How Much FAAB To Spend On Ford?: Fantasy Football

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How Much FAAB To Spend On Ford?

Losing a player of Chubb‘s caliber can indeed be a significant setback for fantasy football owners, potentially impacting their championship aspirations.

However, it’s essential to remember that there are still opportunities to salvage your season, especially if you can secure Jerome Ford, Chubb’s replacement in the game.

In Week 1, Ford started modestly with just 36 yards gained on 15 carries. However, he stepped up admirably when filling in for Chubb, delivering an impressive 106-yard performance on 16 carries.

How Much Faab To Spend On Ford?: Fantasy Football
Jerome Ford (Source: Wikipedia)

Ford also showcased his receiving abilities with three catches on four targets, amassing 25 yards and even securing a touchdown catch.

Given his strong showing, it’s quite likely that the Browns will entrust Ford with the starting role for the remainder of the season.

With Ford potentially available on the waiver wire, it’s crucial to put forth a competitive bid to secure him for your fantasy team. This strategic move could prove instrumental in your pursuit of fantasy football success.

How Much FAAB Should You Spend On Ford?

A minimum bid of 35% of your FAAB budget should be considered to have a competitive chance at acquiring Jerome Ford off waivers.

However, it’s important to monitor updates throughout the day, as the FAAB landscape can change rapidly.

While 35% is a substantial bid, it might not be high enough considering the intense competition to acquire Ford.

In most leagues, practically every team will be vying for him, so to secure his services, you may need to surpass the 35% threshold.

How Much Faab To Spend On Ford?: Fantasy Football
Jerome Ford For The Browns (Source: Instagram)

If you’re in a situation where you desperately need a running back, or if you were the owner who originally drafted Chubb, it’s conceivable to consider bids in the range of 40% to even 50% of your FAAB budget.

Spending such a significant portion of your budget early in the season does carry some risk, but if your team is otherwise solid in other positions, it may not be unreasonable to invest heavily in Ford.

The primary concern may be the Browns potentially adding another running back to their roster, but by the time such a decision is made, Ford is likely to be long gone from the waiver wire.

Given the Browns’ running-oriented offense and current roster makeup, it’s a prudent move to target Ford and be willing to spend anywhere between 35% to 50% of your budget, depending on your team’s needs and urgency.

However, it’s advisable not to handcuff yourself for future moves by going over the 50% threshold.

How Much FAAB To Spend On Ford?

Jerome Ford Fantasy Football Outlook

It’s important to set realistic expectations when it comes to Jerome Ford, as he won’t necessarily replicate the fantasy production of a player like Chubb.

However, within the Browns’ offensive scheme, Ford is poised to become a reliable fantasy asset who can be started with confidence on a weekly basis.

Chubb played a significant role in the team’s offense, particularly in recent seasons.

In the two seasons where he played every game, Chubb recorded 334 and 329 touches, amassing over 1,700 total yards in each of those years.

He consistently scored between 8 to 13 touchdowns in the first five seasons of his career.

Ford, drafted in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft, is now getting his first meaningful opportunities in the current season, having only recorded 12 yards on eight attempts as a rookie.

He saw limited offensive snaps in his first year, primarily because Kareem Hunt served as Chubb’s backup. Hunt finished the season with 158 touches, 678 scrimmage yards, and four scores.

How Much Faab To Spend On Ford?: Fantasy Football
Jerome Ford (Source: Instagram)

While Hunt’s numbers and familiarity with the playbook could make him a suitable addition, it’s evident that Ford is primed to take on a more significant role.

Even in his second-string capacity in Week 1, Ford carried the ball 15 times, indicating that he’s already positioned for a more substantial workload.

The first two weeks of this season have underscored Cleveland’s offensive strength in the running game, with 404 rushing yards compared to 389 passing yards.

Although the passing numbers will likely rise in the coming weeks, the Browns have been a team that has consistently favored the run, ranking among the top in rush attempts in recent years.

Even without Chubb, it’s unlikely the Browns will completely shift away from their run-heavy approach.

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