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Drew Eubanks is a young professional basketball player from America who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA. He mainly plays as a power forward, but he can also fit in as a center.

The Oregon resident first tasted the failure when he failed to get drafted in the 2018 NBA draft. However, he returned to the league with the San Antonio Spurs, bringing him into their team.

Before his professional league journey, Eubanks played his college basketball for the Oregon State Beavers.

While with the Beavers, Eubanks was one of the top-rated forward in the Oregon State.

Drew Eubanks with the Oregon State Beavers(Source: Building the Dam)
Drew Eubanks with the Oregon State Beavers (Source: Building the Dam)

Even though Eubanks has already made appearances in around four NBA seasons, he is still struggling to secure his future in the league.

The San Antonio Spurs had given him some chance to redeem his career but not anymore.

However, there is still a ray of hope that he can come back stronger as his matches with the Portland Trail Blazers in the last season went very well. 

Anyways, it is all up to him, and we, as his fans, can only hope that he will make the best out of the opportunities he gets in the upcoming seasons.

Here we have all the essential information about this hustling power forward, Drew Eubanks. So please stick with us till the last of this article to know him more.

But first, let’s check out some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Drew Eubanks
Date of Birth February 1, 1997
Birth Place Starkville, Mississippi, the USA
Nick Name Not available
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
Age 26 years old
Height 2.06 m (6 feet 9 inches)
Weight 245 lb (111 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name David Eubanks
Mother’s Name Laura Eubanks
Siblings One (Kelli Eubanks)
  • Reynolds High School (Troutdale, Oregon)
  • Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon)
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Girlfriend Hailey Thomas 
Kids None
Profession Professional basketball player
NBA Draft 2017 / Round: 1 / 19th pick overall
Position Power forward / Center
League  National Basketball Association (NBA)
Active Years (2018 – Present)
Net Worth $1.5 million
Currently Plays For Portland Trail Blazers
Jersey Number 24
Social Media  InstagramTwitter
Merch Notebook
Last Update March 2023

Drew Eubanks | Early Life, Family & Education 

On February 1, 1997, Drew Eubanks was born in Starkville, Mississippi, United States. He is the youngest child of Drew and Laura Eubanks. 

His father, Drew, worked as a mechanic while his mother was a nurse. His family migrated to the state of Oregon when Drew was just two.

Drew attended the Reynolds High School in Troutdale as a kid and was there for his entire school years.

He grew up in a very loving family environment playing with his older sister, Kelli. She was already into sports at that time, and she taught him softball while he was a young boy.

Kelli later played college softball for Colorado State University.

Drew Eubanks' mother (Source: KPTV)
Drew Eubanks’ mother (Source: KPTV)

However, Eubanks was interested in other sports as well. He played groundball and basketball, too, but baseball was his favorite among them all.

Even until now, his most significant achievement besides getting into the NBA is winning Mt. Hood Conference title in baseball.

So, if he had not chosen basketball later on during his high school, he would have probably ended up being a professional baseball player.

His path changed when the high school basketball coaches invited and told his parents that he had a body type that would be fit for a basketball athlete.

Luckily, Drew decided to dedicate his time to basketball and joined his high school team.

His parents provided him with firm support and visited him during his matches to cheer him up as they, at last, believed that it was probably what their son was made out for.

He initially intended to obtain a degree in University Exploratory Studies but could not do it as he dropped out after his third year.

Drew Eubanks | Basketball Career

High School Career

Eubanks played both high school baseball and basketball tournaments for the Reynolds School. However, as he grew tall, he left baseball and played only basketball as a senior.

Over time, he thrived as one of the best centers in his area, with high rebound scores every season. Continuing his form, he averaged 18.0 points and 10.4 rebounds in his senior season.

Consequently, he graduated from his high school as ESPN’s top basketball athlete in the state of Oregon in 2015. Moreover, he was named a four-star recruit by the same sports agency.

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College Career

After his high school graduation, Drew Eubanks joined Oregon State University for his college career. He said he chose the Oregon State Beavers because it was in his home state and was very close to his house.

Eubanks started his freshman season hoping for better performance, but he had an average game. He could only average 7.6 points and 4.6 rebounds per game, playing all 32 games of the season.

However, there were some positive things to note from his performance that season. He was the fourth-best in field goal percentage in the Pac-12 conference and the sixth-best freshman in his college’s history in terms of rebound scores.

After that season, there was a noticeable improvement in his game, and his scores were far better. He played two more college seasons for the Beavers averaging around 14.0 points per game.

Professional Career

Drew Eubanks was always among one of the most talked-about young athletes when he was actively playing high school and college basketball. 

However, to his disappointment, no NBA club bid for him, and he remained undrafted in the 2018 NBA draft. Luckily the San Antonio Spurs came to his rescue and signed him for the 2018 NBA Summer League.

Drew signed a two-way contract with the Spurs on September 17, 2018. He debuted in the NBA regular season a month later against the Portland Trail Blazers, which they lost by 108-121.

Drew Eubanks with the San Antonio Spurs
Drew Eubanks with the San Antonio Spurs (Source: Image Abyss – Alpha Coders)

Furthermore, he stayed for around two more seasons with the Spurs, in which the club offered him more matches. But, he showed no improvement, so they released him in 2022.

Following his release, he played for his hometown club, Portland Trail Blazers, for around 22 matches until they were out of the 2021-22 season.

Quite surprisingly, his performance for the Blazers was his best to date, in which he averaged 14.5 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

Now that his short-term contract with them is already over, his fate remains undecided in the upcoming season.

Net Worth & Career Earnings

According to sources, the Portland Trail Blazers power forward has a net worth of around $1.5 million. 

Initiating his playing career in 2018, the player mainly earns from professional league games as he does not have other business.

After failing to get drafted, the San Antonio Spurs hired him and paid him around $77 k for his rookie season.

They kept him for the second season and appeared for their D-League affiliate club, Austin Spurs, and received about $80k for that season.

The Spurs wanted to test his abilities for more time, so he extended his contract signing a new three-year deal worth $5.2 million in 2020, but the club traded him to the Toronto Raptors in the middle of the 2021-22 season.

However, he made the most money from his last season, for which the Spurs paid him nearly $1.65 million. The player has already accumulated around $2 million from his NBA career.

He was the 19th highest-paid athlete in the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2021-22 season, with an annual salary of about $477k.

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Heart for Oregon Campaign

In October 2020, the Oregon state witnessed one of the most enormous wildfires, with many people being displaced from their residences. The fire devastated nearly 200,000 acres of land and burnt people’s houses.

It also caused much damage near the Oregon City Area, where Eubanks hails from. There were shortages of food and other basic needs in the state, and people needed help.

In such a situation, he teamed up with Portland Gear and launched a Heart for Oregon campaign to raise funds for helping Oregon Food Bank. He donated around $5000 for the cause.

They had collected around $30k quickly, and many people immediately participated in the campaign seeing their star player engaging in the work.

Moreover, he covered the cost of making the printed “Heart for Oregon” t-shirts and urged his fans to buy them to contribute the collected amount to the Oregon Food Bank and relief units.

He expressed his sympathy to the troubled families during that difficult time and further remarked that it was his first time doing such work, and he felt pretty contented doing it. 

Drew Eubanks | Girlfriend

The Oregon city native is happily engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Hailey Thomas.

Drew announced his engagement to Hailey through the Insta post in June 2020, posting a photo of her finger with a ring on it. He had introduced her among his fans as “Mrs. Eubanks.”

Hailey is an Oregon resident like Eubanks himself, and they have known each other since their college days.

Drew Eubanks with his girlfriend Hailey (Source: Instagram)
Drew Eubanks with his girlfriend, Hailey (Source: Instagram)

However, unlike him, she attended Portland State University and graduated with multidisciplinary studies and a psychology degree in 2020.

Hailey portrays an image of a supportive fiancee and kind person in public as she encourages Drew by showing up regularly in his league matches.

Similarly, she actively participated with him in relief campaigns during the Oregon wildfire in 2020.

The couple spends most of their time together now, probably because their wedding date is drawing close. As per the reports, they intend to marry in the summer of this year if everything goes well.

Age, Weight & Height

As of 2023, Drew Eubanks is 26 years old.

About his physical stats, he stands about 2.06 meters (6 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs around 245 lb (111 kg).

Social Media

Instagram: @drewdatower

Twitter: @DrewEubanks12

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Drew Eubanks?

Drew Eubanks has only averaged 5.9 points and 4.1 rebounds playing around four NBA seasons till now.

So he is quite an average player. However, his last performance with the Blazers was unexpectedly outstanding.

What is the wingspan of Drew Eubanks?

Drew Eubanks has a wingspan of around 6 feet 11 inches. 

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