Kosuke Hagino: Net Worth, Retirement & Wife

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Kosuke Hagino has accomplished everything a person can dream about and is pursuing and gaining more in life. 

Hagino is a former Japanese competitive swimmer specializing in the individual medley and 200 m freestyle.

The four-time Olympic medalist is notably known for winning gold in the 400m individual medley at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Kosuke Hagino
Kosuke Hagino is a former competitive swimmer

He is the only two Asians who have been voted for World Swimmer of the Year. 

Therefore, let’s know more about the over-achiever. But first, here is your shortcut to Hagino’s life. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Kosuke Hagino ((萩野公介)
Date of Birth 15 August 1994
Birth Place Oyama, Japan
Nick Name Rising Son
Nationality Japanese
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 29 years old
Height 5’10” (1.77m)
Weight 71 kg (157 lb)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Miwa 
Children 1
Profession  Former Competitive Swimmer
Active Years  2012 – 2021
Coach  Norimasa Hirai
Professional Wins
  • FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2012 
  • FINA Swimming World Cup 2013 
  • 12th FINA World Swimming Championship (25m) 2014
  • 17th Asian Games 2014
  • Olympic Games Rio 2016
Gold Medal Counts  12 Gold Medals 
Net Worth  $1 million – $5 million 
Social Media  Instagram 
Merch FC Carino Kosuke Hagino
Last Update May, 2024

Kosuke Hagino | Early Life & Childhood

Born on 15 August 1994, in Tochigi, Japan, Kosuke Hagino started swimming before he was one.

Furthermore, Hagino confronted that he was average at any sports involving a ball. 

Unfortunately, Kosuke Hagino’s parents stay away from the limelight and let their kid enjoy his fame independently.

However, Hagino shared that his father is a massive fan of the Sunday Morning show and shared a picture of the two via his Instagram. 

Kosuke Hagino's parents
Kosuke Hagino’s father is proud of his son’s accomplishments. (Source: Instagram)

Hagino attended Sakushin Gakuin High School. Moreover, after a banging entry into the Olympics, he reportedly had talks with David Salo at the University of Southern California and Gregg Troy at the University of Florida about attending either school. 

However, the versatile swimmer decided to stay back home and study at Toyo University Hajusan Campus. 

Although Hagino is private about his childhood, he grew up well-loved. 

Kosuke Hagino | Age, Height & Appearance 

Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches, Kosuke Hagino is one good-looking lad with a charming face.

His jet black hair perfectly suits his fair skin, and his lovely smile spares no emotional soul. 

Furthermore, Kosuke Hagino has an athletic body as a former competitive swimmer. Moreover, he cares about his diet and keeps a healthy routine. 

Kosuke Hagino's Career
Standing tall with an athletic body, Kosuke Hagino loves to work out. (Source: Instagram)

Hydrating in and out, Kosuke has maintained quite an impressive skin, and his humble personality is as alluring as his skin. 

Kosuke Hagino | Career & Stats 

As mentioned earlier, Kosuke’s love for swimming is as old as him. So he started swimming before turning one.

Well, the bummer is, like Hagino’s career started early, his retirement came very early to his fan’s expectations. 

But how did Kosuke Hagino’s career start, and what is his career highlight? 

International Breakthrough 

Kosuke Hagino’s career started at the 2012 Olympics held in London. He qualified in the 400 m individual medley heats with a new Asian record of 4:10:01 and won his first international medal with a bronze in the event. 

Furthermore, Kosuke’s fame grew in the 2013 World Championships, where he had qualified for a full slate of events, including 200m, 400m freestyle, 100m, 200m backstrokes, and 200m, 400m individual medley. 


In the first event, the 400m freestyle, Hagino won his first silver medal at the World Championships with a new Japanese record. 

Likewise, Hagino won a silver medal in the Finals of the 100m stroke, placing seventh in 53.93. Well, this was just a start for him as his career breakthrough began in 2014. 

Pan Pacific Championships & Asian Games 

At the 2014 Pan Pacific Championship, Hagino won two gold and three silver medals. 

On day one, Kosuke swam in the 200m freestyle, earning his first medal at the meet.

Similarly, he swam in the 400m individual medleys in the second event, fastest in the heats with 4:11:48.

Then, having settled for silver in the 4×200 m freestyle relay, touching first for Japan in the first lead, finishing second to the U.S.

Also, Hagino earned this third silver medal at the third event, and in the 200m backstrokes, he finished last, making it the only medal-less event. 

On the four, Hagino’s final event, he earned his second gold of the meet, competing against American legends Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Tyler Clary. 

Kosuke Hagino's retirement
During Hagino’s final event, he competed against American legends Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Tyler Clary. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, at the 2014 Asian Games, Hagino swam seven-for-seven, earning four golds, one silver, and three bronze medals, making him the Most Valuable Player.

Moreover, he became the first and only Japanese to be awarded the World Swimmer of the Year at the event. 

According to SwimSwam, Hagino was more thrilled to receive his first-ever MVP and was happy with his performance. 

Hagino further said, “It was significant for me because I had a chance to compete with big names such as Park Tae-Hwan and Sun Yang.” 

Continued Success At The Olympics 

The Japanese wonder, Hagino’s success continued throughout the Olympics.

At the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio de Janerio, he qualified third in the heats and bagged gold for the 400m individual medley. 

Kosuke broke his Asian record with a time of 4:06:05, winning Japan’s first-ever gold for this event.

The big win is considered his first victory at the Olympics & World Championships, as his most significant success dates back to the Pan Pacific Championship. 

Kosuke Hagino Olympic Medal
Kosuke Hagino bagged several medals and won Japan’s first gold in ages. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he became the first Asian man to win a silver in the 200m individual medley and earned a bronze in the 4x200m freestyle relay. 

However, Hagino decided not to defend his 400m individual medley title at the 2020 Olympics and finished sixth in the 200m unique medley event.

He swam against his long-standing rival, Daiya Seto, during his last individual race. Sadly, in 2021, Hagino announced his retirement. 

Retires To Complete His Education 

The last male swimmer from the country to grab the 2016 Olympic gold medal, Kosuke Hagino, informed his team of his decision to retire on 24 August 2021. 

Hagino confirmed his retirement at a press conference in Tokyo in 2021. 

“I’d decided that my last race would be at the Tokyo Olympics.”

Hagino further added that he was happy and had no regrets. However, he also said that he had a solid inner resolve to bring it to an end. 

Kosuke concluded his retirement statement by saying he wants to try many things and is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. 

By the next chapter, Hagino had already planned to complete his education at Toyo University. 

Kosuke Hagino | Net Worth

Remarkably known for his unique ability, Kosuke will forever be remembered as the ‘Rising Son’ in Japanese swimming history. 

Hagino made his career debut as a high-school student at the 2012 Olympics. 

Therefore, Hagino’s resilience set him apart from other Japanese, winning five titles at the 2013 national championships before being named the MVP at the 2014 Asian Games. 

Hence, the continued success significantly elevated Kosuke Hagino’s net worth.

However, despite the sport being watched by millions worldwide, swimmers earn lesser amounts of money than other professional athletes.

Endorsements & Earnings 

The majority of professional swimmers’ earnings comprise their sponsorships. Hence, Kosuke Hagino’s net worth, being the finest of his time, is significantly impacted by sponsors. 

One of Hagino’s sponsors is Nike. He signed with the athletic mega sportswear company Nike in 2017, being the first Japanese swimmer to sign with. 

Kosuke Hagino Nike
Kosuke Hagino signed with athletic mega sportswear company Nike in 2017. (Source: Instagram)

Kosuke earns a hefty sum from Nike sponsorships alone and free gear. He also signed a sponsorship agreement with Bridgestone.

With the sponsorship in place throughout March 2022, he will be supported through two gigantic events in Japan, the 2020 Olympic Games and the 2021 FINA World Championships. 

Besides proving to be an effective weapon in Japanese swimming, Kosuke Hagino gives off posh energy from his vacation posts via Instagram. 

Kosuke Hagino’s Dream into Fruition 

Kosuke Hagino was an asset to Japan in swimming, and his departure was undoubtedly saddening. However, he started an online hometown called .nogiha. 

In his online venture, Kosuke has talked about finding the purpose of his life and realizing it’s about making someone happy. 

 Kosuke writes that he went into a slump after winning the gold medal at Rio Games.

After the plunge away from swimming, he immersed himself in his favorite activities other than swimming and realized his dream to create a village. 

As spontaneous as Kosuke’s online village is, he shares his wish to work with people and make .nogiha a place to find happiness, goals, and dreams. 

Kosuke Hagino's net worth
Kosuke Hagino started his new life with the virtual village name .nogiha. (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, the virtual village is very accessible to those who love water, world heritage, hot springs, horses, and basically nature at a reasonable price. 

The generic village fee is priced at $76.24 (¥8,800), while special discounts for college students, i.e., only $28.59 (¥3,300). 

Therefore, Kosuke Hagino’s net worth is aided by his venture. 

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Kosuke Hagino | Wife

As mentioned earlier, Japanese former competitive swimmer prefers confidentiality strictly.

Therefore, news about his personal life is scarce to highlight in either national or international news. 

However, Kosuke Hagino’s wife, Miwa, is a reputed singer. The couple dated for several years before sharing vows for a lifetime. 

Hagino and Miwa reportedly met in October 2016 while working in television together. Interestingly, Hagino’s wife was too nervous to say much to him, per se.

Kosuke Hagino's wife, Miwa
Kosuke Hagino met his wife in October 2016 and got married in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Hagino and his spouse, Miwa, were engaged for a few months before exchanging vows in 2019. 

Besides, Hagino became a father before the Olympics hosted in Japan in 2020. Moreover, the Hagino couple welcomed their first child during the winter of 2019. 

Unfortunately, both Hagino’s wife and baby are away from the spotlight as they wish to grow their only kid ordinarily. 

Interesting Facts 

  • Kosuke Hagino loves public baths. 
  • During his stay in Germany, Kosuke Hagino drank beer worldwide. 
  • Hagino is very interested in environmental and social issues. 
  • Kosuke has a deep knowledge of horse racing. 
  • Hagino’s goal is to visit all World Heritage sites in Japan. 

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What happened To Kosuke Hagino? 

Kosuke Hagino decided not to defend his 400m individual medley title at the 2020 Olympics and has retired to complete his college.

As of now, the 29-year-old former swimmer lives life as a husband, a father who continues to work with Nike. 

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