Is Connor McCaffery Related To Christian McCaffrey? Family Tree

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Due to the similarity in their surname, there is speculation whether the 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey is related to former Iowa basketball player Connor McCaffery.

Additionally, with both being prominent sporting personalities, it has further added to conjecture.

49ers RB Christian McCaffrey
49ers RB Christian McCaffrey (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Christian McCaffrey is a professional American football running back currently playing for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL).

He previously showcased his talents in college football as a member of the Stanford Cardinal. In the 2017 NFL draft, the Carolina Panthers selected him as the eighth overall pick.

In the 2022 season, McCaffrey was traded to the San Francisco 49ers, where he made a significant impact. Subsequently, his stellar performance played a crucial role in the 49ers’ journey to Super Bowl LVIII.

Is Connor McCaffery Related To Christian McCaffrey?

Due to their common-sounding surname, fans are speculating whether the 49ers RB is related to former Iowa college basketball star Connor McCaffery.

They even share the same nationality and ethnicity and are involved in prominent American sports.

However, the similarities end there. Subsequently, the two athletes have different family trees and are unrelated.

Former Iowa Basketball Star Connor McCaffery Is Unrelated To Christian McCaffrey
Former Iowa Basketball Star Connor McCaffery Is Unrelated To Christian McCaffrey (Source: ESPN)

In American sports culture, fans and media pay close attention to the personal lives of star athletes.

Moreover, this scrutiny intensifies when two athletes share the same last name, as people become curious about their relationship.

That is the exact case with Connor and Christian. All in all, despite their similar last name, the two sports stars come from different families.

Christian McCaffrey’s Sporting Family Ties

The 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey comes from a family of prominent former American athletes.

Ed McCaffrey, a previous Super Bowl champion, and Lisa McCaffrey, a former standout in Stanford soccer, celebrated the arrival of Christian in 1996.

Christian McCaffrey Parents
Christian McCaffrey Parents (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, Christian and his three brothers were brought up in Colorado after their father, Ed, concluded a prosperous NFL career. Ed was drafted by the New York Giants in 1991 and won three Super Bowl rings.

Christian’s parents, Ed and Lisa, met at Stanford, where they excelled as student-athletes. The 49ers RB has spoken in interviews about how it was growing up in a family of a former NFL icon.

“Growing up I was Ed’s kid, we were always Ed’s sons and so in a way, that was an advantage for us because we got to experience a little bit of that already. I think myself and three of my brothers, we all kind of wanted to branch off and create our name.”

In summary, his family shares an undying spirit for sporting excellence with a passion for healthy competition.

Connor McCaffery Family Tree 

Speaking of the former Iowa State basketball star, he was born to parents Fran and Margaret McCaffery.

Additionally, he has three younger siblings: Patrick, Marit, and Jonathan. His father serves as Iowa’s head men’s basketball coach and played basketball at Wake Forest and Penn.

Moreover, his mother was an All-American basketball player at Notre Dame. Like Christian, Connor comes from a family boasting a rich sporting lineage.

Upon graduating from the University of Iowa in May 2023, Connor secured a position in professional sports. He serves as a team assistant for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers.

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