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Jesus Daniel Gallardo Vasconcelos, popularly known as Jesus Gallardo, is a Mexican football player who is currently playing for the famous Club, Monterrey, since 2018.

At first, he is a national player on the Mexican football team. Gallardo plays as a winger for Mexico. However, he has changed his position as left-back for the Monterrey football club.

Moreover, Gallardo’s journey to football is filled with struggles. He has done a lot of hard work to play, representing his country, Mexico.

Jesus is one of the valuable left-back for the Liga MX. Football coaches know him for his speed and tackle skills.

Jesus Gallardo

FIFA has also featured Jesus on their website. Before we know more about this famous footballer, let’s check quick facts about Jesus Gallardo:

Jesus Gallardo | Quick Facts

Full Name Jesus Daniel Gallardo Vasconcelos
Birth Date 15 August 1994
Birth Place Tabasco, Mexico
Nick Name Jesus Gallardo
Religion Roman-Catholicism
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Hispanic
Education Completed Primary School from Tabasco
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Jose Albert Gallardo Sedano
Mother’s Name Maribel Vasconcelos Gamas
Siblings One Younger Sister [Rumored]
Age 29 years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches (2.083 meters)
Weight 68 Kilograms (149.9 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Black
Eye Color Light Black
Build Muscular
Profession Footballer
Professional Career Matches 216
Active Years in Football 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend’s Name Information not available
Kids No children
Net Worth $6.5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Tiktok
Merch Books
Last Update April, 2024

Early Life, Parents, and Education

Jesus Gallardo was born on 15 August 1994 in TabascoMexico. His father, Jose Albert Gallardo Sedano, and mother Maribel Vasconcelos Gamas had an occupation in Tabasco. But it is unknown what they did.

Gallardo is rumored to have a sister. However, there is no information about that. Jesus has never mentioned his siblings in any interviews or social media posts.

Gallardo taking a selfie with his father and mother.

Jesus stayed in his birthplace until his teenage. During his early days, he used to play football with his friends. But Gallardo was never satisfied playing with the friends only. He wanted to expose himself to others.

There no piece of information regarding his Education. It is still unknown that Gallardo has gone to high school or not.

Furthermore, some rumors are conforming that Jesus completed his primary education in his hometown. After that, he moved to another school at 15 years of age, where Jesus started to play amateur football.

Jesus in the football field.

In Tabasco, he joined a football training school. Jesus dropped his interest in formal Education and continued to follow his passion for football.

Jesus Gallardo | Career

Gallardo started to play amateur football in 15 years. He joined the football training after gaining the attention of a local football coach.

In 2009, Once Hermanos, a local football club, invited him to play football. However, people did not believe in Jesus’s capability because he was still a young player. But Gallardo managed to score goals, which left the audience shocked.

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After performing well in his hometown club, Once Hermanos, Jesus decided to leave for division one club, Jaguares de la 48. He signed a contract for the Club in 2011.

Gallardo astonished everyone, including different coaches of the Liga MX clubs. In 2013, Club Universidad Nacion or Pumas invited him to do training in the Youth Academy.

Jesus decided to leave the Club and get training in the Pumas’s camp. For one year, Gallardo involved himself in training until gaining his strengths.

Club Career

Club Universidad Nacion [UNAM] backed him to play for their under twenty team in 2014. Pumas Morelos’s coach saw his tackling, dribbling, and speed skills, which eventually promoted him to the main squad.

Gallardo’s professional debut for UNAM was in November 2014 for the Copa MX competition. He was 19 years old when he played the first match for the league.

Gallardo with his teammates in Monterrey FC.

It was quite impressive that Jesus scored the first goal in his first match.

Daniel Gallardo won the heart of the audience in the 2017 match against Monterrey, where he scored a goal to tie the match. This match was much valuable for UNAM fans because the Monterey club was slightly ahead of UNAM in the scores table.

Contract with Monterrey Club

Jesus scored 11 goals for UNAM in 82 matches. His scores are not low because Jesus played as a left-back for the team. He has done more assists, which helped the Club to win significant league titles.

In 2018, Gallardo decided to play for another Liga MX club, Monterrey. On 21 July 2018, he played the first match from Monterrey, a win against Club de Futbol Pachuca.

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Jesus scored his first goal playing from Monterrey on 20 October 2018, facing the Tijuana Football Club. Furthermore, against Pachuca, Gallardo scored a penalty goal, which took Monterrey to the finals of Apertura Copa MX 2018.

Since 2018, Gallardo has scored a total of nine goals while playing with Monterrey Football Club. He has no intention to leave the Club because Gallardo has extended his contract.

International Career

After presenting a spectacular performance in the Liga MX, Mexico’s national team selected Gallardo to match against New Zealand and Panama.

Jesus played the first match for his country in 2016. In that match, he assisted a decisive pass to lead Mexico against New Zealand. Later, Mexico defeated New Zealand, and the coach praised him for his actions.

Gallardo and his Teammates before the match with New Zealand.

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By giving back outstanding performances, Mexico’s national team decided to pick him for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

However, a bad incident happened against the World Cup group stage match against Sweden. During the match, Gallardo received a yellow card in 13 seconds.

It was the fastest yellow card given ever in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Since 2016, Jesus has played a total number of 47 matches representing his country. But he hasn’t managed to score any goals. However, Gallardo has assisted crucial passes to turn them into goals.

Awards and Accolades

Daniel Gallardo has received numerous prestigious awards playing in the Club and nation during his career. Some of them are as follows:

  • Liga MX Apertura [2019]
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Best XI [2019]
  • Player of the Match in Liga MX
  • Copa MX [2019]
  • CONCACAF Champions League
  • The player in Team of the Tournament [2019]

Jesus Gallardo | Controversy

When one gets fame and name, they are also in constant midst with watch. In simple words, everyone is looking at them and at every time for their every single action. 

Likewise, Jesus Gallardo has sunk into controversies many times. 

Anti-gay Slur 

Back in January 2020, Jesus Gallardo contributed to Monterrey’s defeat to Club America. Back then, as they bagged the title, they celebrated Monterrey’s 2019 Apertura in Estadio Azteca.

It was then, as Gallardo danced around the pitch during the last whistle. However, it wasn’t the only thing. Apparently, the camera caught him signing an anti-Club America chant with explicit anti-gay overtones.

Therefore, the league commenced an investigation for the cause and the Liga MX announced Gallardo’s suspension from the first two games of the 2020 Clausura. Additionally, he was charged with a certain amount of fine. 

As they announced his punishment for the “inappropriate celebration,” Gallardo took his Twitter to tweet “Ni Modo.” While translating the term, it simply means, “Whatever.” However, the tweet was later deleted. 

Fake Corona Cough 

Again the same year in March, Jesus Gallardo fell into controversial grounds when he mocked the novel coronavirus. To elaborate, he faked a cough and stated  “Greetings to Coronavirus.”

Right then, reporters and cameramen were covering the exit of Scratched Course to Guadalajara for the match against Chivas. Therefore, as Jesus moved towards the Airport of New Lion, Gallant, he fake coughed in front of them. 

Of course, the people he was with laughed about the situation. Altogether, Gallardo is always at the center of jokes and controversy. 

Live Broadcast Controversy 

Recently, at the start of April, Jesus Gallardo was seen in a live broadcast. As a matter of fact, he was explaining the global spread of coronavirus and its effects.

In the meantime, he also took the chance to mock remember the title from Estadio Azteca.

“Stay at home, just as Monterrey stayed with the Cup at Azteca.”

As a result, the Disciplinary Commission suspended him from the two games.

Relationship and Personal Life

Jesus is 26 years old. At his age, an average Mexican gets married. But Gallardo is single and currently not deciding to involve in any relationship.

In an ESPN interview, Gallardo told the media that he wants to spend time with his mother and father. He is a family-oriented guy. Jesus loves his father and mother very much, so he does everything to make them happy.

Jesus with his horse.

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However, there are some gossips in the football world regarding his affairs with a girl. It’s sad to say the rumors can not be precisely correct.

Gallardo is a good friend of Dorlan Pabon, a Mexican forward player. Both of them are currently playing for the club Monterrey. Sometimes, they are spotted together in the holidays.

Jesus likes to go to the woods whenever he gets some time. Gallardo also likes to do horse riding. He is a good cowboy and has a personal horse.

Jesus Gallardo | Salary and Net Worth

As a player of Liga MX and Mexico’s national team, Gallardo earns from both sides. He earns weekly around $22,000, and annually $1.16 million. It is good money for anybody in Mexico.

After combining his total assets, Gallardo’s net worth sums 6.5 million dollars.

Jesus is currently the top ten expensive players in Liga MX. He has a transfer market value of around $5 million.

He also plays for different brands’ advertisements in Mexico. It also adds wealth to his pockets.

Gallardo on Social Media

Jesus is currently active on Instagram. He often uses Instagram to post family pictures and professional snapshots.

Gallardo is a very decent and polite man. He replies to the comments of his fans on Instagram. But he doesn’t post things in English, so for the English fans, it is difficult to understand what he is saying.

Moving on, Jesus Gallardo is also active on Tiktok and makes numerous videos. You can find him there as @gallardoj, with 87.7k followers.

Jesus also makes youtube videos. He is a video creator, but on his channel, there are only five videos.

However, Gallardo doesn’t use other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is quite amazing to believe that a big celebrity like him is not active on Twitter.

Some Queries about Jesus Gallardo

Is Jesus Gallardo a Hispanic?

Yes, Jesus Gallardo is a proud Hispanic. Since he is of Mexican descent, he falls into the Hispanic category.

Will Jesus Gallardo play outside Mexico?

He will probably play outside Mexico after finishing the contract with the Monterrey football club. There is a high chance that he will move to Brazil.

Is Jesus Gallardo Gay?

No, Gallardo has not confirmed that he is gay. Despite being 26 years old, he is not in any relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean Gallardo is gay.

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