Is Simon Hooper Tottenham Fan? Referee Blunder Angers City Fans

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Is Simon Hooper Tottenham Fan? The Tottenham vs. Manchester City match thrilled fans, but it got a lot of attention for a controversial incident involving referee Simon Hooper.

Even the usually calm Erling Haaland was furious with the referee after a crucial incident following Tottenham’s late equalizer.

Let’s unveil the truth behind the incident that angered Erling Haaland at Simon Hooper.

Premier League Refree Simon Hooper
Premier League Referee Simon Hooper (Source: X)

Simon Hooper is a soccer referee from England who officiates in the English Football League (EFL) and Premier League.

An accomplished soccer referee from Swindon, England, boasts a career marked by professional achievements and dedication to the sport.

Turning a pro ref in 2008, Hooper quickly rose, gaining the honor of officiating in the English Football League (EFL).

He excelled in different English soccer divisions, demonstrating versatility and skill on the field.

A significant milestone in Hooper’s career was joining the Select Group of Referees, reaching the top tier of English soccer officiating.

This recognition allowed him to oversee matches in the prestigious Premier League, the pinnacle of the sport in England.

Hooper’s role in Premier League matches established him as an elite referee, ensuring fair play in high-stakes English soccer contests.

Therefore, his journey reflects a personal triumph and a commitment to upholding the integrity and standards of the beautiful game.

Is Simon Hooper Tottenham Fan? Referee Blunder Angers City Fans

Simon Hooper made a blunder in Man City’s 3-3 draw with Tottenham, but many players made arguably bigger mistakes.

Erling Haaland found himself outraged after a goal from Tottenham resulted in Manchester City’s worst Premier League performance in six years.

Haaland’s frustration stemmed from referee Simon Hooper, who initially allowed play to continue before reversing his decision, depriving City of a potential winning opportunity.

Although Haaland was fouled, he promptly recovered and passed the ball to Jack Grealish, poised for a scoring opportunity. Nevertheless, Hooper halted the play, opting for a free-kick instead.

This unexpected decision left Haaland and his teammates in disbelief, and the striker received a booking for expressing his discontent with the referee.

In the aftermath, Haaland may encounter issues with the Football Association for posting ‘what the f***’ on social media in response to Hooper’s belated call.

Simon Hooper Blunder Angers Manchester City Player And Fans
Simon Hooper Blunder Angers Manchester City Player And Fans (Source: Instagram)

The match unfolded amidst acrimony, featuring a confrontation between Haaland and Tottenham’s Giovani Lo Celso as he exited the field. The city experienced their first three-match winless streak since 2017.

Manager Pep Guardiola refrained from criticizing Hooper, attributing the incident to the nature of football where mistakes happen.

Moreover, he highlighted the strict rule against player-referee interaction, suggesting that enforcing it rigorously would result in numerous player ejections due to their reactions.

Hooper’s decision sparked outrage among Manchester City’s players and fans, with some on social media expressing satisfaction over Haaland and his father’s displeasure with the outcome.

Despite the controversy, the match concluded in a 3-3 draw, with Tottenham equalizing in the final minutes.

Simon Hooper’s Other Controversial Referee Decisions

This was not the first time Hooper’s calls confused fans and players. He previously had another controversial moment in the 2020 Brighton vs. Manchester United match.

When the game was tied 2-2, the referee initially ended the game, but Harry Maguire insisted on a handball.

The VAR, also Simon Hooper, consulted with Mitch Kavanagh, and the decision was reviewed, resulting in a penalty for Manchester United, who then won the game.

In the Liverpool vs. Tottenham game, Hooper’s decisions sparked controversy. He gave a soft red card to Curtis Jones, disallowed a goal for Luis Diaz, and handed a soft yellow card to Macallister. It was definitely not one of Hooper’s best performances!

During the season opener, Wolverhampton Wanderers were denied a clear penalty by Simon Hooper after a collision involving Andre Onana and two Wolves players. This led to Hooper being excluded from duty for a week.

Furthermore, in his fourth Premier League game, Hooper wrongly disallowed a goal and denied a penalty, acknowledged as mistakes by ex-referee Dermot Gallagher.

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