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Agustin Federico Marchesin, popularly known as Agustin Marchesin, is an Argentinian goalkeeper who is currently playing for the famous club FC Porto since 2019.

First, he is the 2019 Primeira Liga’s best goalkeeper of the year award winner. Also, Marchesin has collected Liga MX golden glove two times.

Marchesin’s journey of becoming a professional footballer is an interesting one. For example, from a small town’s football club to the Argentinian national Team, Agustin did a lot of hard work.

Agustin saves a goal kick for Club America.

Coaches take him as a valuable goalkeeper in the Portuguese league. Furthermore, Agustin has led his teams to numerous victories. He is genuinely an MVP of FC Porto.

Not to mention, the athlete is well-known for his saves and is considered a great asset to his team. 

Before we dive into Agustin’s astonishing career, let’s take a look at quick facts about him.

Agustin Marchesin | Quick Facts

Full Name Agustin Federico Marchesin
Birth Date March 16, 1988
Birth Place San Cayetano, Argentina
Nick Name Marchesin
Religion Roman Catholicism
Nationality Argentinian
Ethnicity Hispanic
Education No Information
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Pablo Marchesin
Mother’s Name Pachi Rios
Siblings Information Not Available
Age 36 Years Old
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 83 Kilograms
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Build Muscular
Profession Football Goalkeeper
Cups Liga MX
Active Years 2007-present
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Sol Ochandio
Kids One; a son
Merchandise  Autographed Photo
Net Worth $10 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update July, 2024

Early Life, Family, and Education

Agustin was born on March 16, 1988, in San Cayetano, Argentina, to Pablo Marchesin and Pachi Rios. He was born into a low-income family, so Agustin helped his father with his work.

He grew up there and completed his secondary education. However, there is no known information about his educational background. Details about Agustin’s siblings are also unknown.

Agustin’s Father and Mother.

Likewise, Marchesin started to play football in his early childhood. He would go to the ground with his school friends and play during the holidays. Furthermore, Marchesin’s journey into the football field started after getting selected for the school’s team.

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Born and raised in Argentina, he had to face difficulties getting selected for the local club. There is a saying, “there are more footballers in Argentina than people.” Yet, he did not lose hope.

After some time, with harsh training, Marchesin made it to the local club of football. The team selected him as a substitute goalkeeper.

Marchesin did not get much chance to play there initially, but he was the coach’s first choice after a while.

Agustin Marchesin | Spellbinding Career

At the age of 21, Agustin got selected for a professional football club, Club Atletico Lanus, in 2007. He was primarily playing for Lanus, but he also played for Huracan de Tres Arroyos as a part-timer.

In 2007, Lanus won the Apertura tournament. However, Agustin wasn’t playing in the squad.

The team administration decided not to pick him for playing XI. After that, he decided to leave the club. But, the management persuaded him to stay.

Afterward, Agustin decided to stay at the club. He also played 178 matches for the club. Agustin made his debut in playing XI in 2009.

Agustin is playing for FC Porto.

The team’s first-choice goalkeeper Mauricio Caranta got injured while playing a match. The team gave Agustin a chance.

And he showed his skills by not giving a chance to score the opponent. In the match, the Lanus scored 2-0.

Agustin played in the Lanus for five years. In 2013, he won Copa Sudamericana, South America’s international club cup for secondary-tier football teams. In short, Agustin’s tenure in Laguna met with a happy ending.

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Agreement with Mexican Giants – Santos Laguna & Club America

In December 2014, Mexican club Santos Laguna signed a contract with Marchesin for two years. The club appointed him along with his friend Diego Gonzalez. The duo was lucky to play in the same club.

In Laguna, Marchesin got blessed with a friendly environment. He learned many goalkeeping skills there. Besides, he finds playing with the Laguna helped to escalate his career.

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Agustin played 72 matches for Santos Laguna. He did not concede many goals while playing with the club. However, during his term, the Laguna gained the 2015 Clausura trophy and the 2015 Campeon de Campeones.

Agustin playing for Club America in Liga Mx.

In 2016, Laguna decided to sell Agustin. The news made a sensation in Mexican football. Different clubs approached him, though he decided to move into Club America.

As a result, Club America signed a contract with him for three years.

With a dazzling career, Marchesin played his 100th match for Liga MX in a short span of three years. Moreover, he played a total of 177 games in the league.

Agreement with FC Porto

After contributing to the two Mexican clubs, Marchesin moved to Portugal. FC Porto approached him in 2019. With a four-year agreement, he started to play for the club.

Furthermore, he replaced Iker Casillas, one of the most outstanding goalkeepers of all time. During an interview, joining the Porto was his biggest dream come true, he said.

Joining Porto was a tough decision for Agustin because he had played more than 177 games in the Mexican league. Although he made it to Portugal, he missed Mexico.

In Porto, Augustin has played a total of 32 matches. The team management is impressed with his performance, and he isn’t planning to go to other clubs in the future.

Playing XI in the National team of Argentina

Marchesin made his debut for the U21 Argentinian national team in 2009. His first match was with Chile. In addition, in 2011, he made a debut on the national team of Argentina.

Marchesin played his first match with Venezuela.

However, for a long time, the coach did not select him as the national team’s first choice. Finally, in 2015, when Argentina’s main goalkeeper got injured, the team gave him a chance.

Agustin is playing for the National team of Argentina.

After 2015, he did not get many chances to play for Argentina. Moreover, he has played a total of only seven games for his country. But he is happy to be a part of Argentinian football.

Playing for Copa America till 2019, they later transferred him to Porto after the 2019 Clausura Copa MX win. It was an expected move after he came in tears to hug his teammates after leaving the training ground. 

Awards and Accolades

He has received numerous awards in his career. Marchesin has a list of trophies that he won for all teams he has played. Here are some of the honorable mentions:

  • Best Goalkeeper in the Toulon Tournament: 2009
  • Golden Glove in Liga MX: 2015, 2018
  • Best XI in Liga MX
  • Best Goalkeeper of the year in Primeira Liga: 2019
Agustin received the Liga MX title.

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Agustin’s Personal life, Wife, and Kids

Agustin Marchesin tied the knot with his girlfriend, Sol Ochandio, in 2015. The couple married in a silent manner and did not invite any guests.

The couple did not plan a baby for two years. Agustin and Sol spent their two years roaming different parts of the world.

Marchesin with his wife and son.

Finally, Agustin and Sol got blessed with a cute son. He was born in 2017. Agustin and Sol – both take care of their baby together.

Similarly, they have also hired a caretaker for their baby because Sol works in a company. There is not enough information about Sol, so it’s unknown where she works.

Nowadays, Agustin is living with his parents, along with his wife and children, in Portugal. He likes to go to the beaches with his family whenever he gets a holiday.

Agustin Marchesin | Net Worth, Salary, and Signing Amount

Marchesin has earned immense wealth from the beginning of his career. However, in 2019, Agustin signed with FC Porto for $8.4 million.

Combining Marchesin’s total earnings, his net worth sums $30 million.

Marchesin and his wife travel to Paris.

Agustin and his family are living a luxurious life in Portugal. Different brands, including clothing and beverages, also approach him.

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It looks like the Marchesin family has no worries about spending the money. He is earning a lot from playing football and is also enjoying his life.

Marchesin in Social Media

However, Marchesin’s first choice is Twitter. He likes to Tweet. More than 204k people are following him on Twitter. Agustin regularly connects with his fans, mentions some of them, and talks about football.

About 665k people follow him on his Instagram. There are a lot of pictures of his wife, baby, and him traveling to different places.

Furthermore, he has more fans following on Instagram than on Twitter. But he does not use his Instagram regularly.

At last, his third choice for social media is Facebook. He does not use Facebook much because there are fewer Facebook users in South America.

Only eight thousand people like his Facebook page, which is very low compared to his other social media account. Also, Facebook has not verified his account until now.

Some Queries about Agustin Marchesin

Why did Agustin Marchesin transfer to FC Porto?

Agustin transferred to FC Porto because he wanted to play in a European club. Furthermore, his dream was to play in the UEFA Champions League. His plan got fulfilled when he played in the league in 2019.

How much does Marchesin earn in a year?

It’s unclear how much he earns in a year. Though reports claim he makes between $100,000-$250,000 per year.

What number does Agustin Marchesin wear?

The footballer wears number 1 with FC Porto and wears number 12 with Argentina’s national football team.

Where does Agustin live?

Agustin currently lives in Portugal with his family. But he has a house in Argentina too. During the holidays, Agustin lives in his Argentinian house.

Does Agustin Marchesin have an injury?

To date, Agustin Marchesin has had an injury that first dates back to May 16, 2016, due to which he missed a game and was out for 61 days.

Following it, he had another injury on October 1, 2020, due to bruised rib as he missed a game during absence of 13 days. 

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