Jorge Ricardo Net Worth: Career and Wins

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Horse Jockey is one of the most sophisticated sports for all sports lovers, and Jorge Ricardo’s net worth is 11 Million US Dollars as a professional Jockey. 

“I keep riding because it is my life. Honestly, I can’t live without it.”

Jorge Antonio Ricardo, whom we know as Jorge Ricardo (born September 30, 1961, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), is a South American Thoroughbred horse racing jockey and became the sport’s highest tally winning rider. 

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth
Jorge Ricardo.

The celebrated name Jorge Ricardo is the Jockey with the most victories globally, with almost 13,000 triumphs in predetermined races. In terms of activity, he holds the world record.

Now, let’s quickly move on to the details (quick facts, networth, career, and more) about the famous Brazilian jockey Jorge Ricardo. 

Quick Facts 

Learning more about the jockey star of the era, Jorge Ricardo, here are some of the quick facts about him mentioned below: 

Full Name Jorge Antonio Ricardo
Known as Jorge Ricardo
Nickname Not available
Birth Date September 30, 1961
Birth Place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Residence Not available
Religion Not available
Nationality South American
Ethnicity Not available
Education Not available
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Not available
Age 62 Years Old
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Eye Color Not available
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Athletic
Profession Horse Jockey
Marital Status Married
Beginning of Professional Career 1982
Retirement N/A
Career Wins 13,122 ( As of August 31, 2021)
Racing Awards Brazilian Champion jockey (1982-2006)
Major Racing Wins
  • Gran Premio Asociación Latinoamericana de Jockey Clubes e Hipódromos (1991, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2007)
  • Grande Prêmio Brasil (1992/1994)
  • Grande Prêmio São Paulo (1994/2005)
  • Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini (1994/2003)
  • Premio Joaquín S. de Anchorena (2006)
  • Gran Premio Internacional José Pedro Ramírez (2007)
Significant Horses Much Better, Storm Military, Good Report
Jorge Ricardo Net Worth 11 million US dollars 
Salary R$64.344
Children Four Children (One son and three daughter)
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update February, 2024

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth 

Being an avid and top-ranked Jockey player and one of the reputed athlete personalities, Jorge Ricardo has made a pretty healthy net worth throughout his career. 

Jorge Ricardo has represented Brazil in various world championships and competitions, which has aided in skyrocketing the athlete Jorge Ricardo’s net worth.

According to various resources, Jorge Ricardo’s Net Worth of $11 million. Jorge Ricardo’s net worth is primarily based on his estimated salary and income as a Jockey. 

Likewise, due to his extensive popularity, Jorge Ricardo’s net worth also comes from several of his endorsements and various sponsorships.

Salary and Contracts 

Jockey being one of the most loved sports, the Jockey personalities earn a good wealth as a primary career. 

According to various sources, an average salary of a Jockey player in Brazil is R$52.472. They also have a different bonus depending upon the game and championships. Jorge being a well-known jockey, might have more salary than that.

An entry-level horse jockey earns an estimated average salary of R$39.166; likewise, a senior-level jockey earns an estimated R$64.344.

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Jorge Ricardo’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Now, let’s take a quick look at Jorge Ricardo’s net worth in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 9,337,900
Pound Sterling £ 7,975,055
Australian Dollar A$ 15,056,426
Canadian Dollar C$ 13,925,835
Indian Rupee ₹ 808,474,150
BitCoin ฿ 231

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth: Career Highlights 

Ricardo had a jockey background; his father and two uncles were jockeys. Since his professional racing debut in 1976, he has won 400 races in a single year, and from 1982 to 2006, he was Brazil’s leading tally-winning rider for twenty-five years.

From 1982 to 2011, the jockey star won 29 riding titles yearly. Amongst these 29 titles, 26 were in Brazil and 3 in Argentina.

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth
Jorge Ricardo after a win.

The Jockey athlete Jorge Ricardo has won more than 160 grade 1 races. Additionally, he also got victory on “Gran Premio Asociación Latinoamericana de Jockey Clubes e Hipódromos” five different times. 

**Much Better** was the highest tally-winning horse that Jorge rode during all his wins.

In September 2020, at 58, the Jockey star Jorge Ricardo achieved another milestone in his career. He made history by winning the first race in Grande Premio Brasil. The game was held at the Jockey Club Brasileiro in Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo’s Record-breaking Win 

Brazilian jockey Jorge Ricardo and his horse Hope Glory recently took first place at the San Isidro racecourse in Buenos Aires.

Ricardo, who is 59 years old, has won thousands of races throughout his 40-year career.

“Both professionally and personally, I am content. Ricardo told DPA, “I’m the happiest man on the planet.”

Consequently, that victory was notable since it set a new record for the most races won by a single jockey. Ricardo won two races that day, bringing his total to 12,486 – two more than the previous record-holder, Canadian Russell Baze.

Major Racing Wins

Gran Premio Asociación Latinoamericana de Jockey Clubes e Hipódromos (1991, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2007)

  •  Grande Prêmio Brasil (1992/1994)
  •  Grande Prêmio São Paulo (1994/2005)
  •  Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini (1994/2003)
  •  Premio Joaquín S. de Anchorena (2006)
  •  Gran Premio Internacional José Pedro Ramírez (2007)

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Jorge Ricardo Net Worth : Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Record of most wins by a jockey in a horse racing category is 13,069, achieved by Jorge Ricardo. The record was set in November 1976 and still is the record.

Ricardo rode Gloriosa Negra to his 13,000th victory on September 25, 2020, at his home track, the Hipodromo da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was 58 years old, running at the time. 

In 1976, he started racing as a 15-year-old apprentice and has spent most of his career racing in South America.

Jorge Ricardo: Personal Life 

In all of the Latin American countries where he has raced, the jockey has won prestigious races. Further, he’s also competed in races in Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, the father of four does not want any of his children to follow in his footsteps.

Well, his first-born son, Jorge Antonio, is a mechanical engineer. Additionally, his three daughters enjoy horses but are not interested in competing professionally.

Ricardo estimates that he has competed in over 70,000 races to date. He was regularly pitted against Baze until the Canadian retired in 2016 at 57.

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth
Jorge Ricardo.

Ricardo prefers keeping his whereabouts private. His information about his married life and his other personal life is very private and not open to the public. 

His social media pages are just about his profession and not his personal life. We hope we hear more about the athlete’s private life and the people attached to it.

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth: Injury and Disease

Jorge Ricardo, the all-time undefeated jockey in horse racing, was hospitalized in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2020 after being wounded in an accident. The accident took place at the city’s Hipodromo de Palermo racetrack.

According to published sources, Ricardo suffered from a non-displaced shoulder fracture, a broken jaw, and a slit in his left eyelid. Surgeons were summoned to assess the situation.

Jorge Ricardo
Jorge Ricardo.

Luckily, Ricardo never lost consciousness and had no spinal damage. He was also diagnosed with lymphoma in the year 2009.

Despite all the conditions and health circumstances, Ricardo gave his best in all his races.

COVID-19 hits the Jockey 

The Jockey Club Brasileiro undertook an examination to test Covid 19 in all professionals who reside in the Club’s facilities.

All of the jockeys were tested, and Jorge Ricardo and eight other pilots tested positive, prohibiting them from competing in the Gávea races. Regarding J. Ricardo, he is doing well and is now symptom-free.

He has symptoms of a lack of smell and a minor cough. Ricardo was doing well and relaxing at home under medical supervision during his infection.

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Interesting Facts about Jorge Ricardo

  • He spent most of his time horse racing. As a result, he never had time for traveling.
  • Ricardo loves horse racing the most.

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth: Social Media 

Jorge Ricardo is one of the most reputed names in the athletic field and doesn’t hesitate to communicate with his fans via social media.

We can see Jorge posting new updates and pictures with his horses on Instagram, where he has 10.1k followers (as of 2021). 

We can also catch him up on the Twitter platform, where he is not as active on Instagram and has 606 followers (as of 2021).

Jorge Ricardo Net Worth | Frequently Asked Questions 

Who holds the world record for a jockey’s most wins in a career?

Jorge Ricardo (Brazil) holds the record for most wins by a jockey in a horse racing career with 13,069 from November 1976 to March 15, 2021. In addition, he has a Guinness world record for his unbreakable record in Jockey.

What are the total victories made by Jorge Antonio Ricardo?

Jorge, the Jockey with the world’s highest number of victories, has total current wins of 13,122. 

Is Jorge Ricardo married?

Jorge is a very private person; information about his family and other whereabouts in his personal life is not open and out to the media. So, we don’t have any information about his marital status either.

How many children does Jorge Ricardo have?

Jorge Ricardo has four children, one son and three daughters. There hasn’t been much detail about his children, but his son is a mechanical engineer. The profession of his three daughters isn’t disclosed.

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