Is Floyd Schofield Dominican? Boxer Ethnicity And Nationality

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Floyd Schofield Dominican!! From being homeless to reaching the pinnacle of success in the boxing world, Kid Austin has emerged as a rising star in the sport.

Schofield, the professional boxer, has forged an impressive journey in the realm of boxing.

His fan-friendly style and slow yet impressive ascent to success have garnered him substantial recognition and love from many people.

The Pro Boxer Floyd Schofield
The Pro Boxer Floyd Schofield (Source: Instagram)

Floyd Schofield was born to his father, Floyd Schofield Sr., and his mother on August 27, 2002, in the United States.

Schofield started showing interest in boxing early, as he went to the gym with his father. Similarly, he was homeschooled, which helped him direct his primary focus towards training as a boxer.

At the age of eight, the kid began hitting pads at Richard Lords’ iconic Austin gym, which produced other iconic boxers.

Eventually, at the age of 18, Schofield made his professional debut against Richard Esquibel on October 9, 2020. 

As impressive as his journey, his record stands at all wins and no losses till now.

Is Floyd Schofield Dominican? Floyd Ethnicity And Nationality

Born in New Jersey, the professional boxer spent his formative years in Austin, Texas, shaping the roots of his upbringing. While having American nationality, Floyd possesses a diverse ethnic background.

His paternal heritage is rooted in Africa, connecting him to a rich and storied history.

On the maternal side, reports suggest a Dominican background, adding a unique and culturally vibrant layer to Floyd’s identity.

While Floyd openly acknowledges his African heritage through his father, he has maintained a discreet stance regarding his mother’s origin.

Journey From Homeless to “The Kid Austin”

After his mother abandoned him in foster care, Floyd’s father brought him back, eventually gaining his full custody when he was 2.

Initially, Floyd and his father were homeless for three years, residing in cars, homeless shelters, and hotels infested with drugs.

Once back on their feet, Scofield Sr. and his toddler became regulars at a boxing gym.

From Homeless To Pro Boxer Kid Austin
From Homeless To Pro Boxer Kid Austin (Source: Instagram)

Observing his father box in the gym sparked young Floyd’s interest in boxing, shaping his sole aspiration to become a professional boxer.

Now, Schofield Jr. stands out as one of the most intriguing prospects in boxing, boasting a record of 16-0.

His self-confidence, coupled with his dedication to hard work, training, and love for boxing, positions him as one of the beloved pro boxers among the people.

Furthermore, Floyd is now known as “The Kid Austin” due to his remarkably potent punching power and his residency in Austin.

Floyd Wants To Fight Tevin Farmer: Is it Overconfidence?

Floyd has confidence in himself and believes in his coach for the training he has been given.

Recently, both Schofield Jr. and Schofield Sr. declared their desire to step into the ring with Farmer.

Farmer felt somewhat flattered that the Schofields were considering lining up a fight against him.

However, Farmer feels Floyd’s team does not care about the kid’s future.

He asserts that even though Kid Austin is a promising player, he still has a lot to learn and isn’t exceptionally good yet.

Tevin concluded if the 21-year-old and his team persist in mentioning Farmer’s name, he will consider the possibility of fighting him. However, it won’t end well.

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