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Gerald Peter Remy (aka Jerry Remy) was an American professional baseball player and sports broadcaster who served as a color commentator for televised Red Sox games for 33 years. On April 15, 2022, NESN honored Jerry by naming their broadcasting booth at Fenway Park “The Jerry Remy Booth.”

His leadership qualities, along with his on-field abilities, made him one of the greatest players in the franchise’s history.

Following his retirement, Jerry took up a broadcasting career and often acknowledged that he was a better observer than a player.

During the worst times in the Red Sox franchise, Jerry Remy often stepped up and delivered whenever called upon.

Gerald Peter Remy
Gerald Peter Remy (Source: The Boston Globe)

For his outstanding contributions throughout his seven-year tenure, Lt. Jerry Remy was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2006. 

In this article, we will discuss the details regarding Remy’s net worth, salary, sons, family, age, and social media.

Stick with us till the end of the article to learn about him. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Gerald Peter Remy
Popular As  Jerry Remy 
Birth Date November 8, 1952
Birth Place Fall River, Massachusetts, U.S.A
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Roger Williams University
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Not available
Death October 30, 2021 (aged 68)
Height 5’9″/1.75 m/175 cm
Weight 74 kg/165 lb.
Shoe Size Not available
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not available
Build Healthy
Married Yes
Girlfriends No
Spouse Phoebe Remy
Profession Sports Journalism (Current), Major League Baseball (Retired)
Position Play-by-Play Announcer, Second Baseman (MLB)
Net Worth $15 Million
Franchises Boston Red Sox (1978-1984), California Angels (1975-1977)
Jersey Number 2 (Boston Red Sox)
Broadcasting Affiliations New England Sports Network (NESN)
Social Media Twitter, Instagram 
Merch Autographed Boston Red Sox YearbookBooks
Last Update July, 2024

Early Life, Family, And College

Gerald Peter Remy was born to his parents on November 8, 1952, in Fall River, Massachusetts. His parents were originally of French-Canadian descent.

Unfortunately, we could not find further details concerning his parents.

Remy is American by nationality, while his ethnicity is white. Anything regarding his religious belief is unknown.

Jerry Watching From The Stands
Jerry Watching From The Stands (Source: Instagram)

Remy attended Somerset High School and, after that, enrolled at Roger Williams University, where he became a standout baseball prospect.

Career & Stats

Jerry’s professional career would have started in 1970 when he got selected in the 19th round by the Washington Senators in the 1970 MLB Draft.

However, the Massachusetts native decided to wait another year to develop and practice his skills.

The following year, California Angels picked Remy in the eight-round of the 1971 MLB Draft. This time, he signed on with the team, unlike in 1970.

After that, young Jerry spent four seasons playing for various minor league teams to further acclimate to the professional world’s rigors.

Remy also played for teams like Magic Valley Cowboys, Stockton Ports, and Quad City Angels.

Consequently, he amassed 421 games, batting .275, with 152 RBIs and 12 home runs.

Having had four beautiful years in the minor leagues, Remy earned a call-up to the California Angels MLB team.

Subsequently, the 5 feet 7-second baseman made his debut on April 7, 1975. After that, Jerry stayed with the franchise for another two years, during which he appeared 444 times, batting .258 with five home runs, 110 stolen bases, and 118 RBIs.

However, after three successful years with the Angels, Remy decided that he needed to move to a bigger team to realize his dreams of winning the World Series.

As a result, California Angels traded their star player to Boston Red Sox for Don Aase for an undisclosed amount in 1978.

Boston Red Sox

Having arrived in Boston with aspirations of winning the World Series, Remy did exceptionally well in his first season with the franchise.

Jerry was even selected for the MLB All-Star Game for outstanding performances.

Amazingly, it was during the 1978 season that saw Jerry hit his final home run. After that, the Massachusetts native remained with Red Sox for the rest of his MLB career.

To be precise, Remy played seven seasons for the franchise, during which he managed 710 games, batting .286 with two home runs, 98 stolen bases, and 211 RBIs.

Jerry Remy During His Time With Boston Red Sox
Jerry Remy During His Time With Boston Red Sox (Source: Instagram)

And in between, Jerry also had to go through a knee injury that confined him to 30 games for the season in 1984. 

Although Jerry never fulfilled his dreams of becoming a World Series winner, he did achieve some beautiful moments with the Boston-based franchise.

The 67-year-old is regarded as one of the franchise’s legends. In 2006, Remy was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame and elected as the honorary President of Red Sox Nation in 2007.

MLB Career Stats
Batting average .275
Home runs 7
Runs batted in 329

Broadcasting Career

After retiring from the sport in 1984, Jerry took a well-deserved four-year break from all activities, including baseball.

In 1988, the Massachusetts native decided to move into broadcasting and worked as a play-by-play announcer for the New England Sports Network (NESN), the profession he was involved in till his demise.

Although there is not much enthusiasm in the commentators’ booth compared to the diamond, Jerry did have a particular moment in 2017 when he got inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Highlights and Achievements

  • All-Star selection in 1978
  • Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame Induction


In addition to his playing and broadcasting career, Remy has also written various books on baseball for adults and children. Some of his famous works include:

  • Watching Baseball: Discovering The Game Within The Game (2004)
  • Jerry Remy’s Red Sox Heroes: The RemDawg’s All-Time Favourite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams (2009)
  • Hello Wally (2006)
  • Wally The Green Monster And His Journey Through Red Sox Nation (2007)

Jerry Remy | Age, Height & Body Measurements

Jerry was born on November 8, 1952 and he passed away at 68 years.

His recorded height was 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), which is relatively short for an American. Nonetheless, Jerry’s height was never an issue, as he was one of his generation’s best players. 

Jerry Remy | Net Worth & Salary

At the time of his death, Remy had a massive net worth of $15 million, accrued mainly through his MLB and broadcasting career.

Jerry played in the MLB for ten years, earning an average salary of $500,000 per annum.

During the Massachusetts stint as a broadcaster for New England Sports Network (NESN), he regularly earned $100,000.

Jerry Remy Sports Bar & Grill 

Remy owned two sports bars & grills in the Boston area, named Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill.

He did own a hot dog stand called RemDawg’s, located just outside Boston Red Sox’s home ground, Fenway Park.

Family & Granddaughter 

Jerry was married to his wife, Phoebe Remy, in 1974 and the couple stayed together until death. 

jerry remy wife
Jerry Remy With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

The duo had three children; Jared Remy, Jordan Remy, and Jenna Remy and a grandchild named Arianna Remy.

Talking more about his children’s lives, police have arrested all three of them for various incidences.

To explain, Jared, who served as a security guard for Boston Red Sox, got fired for selling steroids. He was also arrested for fatally stabbing his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

He pled guilty on May 27, 2014, and was sentenced to life imprisonment in state prison.

Jerry’s son, Jason, was a Boston Red Sox player. Unfortunately, in 2010, he was charged with assault and battery.

The couple’s third child, Jenna, has also seen the back of a jail cell. Their only daughter got arrested in 2013 for various criminal charges put forth by her ex-boyfriend, including breaking into the poor man’s house.

The Custody of Their Granddaughter, Arianna

Arianna is the daughter of Jared Remy and his fiancée, Jennifer Martel. Yes, the same Jared Remy sentenced to life in prison after stabbing his girlfriend on August 15, 2013.

Jared met Jennifer in 2007, and soon they started dating each other. She quickly became pregnant, and the duo moved in together before Arianna entered their lives in 2008.

After Jennifer’s death, Jennifer Martel’s family received guardianship of Arianna Remy. However, Jerry and his wife were seeking custody of their grandchild. He always thought of his granddaughter as his little angel. 

Moreover, what troubled Jerry most was his wife’s criticisms: “How can she be a responsible grandmother when she can’t even raise her kids?”

The comments were nasty and unacceptable. Their son indeed committed the crime, and beautiful Jen was gone.

They did not support their son and did not want him bailed. Jerry knew his son had to pay for his sins. 

Jerry Remy’s Pandemic Life

2020 was a tough year for everyone, especially those extroverts who thrived from social gatherings and human contacts.

Regardless of the state, many people stayed inside their houses for the entirety of the pandemic, and Jerry Remy was no different.

The Sox’s analyst, Jerry, barely left the house as MLB’s 2020 season was suspended due to this global pandemic. Because Remy had lung cancer, the 67-year-old was at a higher risk and had to be extra cautious.

Jerry worked alongside announcer Dave O’Brien and analyst Dennis Eckersley in the NESN’s Watertown studio.

Like other people, Remy did show frustration over the issue.

“For me, it’s been crazy.”

“I’ve never been through anything like this. I came back from Florida when they canceled spring training, and I got back home, and we were quarantined. My life has been in the house almost 23 hours a day.” 

Remy further added, 

“I’d get out in the morning and go for a ride in the car to get outside. And the rest of the day was spent indoors.” 

He Was Just Released From The Hospital After A Five-night Stay

Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy was released from Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General) in June 2021.

During the third inning of the Sox’s game against the Blue Jays, Remy had shortness of breath. He was soon taken from the NESN broadcast booth and admitted to Mass General.

The doctors figured out the reason for his illness and suggested Jerry to have plenty of rest.

Jerry Throwing The Ball At Fenway Park
Jerry Throwing The Ball At Fenway Park (Source:

On October 5, 2021, he made his final public appearance at Fenway Park to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Remy died on October 30, 2021, just nine days before his 69th birthday.

In his memory, the NESN broadcasting booth at Fenway Park was named the Jerry Remy Booth during the home opener for the season on April 15, 2022.

Social Media Presence

Remy was quite active on his socials. He frequently posted pictures of him during broadcasting and some snippets of his family.

You can still go through his social media; Instagram (@jerryremy) and Twitter (@Jerry_Remy).

Twitter: 547.6k followers

Instagram: 17.5k followers


Gerald Peter Remy is remembered as a remarkable baseball player and color commentator, and he had his separate fanbase.

Jerry's Popularity Graph
Jerry’s Popularity Graph (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph illustrates the popularity trend of Jerry Remy based on Google searches in the United States over a year.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Jerry Remy still announcing the Red Sox 2022?

No, he announced his last game for NESN on August 4, 2021.

What was Jerry Remy’s cause of death?

The former athlete’s cause of death was lung Cancer. He passed away nine days before his 69th birthday.

Furthermore, his burial site is at Linwood Cemetery in Weston. He lived in Weston for over 20 years, and it was only appropriate for his family to have his funeral there. His grave probably spelled a great baseballer and an exceptional commentator. 

When did Jerry Remy give his first interview as a Boston Red Sox player?

He gave his first interview as a Sox player in 1978. 

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