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The 2019 MasterChef celebrity champion and the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Greg Rutherford, has a net worth of $5 million. 

Greg Rutherford is a professional British track and field athlete who specializes in the sport of long jumping. 

Thus, he has a massive fan following due to his impressive performance in the field. Moreover, his grandfather and great-grandfather were both famous footballers at their time. 

They both played for the legendary football club Arsenal. Additionally, Greg himself had trials for Aston Villa. Thus, he was destined to be a sportsman. 

Further, his sporting heroics led Greg Rutherford to a world championship final. During the event, he was able to jump over 8.40m. 

Greg Rutherford

Further, the super athlete has also been able to grab bronze and gold medals at the Olympics. Moreover, in 2013, Greg Rutherford was awarded an MBE Honors for services to athletics. 

Besides, the athlete was also a part of the popular show “Strictly come dancing.” In addition, the long jumps athlete is interested in cooking and has become a winner at MasterChef 2019.

Without further ado, here are some quick facts regarding the player. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Gregory James Rutherford
Date of Birth 17 November 1986
Birth Country Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England
Nick Name Greg Rutherford
Gender Male
Nationality United Kingdom
Age 37 years old
Height 6’4″ (1.93m)
Weight 87 kg (192 lbs)
Body Measurements N/A
Build Athletes
Profession Long Jumper
Club Marshall Milton Keynes Athletics Club
Turned Pro 2005
Race/ Ethnicity White
Religion Non-religious
Father’s Name Andy Rutheford
Mother’s Name Tracy Rutherford
Great Grandfather’s Name Jock Rutherford
Grandfather’s Name John Rutherford
Horoscope Scorpio
Siblings Natalie Rutherford
Robert Rutherford
Hobbies Cooking, Parenting
Brand Endorsement Asda Active
School Two Mile Ash Primary School
Denbigh School
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Girlfriend N/A
Spouse Susie Verrill
Children 3( Milo Rutherford, Rex Rutherford, and Daphne Rutherford)
Social Media InstagramFacebookTwitter
Merch Unexpected: The Autobiography
Net Worth $5 million
Last Update March, 2024

Greg Rutherford Net Worth and Income

Greg Rutherford made his breakthrough and accumulated a net worth of $5 million. He was able to accumulate his fortune through participation in numerous sporting events. 

Also, his endorsements and sponsorship partly contribute to his net worth as well. However, the figure is quite low for an Olympian. 

Nonetheless, his Greg Rutherford had put him on the marketing map. But, on the other hand, he also suffered a major setback after the end of his deal with Nike. 

The deal ended despite his win at the Olympic Games in 2012. 

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Greg Rutherford | Cars and House


Despite being a prolific athlete, Greg does not have a lavish collection of cars. Nonetheless, the British long jumper owns a Range Rovers. 

The gold medal-winning athlete was invited to a Range Rover event, and the rest is history. Greg instantly fell in love with the Range Rover and is currently driving one. 

Besides, before buying the Rover, Greg drove a Ford Mondeo. Greg states that he wanted an upgrade with few decent perks. 


The winner of the 2012 London Olympics, Greg Rutherford, has a decent accommodation to his account. 

Despite being a world-class athlete, Greg lives a normal life. Further, back in 2012, the athlete had an incident with his agent. 

According to reports, his agent had defrauded Greg Rutherford of £48,000. So, he had to make some financial adjustments. 

To this day, Greg shares his story of how he was unable to pay tax bills and mortgage at the time. 

Nonetheless, Greg Rutherford and his wife have been living a happy life. Also, the couple has been improvising and renovating their house in Milton. 

The respective house was bought at an undisclosed fee. Further, the former Olympian has set up a luxurious Kitchen in his home. 

The kitchen cabinets accommodate his needs and are suitable for his culinary skills. In addition, the area has wooden worktops and chrome accents. 

Besides, the stunning house also features a huge trampoline in the garden. Therefore, it is suitable for the athlete to spend some time and have fun with his children. 

Also, Greg’s two sons showcase their jumping skills in the trampoline. On the other hand, Greg Rutherford also held a long jump event in his back garden. 

The respective event featured world champion athletes such as Michell Watt, Christian Lapierre, and Christian Taylor. 

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Greg Rutherford | Lifestyle and Vacations


As a professional athlete and a fitness freak, Greg lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Additionally, the athlete enjoys his life away from the spotlight. 

Greg describes himself as a speed-based runner. So, he does a lot of sprinting. Hence, the athlete spends most of his days training. 

Further, Greg does a lot of biometric work to ensure his technique are stable and accurate. This ensures an enhanced performance on the field. 

Greg wakes up at 6 am and has his breakfast between 8-9 am on most of his days. His breakfast consists of Greek Yoghurt, berries, cinnamon, honey, almonds, and hazelnuts. 

Moreover, Greg Rutherford enjoys his lunch at 3 pm. The lunch is based on stir-fried chicken or turkey, baked trout fillets, and veggies.

Greg Rutherford

Besides, the super athlete is known to love Caribbean food. But, on the other hand, he keeps expressing his bad experience with gluten food. 

Nonetheless, Greg is known to enjoy dough-based food. In addition, he enjoys a good pizza once a weekend. 

Moreover, the athlete enjoys sharing red wine with his friend Rob “TV’s Judge Rinder.” Additionally, he occasionally visits a shop in Islington for free wine tastings. 

Besides, the athlete enjoys Sushi at lace in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. Further, he is also known to be fond of mac and cheese. 

Similarly, talking about his favorite food, Greg’s signature dish is Omelette and protein super shake. 


Greg loves going on a vacation once in a while. He keeps posting photos of his exotic time in places such as Miami, Dubai, and Jamaica.

Similarly, he loves to reminiscence his memories of proposing to his fiancée in Arizona. 

He recalls the place to be exciting and memorable. Further, Greg completed his training in Arizona as well. 

In addition, Greg enjoys having his laptop, Aeropress Coffee maker, and a history book when he is on vacation. 

Besides, the athletes say Powder N Shine’s ski chalets in Reberty, France was his most memorable vacation experience. 

Similarly, Greg’s favorite meal is Sushi at Taka in San Diego. 

Greg Rutherford | Charity

One of his recent charity engagements was StreetGames. Also, it was one of the highlights of the BBC Lifeline Appeal. 

Additionally, Greg Rutherford was the face of the respective fundraising broadcast. Further, he took participated in three projects within the StreetGames network. 

He led the charity to support local communities and improves the lives of young people. Moreover, the program was led by Greg to create positive changes among disadvantaged young people. 

The charity helped people across the UK and made the communities safe, healthier, and successful. 

Also, Greg engaged in a partnership with over 1,000 locally Trusted Organizations. On the other hand, the athlete was also a part of a fundraising program ran by NSPCC. 

The OlympiansChallenge was a fundraising program that numerous athletes inspired. 

Further, the challenge is a full-body workout, which was supported by famous Olympians. Moreover, Greg was a part of the program with Tom Dale, Claire Rafferty, and Rebecca Adlington. 

The respective Olympians took the opportunity to make their contribution to the charity. 

Greg Rutherford | Movies, Endorsements, and Book Publications

Movies and Media

Unlike other Olympians and athletes, Greg loves a challenge. Thus, he strives forward to prove himself on a platform apart from sport. 

This endeavor of his has led Greg to make appearances on numerous TV Shows. In addition, the athlete has competed in Great Sport Relief Bake Off and Tim Crashers. 

In addition, Greg has notable appearances on shows such as Million Pound Drop and The Cube. 

Besides, Greg is also known for his appearance on John Bishop’s Only Joking, Battlechefs, and The Crystal Maze.

Moreover, the athlete’s experience meant precise footwork, fitness, and determination. Besides, his hunger for rhythm and salsa-friendly led him to the “Strictly Come Dancing” stage. 

The Olympian enchanted the Judge with his partner Natalie Lowe during the show. However, their run in the show came to an end shortly after. 

The dynamic duo lost in a dance-off to none other than gymnast Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard. 


The Olympic gold medalist was also part of the prestigious Celebrity MasterChef series. Greg Rutherford was crowned champion after defeating finalist Neil Ruddock and Vicky Pattinson. 

Thus, the athlete proved that no boundaries exist to present your talent and skills. During the show, Greg spent six weeks facing numerous opponents. 

Greg Rutherford won the Celebrity MasterChef.

In addition, he learned new cooking techniques despite being under pressure. Besides, Greg’s winning meal included lamb cutlets and a scotch egg. 

The show judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode were blown by his cooking skills. 

Talking about his MasterChef journey, Greg describes it as an “Incredible experience.” 


As an Olympic medalist, Greg Rutherford did not have any consistent lucrative endorsement deals. 

Nonetheless, despite going through a tough time, the athlete finally managed to control his career. 


Greg Rutherford signed an endorsement deal with ASDA on July 24, 2013. The athlete was the face of the fitness campaign organized by the supermarket chain. 

The Olympian Champion was active on ASDA events and programs. It primarily focuses on encouraging families to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Greg Rutherford ran the campaign in partnership with Sports Leaders UK. It is a charity campaign, which rewarded people with recognized qualifications. 

In addition, they were provided with the motivation and skill to organize sporting activities in the community. 

Greg was able to run 400 free sorts days in primary school across Britain. 

Mammoth mattress

The Olympic Gold medalist recently became one of the professionals to endorse Mammoth Mattresses. 

The sprint and long jump star bought a Mammoth mattress after a friend recommended it to him. 

Ultimately, the gold medalist became fond of the brand. Further, Greg states that it had helped him to deal with his physical stress and insomnia. 

On the other hand, Danny Nobbs was inspired by Greg’s experience with the mattress. So, he also began his experimentation with the mattress. 

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Book Publications

Greg is one of the most successful British athletes of all time. He was able to claim victory at the Commonwealth, European, World, and Olympic level competitions. 

His achievement was matched only by Jonathan Edwards, Linford Christie, Daley Thompson, and Sally Gunnell. 

So, Greg Rutherford’s journey is inspiring to the say least. But, of course, his journey was full of numerous hardships and challenges. 

However, Greg always believed in himself and his talent as a sportsman. Further, he has expressed parts of him in books he wrote to reflect upon himself. 

EDGE: Sporting Heroes: Greg Rutherford

It is an inspirational biography about Greg from author Roy Apps. Roy is an award-winning author who showcases Greg’s grit, determination, and skill needed to be an Olympic champion in the book. 

The respective biography is most suitable for children. The story follows Greg Rutherford’s journey and his rise to be an IAAF top-ranking Diamond League athlete and Olympic gold medalist.

Unexpected: The Autobiography

The book reflects on his endeavor to major titles across the world. Additionally, it is a long-awaited memoir, which also reveals Greg’s secret to remarkable success. 

On the other hand, the biography also highlights on concerning matters such as doping. All-in-all it is a passionate, entertaining, and fascinating read. 

Greg Rutherford | Career

Greg Rutherford was born on November 17, 1986, as Gregory James Rutherford. He is a well-known British track and field athlete. 

As a child, Greg grew up in Milton Keynes. In addition, he was one of three children who were all destined to be a sportsman. 

Further, Greg is a well-educated athlete. However, his course of study and education are still unknown. 

Greg Rutherford Jumps during an event.

Nonetheless, it is known that Greg studied in Two Mile Ash Primary School. Moreover, he completed his high school at Denbigh School. 

Besides Greg was awarded an honorary doctorate of science by the University of Bedfordshire in July 2013. 

After his studies, he dedicated himself to becoming a professional athlete. Consequently, Greg would go on winning at the Olympics and the European and World Championship. 

Moreover, he is one of six athletes who could jump over 8.40 at the world championship final. 

Early Career

Greg participated in the AAA Championship in 2005. Additionally, he won his first long jump event during the competition. 

Further, Greg goes on to win the European Junior Championship as well. Ultimately, with his impressive statistics, he was selected for the 2006 Commonwealth Games

During the event, Greg got the opportunity to represent his country for the first time. 


Greg Rutherford qualified for the 2008 Olympics event in Beijing. During the respective event, he was able to reach the final. However, Greg came in the third place with a score of 8.16m jump. 

Nonetheless, he would prove his worth at the 2012 Olympics in London. Greg was able to win the Gold medal in the fourth round with a jump of 8.31m. 

Moreover, he became the second British athlete to have won the gold medal at the Olympics. 

Further, Greg accomplished the third position at the 2016 Summer Olympics with a jump of 8.29m. 

Besides, he has recently announced his training. Greg is dedicating himself to competing for the 2022 Winter Olympics as a part of the Bobsleigh team. 


Greg was not able to participate during the 2007 season due to his ankle injury. Similarly, because of his foot injury, he was out of the 2010 European Championships in Berlin. 

Further, his hamstring injury did not allow him to compete for the final in the 2011 World Championships. 

Nonetheless, Greg was able to overcome his injury after a series of successful injuries.

Ultimately he participated in the 2007 World Championship event. Unfortunately, however, Greg was not able to make it to the final. 


The super athlete announced his retirement in 2018. He stepped away from his sporting career after 13 years of journey as a long jump athlete. 

3 Facts About Karch Kiraly

  • Greg had trials for the football club Aston Villa.
  • He was the youngest ever athlete to win the AAA Championships at the age of 18.
  • After that, Greg launched Take Flight, which is a three-month online training fitness program.

Social Media Presence

The British long jump athlete is popular on social media. Greg posts a lot of photos with his children and wife Susie.

Instagram: 161k followers

Twitter: 139.4K followers

Facebook: 29K followers

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What relations does Rutherford and Judge Rinder have?

Judge Rinder and Gregare close friends. Recently they both have been on holiday together.

How many medals has Greg Rutherford won?

The Olympian and long jump specialist have won over five gold medals. 

Is Greg Rutherford dating?

Greg is currently dating his fiancée Susie Verrill. They have three children together. 

What does Greg take in his diet?

He takes food that is rich in healthy fats and proteins. Greg enjoys a salad and shakes in the morning. 

What is Greg’s long jump record?

Greg is currently the British record holder for the long jump, both indoors and outdoors. He has a personal best of 8.26 m (indoors) and 8.51 m (outdoors). 

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