England 1-0 Romania: Rashford scored for England

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England ended their Euro preparations by beating Romania in a friendly at Riverside Stadium as Rashford scored for England.

Manager Gareth Southgate also selected the first test team consisting of three players Ben Godfrey, Ben White, and James Ward-Prowse, who were not named in his 26-man squad for Euro 2020.

There have been mixed reactions as English players continue to kneel before the start of the match. 

With great mockery likened to applause, Southgate insists they will continue to stand up for this in public against racial injustice.

England was a major threat, with both Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Jadon Sancho batting in the first half before Marcus Rashford put them ahead in the 68th minute after Jack Grealish, undoubtedly, badly fouled by Tiberiu Capusa.

It was a great way to mark Rashford, given the captain’s armband, making him the youngest black player to lead England in 23 years and 218 days.

West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Sam Johnstone won his first England title. And made a game that sounded very good, most notably a good response kept from Andre Ivan.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson gave Southgate a lift when he appeared at half-time for his first action since February 20. 

However, he did not cover himself with glory when he saw his late sentence saved by goalkeeper Florin Nita. After Vlad, Izilonda fouled Calvert-Lewin.

Grealish the catalyst for England too.

Grealish continues to make a serious case for inclusion in the England squad when they launch their Euro campaign against Croatia at Wembley for seven days.

In England’s mysterious exhibition, the Greeks once again became the most intriguing sparks. They were creating and drawing luck in dangerous places everywhere.

It was because of a single trademark in the area where he pulled an error that made England their game-winning penalty. 

Grealish the catalyst for England (Source: Croydon Guardian)
Grealish the catalyst for England (Source: Croydon Guardian)

He gave Southgate and his players the confidence to win a second consecutive friendly match at Teesside. After Wednesday’s win against Austria.

England will have a series of top scorers, led by captain Harry Kane, back against the Croatian team. 

But Grealish has given Southgate the most thought-provoking food in these two games. 

He has an “X-Factor” that could impact big games and shift emphasis to major tournaments.

Southgate now has to decide whether this is a good impact from the start or on the bench. To the liking of Manchester City players Phil Foden and Champions League winner Mason Mount and Meson.

Has Henderson shown enough?

Southgate was also keen to see Henderson get minutes on the pitch. After a long absence following surgery. Especially after withdrawing from the Austrian game and reporting some discomfort.

It came as no surprise to see Henderson introduced at Leeds United’s Kalvin Phillips’ second half.

Henderson looks strong enough, though the pace of the friendly settlement will be far. From the heat of the competitive war with Croatia at the start of the Euros.

He joined the action late when he appeared to be pulling strings for Calvert-Lewin to take his second England penalty after the Everton player was sacked.

Henderson looks strong enough (Source: Give me Sport)
Henderson looks strong enough (Source: Give me Sport)

Calvert-Lewin has already secured a convincing score in England to win over the Republic of Ireland at Wembley in November. 

Still, Henderson decided it should be his decision. But, unfortunately, it was a bad decision as his ball hit unscathed and high with Nita’s saving.

It did not affect the final result, and most importantly. At Southgate will be how Henderson got to his long-awaited return from work.

Although Henderson reports that there are no side effects, it will still represent great gambling. That Southgate is doing due to his lack of competition.

‘We haven’t worked hard enough.’

England manager Gareth Southgate said: “We had the opportunity to make it comfortable. But they, too, in the first half, were not working hard enough without the ball. 

“So, as a result, we were very stretched. After the break, I thought we had improved, and it helped us go 4-3-3 later. 

“And I have to say good practice. The players needed minutes. And learned a lot in this game. So it was good to win.”

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