Jason Peters Wife: Is The Oldest Active NFL Player Married Or Dating?

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In his 40s & actively playing in the NFL, Jason Peters often gets asked if he has a wife due to his low-key stature. So, is the offensive tackle married or dating?

The Seattle Seahawks player is not a big fan of social media and keeps himself away from it. As a result, insights into his personal life and relationship barely get into the public eye.

Given the history of NFL players settling with their partner within a few years of professional venture, many believe Peters did the same.

With the inclusion of the 2023 NFL season, Jason records 20 successful seasons in the NFL, totaling $120 million in career earnings.

Jason Peters, Signed By Seattle Seahawks In 2023, Is The Oldest Active NFL Player
Jason Peters, Signed By Seattle Seahawks In 2023, Is The Oldest Active NFL Player (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Born on January 22, 1982, Jason Raynard Peters is now the oldest active NFL player at 41. He got the feat after the retirement of Tom Brady on February 1, 2023.

In November 2023, the Seattle Seahawks signed him on the active roster, where he is an alternate offensive tackle with the jersey number #70.

He plays alongside Drew Lock, DK Metcalf, Charles Cross, and Derick Hall, among others.

Peters, an alum of Arkansas Razorbacks, was the undrafted pick of the Buffalo Bills (2004-08) in the 2004 NFL draft.

Over the years, he played for the NFL teams, Philadelphia Eagles (2009-20), Chicago Bears (2021), and Dallas Cowboys (2022) before joining the Seahawks.

With the Eagles, he won the Super Bowl LII in a 41-33 victory against the Patriots.

Jason Peters Wife: Is The NFL Player Married Or Dating?

The American NFL star, Jason, doesn’t have a wife officially- so far, no report of his marriage has come up.

Also, Peters records no history of dating any girlfriends, which remains the same in the current scenario.

Jason Peters is not a big fan of social media; he doesn’t have Instagram or Twitter, but a Facebook account and posts reflecting his relationships are rare.

NFL Player Jason Is Not Married Officially Yet
NFL Player Jason Is Not Married Officially Yet (Source: ESPN)

Some quickly took notice of his Facebook post of May 2021 featuring a woman and a teen boy, whom they claimed were his wife and son.

But that lady is his sister, Ivy Simington, while the boy is his nephew.

Without proof, there is no telling if the nine-time Pro Bowl honoree is currently in a relationship.

However, given his age and success, many admirers of the player allege that he has a secret partner & has settled with a family of his own.

Who Are In Jason Peters’ Family? Parents And Siblings

Born into an American-African family, Jason is the son of Bishop J. Peters and Teledeo Simington.

His father preached in a local church in his hometown of Queen City, Texas, while his mother used to work at a plant boxing metal, whom he calls his “hero.”

After his parents’ divorce, the future NFL star divided his time between his dad and mom, who later married her second husband, Ivory (Jason’s stepdad).

Jason Peters' Mother Teledeo Simington And Her Husband Ivory (Jason's Stepdad)
Jason Peters’ Mother, Teledeo Simington, And Her Husband, Ivory (Jason’s Stepdad) (Source: Inquirer)

When Jason graduated from college, he had a strained relationship with his biological father.

In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine in 2015, the football player confirmed that he & his dad were estranged. Also, he mentioned that he has a good bond with his stepdad, a cowboy.

His dad, J. Peters, had promised him to buy a car if he got into college on scholarship, which the latter did.

But, the promise was postponed for the graduation, and once again, it was rescheduled for the graduation night. Sadly, his father did not show up on the graduation night.

The former Bills player has three brothers, Jerry, Tim, and Will, and four sisters, two from his mother’s side and two from his father’s.

Jason Is The Oldest Active NFL Player: When Will He Retire?

Jason Peters is 42 years old as of 2024. Since joining the NFL in 2004, he is now in his 20th season as of 2023, still actively playing.

After Tom Brady’s retirement in February 2023, Peters took the title of the oldest active NFL player when the Seahawks signed him in November 2023.

Furthermore, he became the third-oldest to play for Seattle, behind Jerry Rice and Warren Moon. 

The Pro Football reference reports that there have been only 29 players in NFL history to play at 42 or older.

Peters is on a one-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks for the 2023 season.

Even if he has not pre-confirmed his retirement, the 2024 NFL season will make him an unrestricted free agent.

If he doesn’t get a contract extension, it might signal his retirement.

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