Jamie Chadwick Parents: Michael & Jasmine

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Jamie Chadwick broke barriers, and her parents couldn’t be more prouder. In addition, they have always been her major form of support.

Jamie Chadwick is a name synonymous with female race drivers, she is already an icon at such a young age. Through her determination and performances, Chadwick has turned doubters into believers.

Furthermore, her parents are brimming with pride and excitement over their daughter’s achievements.

W-Series Champion Jamie Chadwick
W-Series Champion Jamie Chadwick (Source: Instagram)

Jamie Laura Chadwick is a 25-year-old female racing driver from Somerset, England. The British driver is currently racing in the American racing series Indy NXT.

Chadwick started her racing journey from karting at the mere age of 11. Then, she participated in various car races and went on to race in the Ginetta Junior Championship via scholarship.

After racking several podiums, Jamie joined Beechdan Motorsport and raced in the British GT Championship. In addition, she became the first and youngest female driver to win the GT Championship.

Furthermore, her success also extended to formula racing cars in the BRDC British F3. Chadwick made history by becoming the first female to win a F3 race.

In 2019, Jamie entered as one of the competitors of the first-ever W-series. She completely dominated and made history by winning it for 3 years in a row.

Moreover, her prominent rise in the racing scene earned her a spot in the Indy NXT, where she currently races for Andretti Sports.

Meet The Parents Of Jamie Chadwick: Michael And Jasmine Chadwick

Jamie Chadwick is the daughter of Michael Chadwick and Jasmine Chadwick. She is of mixed heritage; English and Indian, as her father is English and her mother is Indian-born.

Michael is a former state executive and is now busy with property and farming. He has always been a strong supporter of her daughter.

On the other hand, her mother, Jasmine, is an Indian-born woman who became successful on her own. She worked in finance and is now her daughter’s biggest fan.

Jamie With Her Parents
Jamie With Her Parents (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, we can say Jamie got gritty determination from her mother. She also embraces her Indian heritage with pure grace.

We all are aware of the fact of how dangerous car racing can be. Normally, no sane parents would ever want their child to live by the edge every passing week.

Thus, they are usually very hesitant at the start. Even drivers themselves don’t want their kids to follow their profession.

Likewise, Jamie’s parents were surely left in doubt when she told them she wanted to be a racing driver. That too in an industry completely dominated by men.

Nonetheless, once they saw her passion for sports, they completely supported her in every way possible. 

Jamie’s Brother Is Also A Racing Driver

The W-Series champion’s big brother is also a racing driver. Ollie is just 2 years older than Jamie and has been her racing companion since childhood. 

Jamie With Her Brother Ollie
Jamie With Her Brother Ollie (Source: The Checkered Flag)

Furthermore, the siblings raced alongside in the Ginetta Junior Championship. They were also together at the JHR Developments Team.

Ollie was her inspiring factor to dive into the go-kart. The big bro has been a source of advice for Jamie throughout her life.

Jamie Is A Voice For All Female Drivers Around The World

Chadwick is a champion on and off the track, she is a strong advocate for the promotion of female drivers into the racing scene.

As Jamie holds the dream of F1, she opines on how the elite series must put in more effort to include and develop female drivers.

Furthermore, she is already familiar with the F1 scene and is also good friends with Mercedes driver George Russel.


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