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One of the most adored former Canadian Sportscasters, Kathryn Humphreys, captivated her audience with grace and humor. She was in the broadcasting industry for 18 years and always kept her humorous attitude, but now is retired from CityNews.

She always had fun with her work and made her audience laugh in all her sports presentations.

Kathryn Humphreys work
Kathryn Going Through Some Work Documents. (Source: Twitter)

Even if she is a full-time mother now, she continues to spread her amusing humor through her tweets, like always.

Before going further into Kathryn’s details, let us briefly examine the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kathryn Humphreys
Birth Date September 19th, 1970
Birth Place Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Nick Name Kathryn, Humphreys
Religion Not Available
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Education University of Toronto
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name John Humphreys
Mother’s Name Barbara Humphreys
Siblings None
Age 53 years old
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Shoe Size Not Available
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurement Not Available
Build Slim
Marital Status Married
Boyfriends Craig Richard Billington
Spouse Johnny Fay
Profession Former sportscaster
Net Worth Estimated $3 Million to $5 Million
Children 2 (Twin Sons) Will Fay and Finley (Finn) Fay
Social Media Twitter
Merch Books
Last Update May, 2024

Kathryn Humphreys | Early Life, Education

Born on September 19th, 1970, in Ontario, Canada, to mother Barbara Humphreys and Father John Humphreys, the previous owner of Oshawa General, one of the most reputed Canadian Hockey League organizations.

It is unknown how Kathryn spent her childhood, but we may assume that she had always been around sports and an athletic environment.

Kathryn Humphreys completed her college degree at the University of Toronto. She attained three total degrees: English, Honors, and a minor in History.

University of Toronto
The University Of Toronto, Where Kathryn Finished Her College Degree. (Source: Wikipedia)

As mentioned above, the Father of the Canadian sports anchor is the owner of a well-known sports organization.

That is the reason why his daughter gained the opportunity to witness and play several sports.

Kathryn Humphreys has played basketball, volleyball, and football. Not only that, but she was also seated on Victoria College’s Athletic Executive Board.

Her mother, Barbara Humphreys, was an architect and author who wrote about public services, housing, and historic preservation.

Barbara was associated with many famous architectural buildings in Canada.

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Kathryn Humphreys | Career At CityNews

The attractive sports anchor started her career as an intern in the sports department at 680 News in Toronto. Later, she interned at WBZ-TV, Boston as well.

Likewise, Kathryn moved to Muskoka, one of the countrysides in Canada, and worked at The Moose 100.9 FM. At The Moose, she covered the local news, sports, and weather.

Later, in 1997, Kathryn Humphreys joined the CityNews Weekend for Citytv. Citytv is a Canadian TV network that consists of several TV Stations.

Kathryn Humphreys With Her Colleague At CityNews. (Source: Twitter)

Apart from her service as an anchor for City News Weekend, she moved to City News Tonight.

She was also a former sports anchor for City News at Five and City News at Six.

An incident regarding the contract with CityNews’ station manager caused Kathryn to leave her position at City TV in November 2007.

However, the issue was resolved in a month, and the broadcaster resumed her position as a sportscaster at CityNews.

Humphreys was nominated as “Best Host or Interviewer in a Sports Program or Broadcast” for a Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

Because of Kathryn’s unique style of reporting, the media company did not want to lose her. She had an exceptional talent FOR always making the audience entertained with her humor.

Kathryn Humphreys | Rogers Media Inc.

After the contract with CityNews dispute, Kathryn Humphreys was taken in by Rogers Media to continue entertaining sportscasting.

As Rogers Media-owned Citytv, Kathryn was also reporting for CityNews. At the same time, she made her appearances on various Rogers properties, such as Rogers Sportsnet, Fan 590, and others.

Additionally, She also covered the online and wireless platforms at Rogers Media.

The Vice President of Citytv had once stated that Humphreys had a strong connection with her viewers and listeners and that she was a plus point for Rogers Media.

However, on May 27th, 2015, Kathryn Humphreys, the much-loved sportscaster, announced that she was leaving CityNews and Rogers Media as a whole, where she had given 18 years of her time, to spend quality time with her twin sons.

Kathryn Humphreys leaving CityNews after 18 years

The former sportscaster is a full-time mom to Will Fay and Finley Fay, born a year before she decided to leave on May 16th, 2014.

About Rogers Media Inc.

As mentioned earlier, Rogers Media owns Citytv. In addition, Rogers Media is a well-noted media and communications Company in Canada.

The Company is not only limited to News Stations. They have set foot on all platforms in this digital world.

Rogers Media engages its audience through various media channels like radio stations, TV broadcasts, magazines, and online shopping.

This renowned Company in Canada is also a prominent establishment to provide services such as cable television, high-speed internet, and telephone services.

Kathryn Humphreys | Who Is Kathryn Married Too?

Johnny Fay was born in Kingston, Canada, on July 7th, 1966. He is 57 years old, and his horoscope is Cancer.

Their match is quite compatible as a Cancer sign with a Virgo as a wife.

Kathryn Humphrey And husband, Johnny Fay. (Source: Pinterest)

However, the date of when they started dating or when they got married is unknown. There hasn’t been any rumor regarding their dating history of Fay.

The former drummer’s net worth currently stands at an estimated one million dollars.

Johnny Fay And The Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip was a renowned Canadian Band formed in 1984. Johnny Fay was only in high school when he got into the band.

They were active and performing from 1984 to 2017 until one of their band members passed away.

The Tragically Hip has had success in the times they were active. Out of the many albums they released, nine of them reached the Number one charts in Canada.

Not only did their albums up in Number One, but the band received a significant number of Canadian music awards.

They performed their last concert at Rogers K-Rock Centre on August 20th, 2016.

Kathryn Humphreys | The Birth Of Her Twins

The former sports presenter at CityNews welcomed her twin sons, Will Fay and Finley Fay, on May 16th, 2014, with her husband, Johnny Fay.

Kathryn’s Sons, Will Fay, And Finn Fay. (Source: Pinterest)

The twins were born with surrogacy as Humphreys had struggled with infertility for over six years.

Finley weighed five pounds, while Will was 4.3 pounds at their birth. With the advent of their sons, the couple was thrilled to no limit.

Kathryn Humphreys | Age, Horoscope, & Physical Appearance

The charismatic sports anchor is a 53 years old Virgo. As a Virgo, Kathryn is a very hardworking and well-organized person.

Virgos are said to have a great sense of speech and writing. Hence, the incomparable way of reporting sports news.

She has beautiful facial features. Her sharp nose, blue eyes, and oval face structure make her more attractive.

To complement all her facial features, Humphrey has natural blonde hair.

Their body weight and height of Kathryn have not been disclosed yet. However, looking at her pictures, we can be sure that she has a slim figure and an attractive height.

Kathryn Humphreys | Net Worth

The much-adored former sports presenter and anchor leads a simple life with her husband and two adorable sons. Her net worth stands at an estimation of $3 million to $5 Million.

However, the information about her materialistic possessions is still unknown.

In total, Kathryn and her husband’s shared net worth is estimated at $4 million to $5 million.

Kathryn Humphreys | Dating Rumors

Before getting hitched to husband Johnny Fay, Kathryn had previously dated the former National Hockey League goalie from Canada, Craig Richard Billington.

Who Is Craig Richard Billington?

Craig was born in Ontario, Canada, on September 11th, 1966. To answer the question, he is popularly known as Craig Billington, a former Canadian ice hockey goaltender.

He played numerous games in his 15 years long Career.

Craig Billington | Career In brief

The former ice hockey goaltender has played for a total of 10 National Ice Hockey Teams. Additionally, he has also represented Canada in several international tournaments.

Craig Billington
Craig Billington. (Source: Pinterest)

Billington’s professional career began in 1984 as a goaltender for New Jersey Devils.

With a height of 1.78 m and weighing 170 lb, he left a remarkable impression in his first NHL game with 23 goal saves and won over the Los Angeles King.

The record of the number of saves he has made during his time as a goaltender is extraordinary.

He has bagged gold and silver medals in national and international leagues.

After finishing 332 games, Craig is now the assistant general manager for Colorado Avalanche, a professional ice hockey team from Denver.

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Kathryn Humphreys | Social Media

The 53-year-old, full-time mom and a former sports news reporter are active on Twitter with 5,217 followers. If you want to read her hilarious tweets, you can follow her @citymisskitty.

She also has a private Instagram account. However, there are zero posts to see.

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