How Thomas Tuchel has changed Chelsea’s season?

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Thomas Tuchel is seen as a thoughtful person and a man who strives to continue to improve, but he is also a good manager.

If you look at former Chelsea managers, such as Maurizio Sarri, Antonio Conte, and Jose Mourinho

Simple touches have shown a welcome addition to the Cobham training ground, where the heart condition has improved significantly since January.

Four months ago, with the dressing room split and former manager, Frank Lampard expected to be sacked, reaching the top four. 

The FA Cup final and the Champions League final would seem unlikely.

But in 123 days, Tuchel has confirmed that he is an inspired appointment. He is transforming what seemed to be a catastrophic one into history.

It would be a victory not only for his coaching details. But also for his artificial management. That allows him to push his players to their level with a smile on his face.

Bears-hug and ease of training

Tuchel has always wanted success for himself and his players. But it also leaves a good impression.

He is still exchanging messages with Arsenal striker Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, who coached him at Borussia Dortmund. 

At the same time, Blackburn and Tottenham midfielder Lewis Holtby give the German a considerable role in his development at Mainz.

“He would beat me all the week to keep me on my own toes. Even if I had a good game,” Holtby said. 

Chelsea's success is what Tuchel want (Source: India Today)

“He is a very loving person. And he has a lot of fire in his stomach. But when he was 20, he made me reach a level of football that I was not used to. And I will always be grateful to him.”

That love has been evident in touch scenes this season when Chelsea failed to capitalize on their chances. 

Or during the Leeds goal draw when Tuchel met Leeds director Victor Orta. Orta was sitting in the stands.

Pushy could be one way to describe it, which led to his expulsion from Paris St-Germain. He met with the board for transfer purposes there.

But the Chelsea players don’t care if he appears in their face or gives them a chance to catch him on the pitch. 

After the final whistle, he does that every day, which speaks of his immediate commitment.

Arriving at Chelsea in the middle of the season also allowed the 47-year-old to focus only on coaching. 

And continue to be the first manager to reach the Champions League final with two different teams.

“Transfer times can surely be the breathtaking moments,” Tuchel said earlier this month. 

“This has made it a lot easier here because it was just for training. I welcome the simplification. And I hope I can continue to live like this because it’s fun.”

According to sources, there is a lot of laughter in the training ground from Tuchel and his assistants, Zsolt Lowe, Arno Michels, and Benjamin Weber. 

Unlike other teams of coaches, you can see that they are friends.

Tuchel has also been described as one of the best negotiators

Tuchel has also been described as one of the best negotiators at the club during the Roman Abramovich era.

It was one of the lessons he learned from the famous German manager Ralf Rangnick. A colleague at Stuttgart once said: “Players will follow you when they hear you are doing better.”

“The players have been in great contact with manager Thomes Tuchel in the first meeting. Since the first game,” Chelsea midfielder Matthew Kovacic said.

Chelsea midfielder Matthew Kovacic (Source: Sports Mole)
Chelsea midfielder Matthew Kovacic (Source: Sports Mole)

“It was like he had been here in the team for two entire years. So it happened naturally, including his style of play.”

Tuchel’s communication skills and a new form of training have taken Chelsea to the semi-finals of the second Champions League title.

But they were having lost in the last two major finals, last year’s Champions League and PSG final. 

And PSG and FA Cup this year in Leicester and Chelsea have beaten their worst form since joining the club. You’ll know this week it’s all about performance.

Manchester City’s defeat in the Champions League final on Saturday will be the first time Chelsea has not won a trophy. In a row since Abramovich took over the club in 2003.

Tuchel’s battle with ‘logic.’

Tuchel is also a very enthusiastic person. He was able to give the players a clean slate when he had come in. 

He regained the popularity of Antonio Rudiger and Marcos Alonso in defense. After being suspended from the team by Lampard. 

And he changed the side that conceded the most goals in a 3- 4-2-1 formation.

That allowed them to take safety precautions first by dominating the games they have and not being at risk of attack.

“It was a tough task for Tuchel,” said former Blues defender Frank Sinclair, who is now a head coach. 

“As a coach of a team, I know about how much time you need to work with the players on the training ground. To practice your style of play, especially if you play every three days.

“There has been a big change in his career of football then. And you should give him a lot of credit for what he has done in the short time he has. You should also remember that he did it with Frank Lampard‘s team.”

The biggest problem has been the Blues’ failure to take chances.

In the 19 Premier League games under Tuchel compared to Lampard. 

The number of goals expected by Chelsea has risen from 29.8 to 33.1. But their total goals have dropped from 33 to 25.

For a manager who believes in the process, he resists the opportunity to blame people like Timo Werner or Kai Havertz.

The biggest problem has been the Blues' failure to take chances (Source: Football London)
The biggest problem has been the Blues’ failure to take chances (Source: Football London)

But the failure to use Tammy Abraham, the team’s leading scorer with Werner in all 12-goal competitions. 

And Olivier Giroud, who showed signs of renewal at the start of the season, has confused fans.

“It all depends on the type of football manager Tuchel wants to play. Because he has two well-intentioned players in Abraham and Giroud,” Sinclair said. 

“He does not want to play with the nine-digit number. People have been pointing the finger at Werner. 

“But the other players like Callum Hudson-Odoi, Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyech, and Havertz have all missed out on the chance. It is a collection. I think the Marquee striker is a priority for Chelsea this summer.”

Perhaps Tuchel’s loyalty to the likes of Werner and Havertz is still costly on Saturday.

But he could point to take Chelsea to the best of his ability in all three competitions he participated in. 

The new striker perhaps added a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

While contemplating this summer, Chelsea’s management position can at least take comfort in Tuchel’s apparent appointment.

Asked about how he did this, Tuchel said: “I can’t talk about myself; I do my best. 

“I always try to give all my knowledge and energy to this club to win. And I like the place where I am at the moment. That’s all I can say.”

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