Kelly Clontz Accident 2023: Injury And Health Update

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Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Kelly Clontz has recently been in an on-track accident.

After completing a strong performance in the third quarter, Kelly Clontz reached the finish line only to discover that she had become separated from her motorcycle.

Despite achieving an impressive time of 6.774 at 199.46 mph, she faced difficulties at the conclusion of the race.

Furthermore, she promptly went to the hospital for a thorough examination.

Kelly Clontz Before Her Showdown
Kelly Clontz Before Her Showdown (Source: Instagram)

Kelly Clontz is an NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle racer representing Steamfitters UA Local 602.

The rider hails from Waldorf, Maryland, where she spent her formative years.

Currently, she also works as a Senior Electrical Estimator on a full-time basis, boasting an extensive 22-year career in the construction industry.

Moreover, she has an associate degree in Construction Management Technology from the College of Southern Maryland.

Kelly Clontz Accident 2023: Injury And Health Update

The incident took place at the third round of Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying at the In-N-Out Burger NHRA Finals on Saturday at In-N-Out Burger Pomona Dragstrip.

Kelly Clontz experienced a separation from her bike after crossing the finish line.

Spectators of drag racing were worried and were reminded of the inherent risks associated with Pro Stock Motorcycle racing.

The rider experienced a mishap in the shutdown area after completing a 6.774 elapsed time pass at 199.46 miles per hour.

Her Suzuki seemingly locked up, veering toward the left retaining wall, causing her to be thrown off the bike.

Fortunately, the bike acted as a barrier, preventing direct impact with the wall.

Kelly About To Race
Kelly About To Race (Source: Instagram)

Kelly Clontz slid to a stop in the In-N-Out Dragstrip shutdown area.

Despite the incident, she remained alert and conscious.

Onsite, Medical Director Dr. Phillip Surface conducted an examination before arranging for her transfer to a local medical facility for further evaluation.

NHRA officials reported that she was released and, according to them, she was back to the track on Saturday afternoon.

Following additional medical observation, SHE HAS BEEN GRANTED FULL MEDICAL CLEARANCE.

Kelly Clontz Husband Is Also Part Of Her Crew 

Kelly is a married woman who has recently celebrated her 16- year anniversary.

Her husband, Chris Clonz (born and raised in Waldorf, MD), is a full-time Steamfitter with 27 years in the Local 602.

The couple met at a racetrack in 2001 while Chris was racing his Kosman GS and Kelly was racing her dad’s Altered.

In 2002, Kelly made her first runs on a drag bike, and it was her husband who assisted her in starting her journey.

Chris had a drag bike built for Kelly to bracket race in 2003, and she kept it until 2011.

In 2015, Kelly signed up for the Star Racing Riders Challenge. With Chris’s support, she showed she could do it.

Kelly Clontz With Her Husband At Racetrack
Kelly Clontz With Her Husband At Racetrack (Source: Instagram)

That led them to pursue NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle, and finally, in 2017, they started living their dream, racing at NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle.

With many years in the business, the husband and wife team of Kelly Clontz Racing has shown invaluable partnership with NHRA drag racing.

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