Social Media. He is on Instagram as @phenomlima, with over 208k followers. Most of Lima’s Instagram posts are of his training and his family. It is inspiring to see how he has managed to train and spend his time with his family.

Lima’s Twitter handle is @PhenomLima, with 19.9k followers. He has shared more than 9K tweets through his Twitter handle. Douglas uses this handle to promote his upcoming fights and, again, training photos.

Douglas Lima is very interactive with his fans on social media. This only goes to prove how down-to-earth this man is.

Like me, if you are a fan of The Phenom Lima, make sure to follow him. You can expect to see his vacation post on Instagram, aside from his training, and on Twitter, it is mostly business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is Douglas Lima?

He has topped the art of finishing fights. The only aim Lima carries is to train himself hard and move up in the ranks. He is proven to be vicious once he gets inside the cage.

What car does Douglas Lima drive?

Lima drives a BMW e46.

Notable victories and the best fights?

Lima’s best fight includes the win over Rory MacDonald, Andrey Koreshkov (2x), Michael Page, Paul Daley, and Lorenz Larkin.

Douglas Lima Match Statistics

       Date (m/d/yyyy) Result Opponent (Last) Method/


Event Record  
10/26/2019 Win Roy MacDonald Decision Bellator 232 32-7 T
05/11/2019 Win Micheal Page KO Bellator 221 31-7  
09/29/2018 Win Andrey Koreshkov Sub Bellator 206 30-7  
01/20/2018 Loss Roy MacDonald Decision Bellator 192 29-7 T
05/24/2017 Win Lorenz Larkin Decision Bellator NYC 29-6 T
11/10/2016 Win Andrey Koreshkov KO Bellator 164 28-6 T
07/16/2016 Win Paul Daley Decision Bellator 158 27-6  
07/17/2015 Loss Andrey Koreshkov Decision Bellator 140 27-6 T
04/18/2014 Win Rick Hawn KO Bellator 117 26-5 T
09/20/2013 Win Ben Saunders KO Bellator 100 25-5  
02/21/2013 Win Bryan Barker KO Bellator 90 24-5  
01/24/2013 Win Michail Tsarev KO Bellator 86 23-5  
11/02/2012 Win Jacob Ortiz KO Bellator 79 22-5  
04/06/2012 Loss Ben Askren Decision Bellator 64 22-5 T
11/12/2011 Win Ben Saunders KO Bellator 57 22-4  
10/08/2011 Win Chris Lozano KO Bellator 53 21-4  
09/10/2011 Win Steve Carl Decision Bellator 49 20-4  
04/08/2011 Win Terry Martin KO MFC 29:Conquer 18-4 T
11/12/2010 Win Jesse Juarez Sub MFC 27 17-4 T
09/10/2010 Win Ryan Ford Sub MFC 26 16-4  
03/26/2010 Win Cortez Coleman Decision SportFight X-1: Beatdown 15-4  
11/13/2009 Win Clint Hester Decision Sin City Fight Club: Redline Grand Prix Round 2 14-4  
10/10/2009 Win Eddie Hernandez Sub Sin City Fight Club: Redline Grand Prix Opening Round 13-4  
06/12/2009 Loss Eric Dahlberg Decision Best of the Best 12-4  
03/27/2009 Loss Charles Blanchard Decision KOTC: Invincible 12-3  
08/23/2008 Win Joseph Baize KO Southern Kentucky: Combat League 12-2  
05/30/2008 Loss Brent Weedman Sub AFL: Bulletproof 11-2  
03/07/2008 Win Cody Senseney KO AFL: Eruption 11-1  
12/01/2007 Win Eric Davila Sub ROF 31: Undisputed 10-1  
10/16/2007 Win Daniel Douglas Sub RMB & PCF 1: HellRazor 9-1  
08/11/2007 Win Kyle Baker Sub Reign in the Cage 8-1  
07/14/2007 Win Ed Nuno KO XFS 6: Bad Blood 7-1  
03/10/2007 Win Joshua Hancock KO Evolution: Mayhem in Albany 6-1  
02/09/2007 Loss Matt Brown KO ISCF: Invasion 5-1  
12/15/2006 Win Ray Perales KO Xtreme Fight Series 3 5-0  
10/21/2006 Win John Nellermoe Sub ISCF: Southside Slugfest 4-0  
10/14/2006 Win Nathan Osterkamp Sub Border Wars 3-0  
09/22/2006 Win Steve Linton Sub ISCF: Fever Fight Night 2-0  
07/14/2006 Win Carlos Julio Molestina KO Wild Bill’s: Fight Night 3 1-0  

                   T stands for title matches.

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