Karen Jarrett ex-wife of Kurt Angle: WWE, Husband & Net Worth

For decades, Kurt Angle dominated the wrestling scene with his hot-blooded fighting and signature look.

But during those times, wrestling was not the only thing he succeeded at. The professional wrestler also lived a happy married life with his wife, Karen Jarrett, now an ex.

To tell you a bit about Karen, she is also also a part of the wrestling world. Former wrestler Jarrett is now the professional wrestling valet and personality.

Karen Jarrett age
Karen Jarrett, 47, Wrestling Personality

Not to forget, Kurt and Karen parted ways a decade after their marriage. So, what led them to make such a decision? This and a lot more is not known about the gorgeous Karen.

Today, we will be getting to know more about her from her personal life to a professional career. Let’s get on right away.

Karen Jarrett: Quick Facts

Full NameKaren Jarrett Smedley
Birth DateOctober 12, 1972
Birth PlaceGreensburg, Pennsylvania, US
Known asKaren Jarrett
Father’s NameJack Smedley
Mother’s NameIva Smedley
Age49 Years Old
Height5 feet 10 inches(178 cm)
Weight70 kgs(154 lbs)
Shoe SizeNot available
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown
Body MeasurementNot available
ProfessionProfessional Wrestling Valet and Personality
Active years2007-present
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJeff Jarrett
Net Worth$15 million
Merch of Kurt AngleAction Figure, Funko Pop
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateSeptember, 2022

Who is Karen Jarrett?- Early Life and Family

The stunning Karen Jarrett was born as Karen Jarrett Smedley in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Also, she is American by nationality, while her ethnic background is white.

The wife of TNA co-founder’s parents is Jack Smedley and Iva Smedley. Her father was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in 1983. CML is a blood cell cancer that used to be fatal.

However, Jack has recovered with his family’s support, proper treatment, and after a bone marrow transplant. He is living long enough to see his grandchildren grow into strong and independent individuals.

Besides that, Karen was grown and raised in a loving environment. Hence, she tries to project the love her parents gave her to her kids. 

Besides that, Karen has not spilled much when it comes to her personal life. There are no details about her siblings, their whereabouts, or if they even exist. 

Nonetheless, she had an amazing childhood filled with family and friends. The ex-wife of Kurt Angle is particularly close to her grandmother, who is in heaven now. 

Likewise, for her education, Jarrett must be an educated person. But the details of her degree and educational institute are unknown.

How old is Karen Jarrett?- Age and Body Measurements

One of the known personalities in the wrestling world, Karen Jarret, was born in the year 1972, which makes her 48 years old.

She celebrates her birthday every year on the 12th of October. Also, her zodiac sign happens to be Libra.

And from what we know, the people of this sign are attractive, competitive, and useful communicators.

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From the looks of it, Karen is all that and is the reason why she is still the wrestling valet and personality. Likewise, Jarrett is 5 feet 10 inches(178 cm) tall and weighs around 70 kgs(154 lbs). 

Not to mention, Karen has got long blonde hair and stunning pair of dark brown eyes. Along with that, Jarrett has got a gorgeous figure even though the measurements are unknown.

Karen Jarrett | Professional Career- World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment(WWE)

Talking about Karen’s early career, in the beginning, she was associated with World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment(WWE).

Even though Karen was never under contract but still appeared at the Unforgiven 2001 as part of the big celebration with the Angle family.

Following this event, she also appeared on the WrestleMania XX DVD set in a bonus segment concerning her then-husband Kurt Angle.

Likewise, Karen was introduced in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling(TNA) and was involved in advertising and promotions for the brand.

Karen Jarrett and Kurt Angle
Karen Jarrett and Kurt Angle

Aside from that, Karen also helped her husband win matches, and quickly her character developed into a manipulative vamp.

Not to mention, making false accusations so that Kurt could win the game became a norm for her.

Jarrett was even arrested for violating a restraining order against Sting’s son. Finally, on January 10, 2011, Karen made her return to the TNA doing promotion.

Until this time, she had already parted ways with Kurt, which created some feud between him and her now-husband, Jeff.

Just like she did with Angle, Jarrett helped Jeff win the match against Kurt.

Similarly, four years later, Karen, with her husband, Jeff, returned to Impact Wrestling. Then in October 2013, Jarrett was named Commissioner at Family Wrestling Entertainment‘s Grand Prix.

Aside from that, Karen is also the co-founder of Global Force Wrestling. After years of working with the Global Force, she rejoined Impact Wrestling in 2017 under Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s ownership.

There she worked as an Executive Consultant and continued appearing in the show for various reasons. That year in April, Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling has merged.

Karen Jarrett | Personal Life and Children

Relationship And Wedding With Kurt Angle  

As we all know by now, before she became Karen Jarrett, she went by the name Karen Angle.

But both of them have not revealed much when it comes to their relationship or how they first met. Since they were working under the same entertainment, the couple likely crossed paths someday.

Likewise, the two kept their relationship a secret until they came out as a couple in later years, probably in WWE.

After dating for a while, the two took their relationship to the next step and tied the knot on December 19, 1998.

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Like their dating life, Karen and Kurt kept their wedding a secret and held it intimately. Only their close friends and family attended the bridal event.

Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett
Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett

Nevertheless, they had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach. Their loved ones surrounded the two. 

Similarly, four years after their marriage, Karen finally gave birth to her first child, a Kyra Angle daughter, on December 2, 2002.

Again, four years later, the couple welcomed the new addition to their family. This time a daughter on October 26, 2006, and they named her Kody Angle.

When their relationship was looking better, the two started having problems. During 2007-2008, Karen claimed her husband, Kurt, was abusing her and their children mentally.

Sadly enough, Karen tried to co-operate but could not tolerate his behaviors, especially towards the children.

And finally, Jarrett being a good mother, filed for divorce, and it was approved on October 29, 2008, on the day of her daughter’s birthday.

Aftermath and relationship with Jeff Jarrett

It seems after the divorce, Karen is living an abuse-free life with her two kids. A year after her divorce with Kurt, the gorgeous Jarrett started dating Jeff Jarrett, a TNA co-founder.

Apparently, their relationship started blooming once Karen and Angle separated. Soon after they got out in public, Kurt brewed rage against Jeff; he would start a fight and create all kinds of problems.

Moreover, Jeff’s relationship with Karen resulted in Dixie Carter, the TNA president, putting him on leave of absence.

Still, the duo stayed strong, and a year later, on April 6, Karen announced her engagement to the public.

Karen Jarrett husband and kids
Karen Jarrett with her small family

That same year on August 21, almost four months after their engagement, the two lovebirds walked down the aisle.

At the moment, Karen is living a happy life with her husband and two beautiful children even a decade later.

To date, neither Karen nor Jeff has been linked with any extramarital affairs. And from the looks of it, it is unlikely to happen.

Karen Jarrett And Braun Strowman Incident

The Karen Jarrett and Braun Strowman incident started when Jarrett requested an autograph of Browman for her son. The WWE fighter completely ignored the co-founder of Global Force wrestling. 

The awkward interaction between the two quickly caught media attention. Many outlets shone the two into the spotlight. 

However, they claim that the interaction was “blown out of proportion,” and the interaction was actually funny. Furthermore, Karen recently posted a picture of the two signifying that the beef was over.

How much is Karen Jarrett’s net worth?- Salary and Income

The professional wrestling valet and personality, Karen has had a successful career in the wrestling world.

As of now, Jarrett has acquired a net worth of $15 million from her career. Not to mention, Karen’s annual salary amounts to $100,000, which also not including her bonus.

Even though the exact amount is unknown, we are sure it is more than the estimated amount.

Meanwhile, her former husband, Kurt Angle, has a staggering net worth of $25 million. Already in his 50s, he had an impressive wrestling career in his prime years.

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Talking about it, her current husband, Jeff Jarrett, has accumulated a net worth of $15 million. Other than this, his other income is still missing.

Karen Jarrett | Social Media Presence

The co-founder of Global Force Wrestling is quite active on social media platforms. Hence, she has an Instagram handle with 33.7 thousand followers. 

From her Instagram account, one can easily gather that she is a loving mother and wife. Moreover, she has an overwhelming amount of photos with her kids and husband. 

The Angle-Jarrett family go on breakfast and trips together. Likewise, she is a caring daughter to her parents.

The mother of two has spread awareness against Leukemia through her social media handles. Similarly, she has raised awareness against systemic racism in America.

Furthermore, she stood by the Black Lives Matter movement that fought for the rights of black lives. Besides that, she has a Twitter account with 115.8 thousand followers.

The wife of Jeff Jarrett mostly shares fighting related news and highlights through her Twitter handle. She also celebrated her husband’s three-year sobriety on October 25, 2020. 

Common Queries:

Who is Karen Jarrett?

Karen Jarrett is a popular TV personality who serves as a valet in the professional wrestling world. Besides that, she is the co-founder of Global Force Wrestling

Furthermore, Jarrett is the ex-wife of retired professional wrestler and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. Currently, she is the wife of TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett. 

Where is Karen Jarrett?

As of 2017, Karen had rejoined Impact Wrestling. Later that year, she confirmed the news that Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling were joining forces. 

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