Golfer Paige Mackenzie Brother Brock MacKenzie- Family Tree

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Former golfer Paige Mackenzie brother Brock MacKenzie shares a profound love for golf, bonding over their shared passion on the course.

Likewise, his brother Brock MacKenzie pursued gold professionally in 2004; instead, now he is a Sales Associate for Silverleaf Realty.

Paige Mackenzie is a former American professional golfer who joined the LPGA Tour in 2007 after becoming a professional.

Not only that, In April 2012, the National Association of Professional Women announced its partnership with Paige Mackenzie.

Brock Mackenzie
Brock Mackenzie, Brother Of Paige (Source: Twitter)

She is even the “NAPW Athletic Spokeswoman” and starred in a nationwide television ad campaign for that professional association in 2012.

After she retired from pro golf, Paige joined Golf Channel as an analyst and became the top host.

Moreover, the NBC Sports analyst will cover the 2023 US Open for NBC Sports as per the active sources.

Brock MacKenzie, Brother Of Paige Mackenzie

Brock was born to Hugh Mackenzie and Caren Mackenzie in Yakima, Washington, U.S.

The Mackenzie siblings attended the prestigious University of Washington, where they studied almost the same degrees in Economics and business.

Brock, now approaching the age of 42, has dedicated over 14 years of his life to a successful professional golf career.

As an ambassador for the Silverleaf Club, he has exemplified his skills and commitment to the sport.

Brock With His Son Liam
Brock With His Son Liam (Source: Instagram)

With his realtor profession, he has recently in 2023 was honored to be featured in Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine as one of Silverleaf Realty’s Rising Stars.

Not only that, Brock has been inducted into the University of Washington Hall of Fame.

A passionate individual, Brock likes traveling, attending concerts and sporting events, and socializing with friends.

Although not much information is available on his wife, he often uploads about his son, Liam, on his Instagram handle.

Brock And Paige Interview

The playful interview with Brock and Paige was a delightful Q&A session where the two siblings enthusiastically answered many questions.

Where the siblings opened up about their childhood anecdotes and passed jolly banters to each other.

One of the most amusing moments came when they were asked who their parents’ favorite child is.

Paige With Her Brother, Brock And Father, Hugh
Paige With Her Brother, Brock, And Father, Hugh (Source: Twitter)

Brock playfully pointed the finger at Paige without missing a beat, accusing her of being the golden child.

Furthermore, during the interview, the siblings fondly reminisced about their childhood, revealing that Paige was, in fact, the most talented player among them.

The entire questionnaire was filled with contagious giggles and positive remarks between the siblings.

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