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Holly Sonders-one of the most well-known and beautiful females in the golf world-rose to fame as a sports media personality. Sonders, the sexiest woman in golf, reporter, model, and T.V. host, worked on Golf Channel and Fox Sports.

Holly Sonders has been claiming all the attention since her teenage days in various ways, either as a golfer, reporter, broadcaster, or Journalist.

The former golf player is best known for her avatar as a program host for the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive.”

Holly Sonders
Holly Sonders

To date, Sonders is considered a stunning diva who started with golfing, showcasing her wild craze in front of the microphone and her eye-popping pictures taking social media with obsession.

Having said all this, she has garnered massive crowds and fandom even though controversies surround her.

Finally, She left FOX TV in 2019 and started her new venture hollysonders.com where she posts exclusive content that is “too hot to handle on social media.”

Before we plunge into her life, let’s get you a quick dose of facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Holly Niederkoh
Date of Birth March 3, 1987
Birth Place Marysville, Ohio, United States
Nick Name Sonders
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Age 37 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m/176.784 cm)
Weight 61 kg (134.48 lb)
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Dan Niederkohr
Mother’s Name Sandy Niederkohr
Siblings One brother
Education Marysville High School
Marysville Excessive College
Michigan State University
Marital Status Divorced
Husband/Boyfriend Erik Kuselias (2012-2017) 

Kliff Kingsbury

Vegas Dave

Oscar De La Hoya (present)

Kids No
Profession Golfer, T.V. presenter, Sports Anchor, Model, Media Personality
Agent All American Speakers Bureau
Affiliations USGA (United States Golf Association)

Fox Sports

Active Years 2009-present
Net Worth $6.5 million
Annual Salary $2 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Autographed Items
Last Update May, 2024

Body Measurements

Sonders is a drop-dead gorgeous lady with a voluminous and voluptuous body exhibiting a body measurement of 36-24-35.

Additionally, she is fit, conscious of her looks, and maintains them with concern. She stands tall at 61 kg (134.48 lb) while weighing 61 kg (134.48 lb).

Furthermore, Holly has flowing, long brunette hair, which gives an edge to her face by cutting it out. Moreover, she has an oval face, tan skin tone, and big brown eyes.

Her facial structure is cut right in place to give her an edgy look. As we look into her foot size, she wears a shoe number of 7, while her bra size is 32D.

Holly Sonders | Early Life, Education & Golf

Sonders was born on March 3, 1987, with the actual name of Holly Niederkohr to her parents, Dan Niederkohr and Sandy Niederkohr.

She was born under Pisces’ star sign in Marysville, Ohio, United States. Back then, her Father was a doctor and a practicing optometrist, while her mother was a golf champion.

Sonders impacted her mother as she won a golfing tournament at seven years old and became an accomplished junior golfer.

To illustrate, Sonders did her schooling at Marysville High School, where she used to play baseball and basketball on the boys’ teams.

Unlike any other athlete, she also started early in the field.

After high school, she went to Marysville Excessive College and finally got a chance to appear as a four-year starting point guard on the girls’ basketball team.

Sonders for amateur golf
Sonders for amateur golf

Right from the start of her teenage days, her mother significantly influenced her, and she dreamt of pursuing golfing.

At 14, Holly grabbed the American Junior Golf Association and UTC National Championship.

Later as she enrolled at Michigan State University, she led their team (The Spartans) to the Big Ten Championship, which came as their victory.

Equally important, she pushed her horizon throughout her days to partook in NCAA Regional Tournament and NCAA Championships. Along the journey, she also bagged the Academic All-Big Ten honor.

Holly Sonders | Knee Injury and Later

Surprisingly, all those events unfolded came a darkening cloud in Sonder’s life. Consequently, Holly had an unknown knee injury, which left her unable to walk for months.

During her junior year at MSU, her days were not the same as she battled with her bum knee; however, she portrayed that it’s not always that one door for you.

Instead of getting over it, she grabbed her journalism degree and graduated from the University in 2009.

That was when she headed towards being a Journalist who came off a bit easy as she had a golfing history with pleasant academics.

Holly Sonders | Journalism Career


As she advanced to her days post-surgery, Sonders moved towards a new bag of opportunities as she got featured on KATV in Little Rock.

She then began reporting about tornados and homicides, where she gained OJT (On-the-Job Training).

Without wasting much of her time, she tasted the fluidity of broadcast journalism and moved to a more prominent place, WBNS-10 TV, in Columbus, Ohio.

During her tenure, Holly worked for the Big Ten Community as a reporting member, and with the valuable OJT she earned from the KATV working as an area reporter, she applied for the golf channel.

Holly was accepted after getting rejected once, and since then, she began her career at the next level as she joined N.B.C.’s Golf Channel.

Although Sonders couldn’t pursue golfing, she made her dream come true the other way around as she hosted famous shows such as “Playing Lessons with the Pros” and “School of Golf.”

“Right then, she collaborated with her future husband, Erik Kuselias, and met many golf celebrities who rose to immense popularity.

In the meantime, she commenced her golf Channel Morning Drive opportunities with her deepened knowledge about golf gigs.

Golf Channel Morning Drive
Golf Channel Morning Drive

At first, her presence in the shows bought many comments which stated she was portrayed as an object.

However, Sonders was quite chill about it as she explained how a lady could be athletic and feminine at the same time and her dress-up with skirts was nothing but her style statement.

Following it in May 2013, she was featured on the GOlf digest magazine cover, and Golf.com has also titled her one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf three times.

Fox Network

In 2015, Fox Network selected Sonders to host the tournament’s broadcast, for which she left the Golf Channel. When Fox News won the USGA’s golf championship rights, she covered the U.S. Open golf.

Following it, in 2016, she started as a studio host for the Fox Network, presenting U.S. Open alongside being a sideline reporter for the NFL.

Ever since she has been climbing the road to success and popularity as she rose to fame all at once.

Furthermore, she has also appeared in the programs like “THE HERD” and “UNDISPUTED,” featuring herself as a guest host.

Fox Network
Fox Network

Holly Sonders | Awards & Achievements

  •  American Junior Golf Association (two times)
  • Women’s Western Amateur (round 16)
  • Big Ten Championship (The Year 2007)
  • UCT National Championship
  • NCAA Regional Tournament (participation)
  • NCAA Championship (participation)

Net Worth

As of 2024, Sonders is reported to have a net worth of $6.5 million, and her annual earnings are around $2 million.

She also covers brand endorsements, as she was reported with the Cobra Puma Golf, which also serves her earning method. Besides, Holly is currently a yoga instructor too.

Apart from it, Sonders is also an Instagram model. Furthermore, she states that she makes twenty times more money off the OnlyFans Type Subscription Website. 

Holly Sonders | Fitness Regime

When it comes to her fabulous body, she goes through a series of workouts while keeping in mind her health.

According to Sonders, she cannot do much running as she has no meniscus and can not work properly because she has scoliosis.

Simultaneously, she opened how she gains muscles in her arms so quickly; hence, too many arm workouts will make her look muscular.

Therefore, we have listed how she is maintaining her physical fitness. First, she only works out four times a week, consisting of 500 ab exercises three times a week.

If we look into her daily schedule, she wakes up in the early morning hours and trains in the gym, including plenty of squats and lunges.

It is also informed that she has a short torso that she tries to lengthen and stretch. Finally, she has also worked with a trainer named Karen Palacios-Jansen.

In May 2020, Sonders recently unveiled her fitness app, ‘TeamUp Fitness,’ on social media.

Additionally, she had mentioned it to be available in the snippet from where her followers could start her fitness schedule and workouts she tries. Furthermore, her app is dedicated to diet regimes, fitness, wellness, and even relationships.

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Holly Sonders | Love Life and Marriage

Erik Kuselias

Sonders first met Kuselias during her tenure in the Morning Drive as they co-hosted the show together.

They had a quick relationship despite Erik’s bad reputation for his name. The duo dated each other for a while and tied the knot in 2012.

Back then, Kuselias was famous for flirting and having unnecessary affairs with the most. Later, it was revealed that Kuselias was already married and had three kids when he got engaged and tied the knot with Holly; hence, they divorced in 2016.

Erik Kuselias with Holly Sonders (Source: N.B.C.)

As per the sources, Kuselias’ ex-wife ran an investigation on him and revealed his dirty habit of having affairs with many of his co-workers, including Holly Sonders.

In the beginning, Sonders had not spoken about their divorce until one of Kuselias’ fans tweeted about him in her post.

Back then, Holly retweeted, “I filed for divorce over a year ago…we have not been together in a very long time. Thanks.”

They had been married for years, and the divorce came in instantly with all the details enclosed by the public.

Kliff Kingsbury

After Sonders had filed her divorce, she started dating Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, and the news was confirmed on January 9, 2019, after she tweeted about Kliff.

During that time, she congratulated Kliff for his promotion as she also stated, “He’s the best. And we are a little past the crush part.”

Kliff-Kingsbury-and-Holly (Source: FanBuzz)

The duo first met when she was a sideline reporter for the Big 12 Games and Kingsbury was divorced. However, sad enough, their romance was short-lived and came to an end real quick.

Vegas Dave

Afterward, Holly Sonders has been dating Dave Oancea, aka Vegas Dave, since December 2019. They first met in a strip club at Crazy Horse while partying around at another strip club, Sapphire. It was not long after their date that they announced their engagement.

Right during the days as COVID-19 took the globe by storm, they got quarantined together in Mexico; thus, they were sharing pictures of their days amid the lockdown in Cabo.

However, after a short time, Dave returned to his parents, leaving Sonders alone, and the fans were crazy, showcasing it as a breakup.

Holly Sonders with Vegas Dave (Source: Golf Central)

Later, Vegas opened up about the situation on his Instagram account as he said, “I’m the best in the world at what I do, and I want to stay the best, and it takes sacrifice.

And if that sacrifice is my relationship — if she’s meant to be, she’ll stick around. If she wasn’t meant to be, she wasn’t the one who understood my business principles.”

Finally, they broke up as Vegas’ business couldn’t go along with Holly.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya was dating Holly Sonders in 2021. She met De La Hoya in June 2021 while interviewing him.

Oscar is a former professional boxer from 1992 to 2008. He has 11 world titles in six weight classes, including the lineal championship in three of them.

In addition, Oscan won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Oscar with Holly (Source: New York Post)

For valentine’s day, Oscar De La Hoya bought his fiancée a red Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari gift from Oscar to Holly (Source: Instagram)

Holly Sonders | Some Iconic Moments

Jordan Spieth Interview

During the 2015 U.S. Open, Holly had a golden chance to interview the champion, Jordan Spieth, which went down the embarrassing line, which she recalls as the “worst day” of her life. As a golf channel sportscaster, she had time for two questions.

The question that created a buzz was that he asked whether he had packed an outfit in case of a Monday playoff.

The very question was still; hence, they had an awkward post-interview hug by the end of the interview as they parted ways.

Jordan Spieth Interview
Jordan Spieth Interview


When you start on live television or host a show, every eye flickers around you, and even a single tongue slip or miss lead becomes a moment that is forever floating around the internet.

When I say so, everyone who has watched the live screen of Sports knows the moment with Holly Sonders.

Let me take you back to the short glimpse of the year 2018 when she had a miserable tongue slip during the live host of the FS1 2018 U.S.

Open preview show. Sonders mistakenly pronounced “sectional qualifying” with “sexual qualifying.”

However, she maintained her composure and laughed it off while her co-hosts, Shane Bacon and Brad Faxon, pretended not to hear about reducing the embarrassment.

Holly Sonders | Social Media

As everyone knows, Sonders is a hot media star with several followers on her social accounts. Too many unknowns, she is also a friend of the former U.S. President, Donald Trump.

It’s clear since 2014 when she had partaken in an ice bucket challenge wearing an American flag bathing suit.

after the visit, she said, “Looking through pictures from 2014…And I can say I genuinely enjoy my time with @realdonaldtrump. Great office visit in NYC. I think he’s a brilliant man (everyone has haters).”

By the end of the challenge, she nominated none other than her friend Donald Trump for it.

Holly Sonders with Donald Trump
Holly Sonders with Donald Trump

Besides her career in the particular field, she has also appeared in a cameo on an episode of New Girl. It was a comedy featuring Actress Zooey Deschanel that aired on the Fox network in 2015.

Instagram handle @holly.sonders   (662k Followers)
Twitter handle @holly_sonders  (218.2 Followers)


Holly Sonders FAQs

Does Holly Sonders have plastic surgery?

There has always been plenty of rumors that Sonders has had her facial corrections and done some surgeries, although Holly has never confirmed the news.

Is the news about Holly Sonders having a fake tooth true?

Yes! Holly Sonders revealed the statement during an interview about how she knocked her tooth while in the second grade; hence, she had always had a tooth fake.

What are Holly Sonders’ favorite things?

Holly Sonders says her favorite color is black, for the destination is Miami and Hawaii, while if we look for actors and actresses, it is Tom Cruise and Scarlet Johansson.

What outfit does Holly Sonders wear?

Holly Sonders depicts a classy yet elegant outfit looks. She is the brand ambassador of COBRA PUMA GOLF and dons in PUMA Golf apparel, accessories, and footwear. 

What happened to the famous Golfer Holly Sonders?

Holly Sonder has not yet married. She is enjoying her online trend and is still modeling for various businesses on her social media accounts and providing updates. She is active on hollysonders.com, where she posts exclusive content.

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